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Evil Eye

Evil Eye on Social Media: Here’s How To Protect Yourself

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Written by: Tina Caro

There are many signs to watch for if you suspect someone may have given you the evil eye through social media.

The most common two are:

  1. You may start to feel sick or have a headache or stomach pain with no explanation as to why these symptoms suddenly appeared. This could be because your immune system has been weakened by the power of their gaze and now anything can make you sick. You can also experience nightmares or insomnia.
  2. The person who makes the evil eye is often someone who likes to talk about you behind your back, so if someone is mean about you to other people but behaves well in front of you, they may be cursing you.

Protecting oneself from the potential negative effects of the Evil Eye on social media involves a combination of digital and spiritual practices.

This includes adjusting privacy settings to limit access to personal information, being mindful of what is shared to avoid triggering envy, and blocking or unfollowing negative individuals.

Engaging in positive interactions, using protective symbols, regular energy cleansing rituals, and setting positive intentions for one’s online presence are also important steps.

Maintaining a balance between online and offline life is crucial for overall well-being in the digital age.

Am I the victim of a curse or the evil eye?

There are a few ways to check if you have been cursed:

  • Try carrying a blue onion around with you. This will protect you from any negativity and the person who is casting a curse on you will lose their power.
  • If you suspect someone has started cursing or looking at you with envy, look them deeply in the eye for three minutes. You may be able to see evil in them and if this is the case, chances are they are emitting negative energy.
  • Take some salt and put it in your right shoe every day for seven days. On the seventh day, remove all the salt and throw it into running water. Then take your left shoe, put it in a river or stream, and leave it there overnight. Put your right shoe back on in the morning and do it again for seven days. This will transmit all the negative energy to your left shoe, which you can either cleanse or leave in the person you suspect cursing your house.
Sudden Misfortune or SetbacksExperiencing a series of unexpected difficulties or negative events
Unexplained Health IssuesFeeling unwell or experiencing prolonged ailments without cause
Energy Drain and FatigueConstantly feeling exhausted and lacking energy
Unwanted Attention or Online DramaAttracting unnecessary conflicts, trolls, or online arguments
Decreased Engagement or PopularityNoticing a significant decline in social media interactions or reach
Table 1: Signs of the Evil Eye on Social Media
evil eye bracelet
My protection bracelets.

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Why do bad people envy you?

The person may envy you because they feel they are not good enough. If this feeling hurts them, they may feel better or superior for making you suffer.

The evil eye is a presumably negative look towards an individual, who tries to bring harm through the act of envy – typically jealousy that one person has for another.

Sometimes, bad people can cast curses on you intentionally, which would require more than just negative thoughts and looks. If a person feels envious towards you, they may feel good about hurting you but very guilty afterwards. Their guilt can manifest as bad luck which will act as a punishment for their cruel behavior.

The more serious the person’s actions, the worse his “punishment” will be.

Envy is caused by the insecurity and frustration of not getting what others have, and it is one of the most common feelings among friends, relatives, colleagues and sometimes even neighbors.

Fortunately, rituals and amulets are within our reach to help us drive away these bad energies.

On this occasion, I will tell you how these rituals and amulets can protect you from envy and evil eye you receive through the internet.

Protective measures against the evil eye

Self-AwarenessBeing mindful of your own intentions and energy when using social media
Filter Negative EnergyRegularly cleanse your social media feed by unfollowing or blocking negative or toxic accounts
Setting BoundariesEstablishing personal limits and boundaries for engagement and interaction
Energetic ProtectionVisualizing a protective shield around yourself before using social media
Positive AffirmationsRepeating positive affirmations to reinforce your confidence and deflect negative energies
Gratitude PracticeCultivating gratitude for the positive aspects of your social media experience
Disconnecting and RechargingTaking breaks from social media and engaging in activities that nourish your well-being

A list of amulets you can use


The horseshoe is an amulet that was used for a long time to attract good luck. It must be found and used by a horse to have all that energy that represents a free-spirited animal.

The horseshoe should be positioned on the house’s main door and adorned with 7 different types of ribbons. Some also put aloe vera in this display, which I will talk about later.

Evil Eye

The Evil Eye, also known as the nazar, possesses protective characteristics that will ward off any energy of envy and evil deeds around you. You can find these amulets commonly as bracelets or necklaces.

Red ribbon

This is one of the most common amulets against envy and bad vibrations. It is part of general culture that a red ribbon can turn away people charged with pessimism and bad luck.

For this, you will wrap the left wrist in red ribbon and tie it with 7 Franciscan knots, so you will have its protective effects. You must use a red ribbon on your left hand because you receive energy from that hand and from the other you deliver it.

There are different theories on how to place the ribbon or red thread. Most say it has to be placed by another person with good energy and that they must tie the 7 knots. This is undoubtedly a very popular envy protection ritual that is simple to perform and will keep people with bad intentions away.


If you are looking for how to ward off the envy of the people around you, garlic is considered as a great element to repel bad vibrations. Fill your wallet or a felt sachet with a garlic clove to repel envious people.

If you don’t like the idea of walking around with a clove of garlic but want to protect a particular space, you can leave the garlic well-hidden and covered somewhere in your house to protect it. The covering will prevent it from smelling.

It is one of the best protection amulets to eliminate bad energies at work or in your home. You can also combine garlic with other natural amulets against bad vibrations, such as laurel and parsley.


Rue is the natural protective element par excellence. It is said that carrying a twig in your wallet or pocket is enough to counteract the nasty energies of these dark and negative people. If you feel that people of these characteristics have come to your house, make an herbal tea with rue and spray your house with a rue-infused water.

If you are looking for ways to keep bad vibes away from your home, plant two rue on each side of your front door. It is a very popular plant for protection purposes.


An old esoteric trick to be protected from people who bring bad luck is to place a drop of thyme essential oil behind each ear or on the wrists. This way, you will be able to drive away the negative vibrations of the envious. It camouflages itself like a perfume since it has a pleasant sweet aroma and at the same time protects you. You can also use thyme in a cleansing bath along with rue and laurel.

If you are wondering how to stave off bad vibes, you should know that thyme is one of the many herbs that attract positive energy. Mint, bamboo and jasmine are other magical plants that will help you eliminate negativity from your environment.


Cleaning your home of negative energies is very simple: you need sliced onions. If negative people have entered your house, you can always count on the power of onions.

You have to carry out a simple ritual with onions that is done like this: cut them into slices and place them in ceramic plates throughout your home. Let them sit with the windows open for a while and then quickly throw them away in a bag outside the home. It is one of those simple rituals against envy that you can do at any time.

Aloe vera

Some people hang an aloe vera plant by the roots on the right side of the front door, often tied with a red ribbon, to protect themselves from the influence of negative energies or envy.

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