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Evil Eye

My Personal Experience with the Evil Eye: Is it Real?

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Written by: Tina Caro

Is the evil eye real? Do you think someone in your life is pervading you with negativity, toxic vibes, and feelings like envy, anger, obsession, and more? This is the perfect article to help you learn more about this superstition that has strong roots and is deeply anchored to our lives. If you want to know if the evil eye is real and learn more about my personal experience with it, keep reading!


The belief in the Evil Eye is a matter of cultural and personal belief rather than scientific evidence.

It is considered real in the sense that it holds significance in various cultures and has been a part of human belief systems for centuries.

Many people genuinely believe in the power of the Evil Eye and its potential to bring harm through envy or negative intentions.

However, from a scientific and empirical standpoint, there is no conclusive evidence to prove or disprove the existence of the Evil Eye.

It remains a cultural and folkloric belief that varies in interpretation and significance across different regions and traditions.

What is the evil eye?

The evil eye is the ability of some people to provoke evil events with their own eyes. In fact, the term evil eye is “eye that throws evil”. The evil eye is a popular tradition with deep roots and very ancient origins and is basically linked to many cultures.

For example, Italian culture is all about the evil eye, especially in southern Italy. The spread of this belief is greater in certain cultural areas.

According to tradition, some people can voluntarily “give the evil eye”, while others exercise it involuntarily (due to envy, obsessions, disappointments in love, and so on).

From the physical point of view, the problems caused to the person affected by the evil eye would be violent headaches, nausea, vomiting, bad mood, and depression; more generally, then particularly negative events could occur both from an emotional and an economic point of view.

my evil eye amulet

The evil eye can be borne by a person and by things.

Read my article that explains what is an evil eye here.

Is the evil eye real?

Yes. I firmly believe the evil eye is real and I experienced it myself.

I recall that when I was a kid, my grandma told me all the time to be very careful of other people’s words because some of them might say them from a place of envy and darkness. I thought she was overreacting but, in time, I had proof that some people, even if there weren’t necessarily bad people, simply had this negative energy with the ability to bring bad luck into my life.

For example, I have this friend, a really dear friend, but, every time she asks me about me and my husband…well…we end up fighting for no reason!

She always tells me how lucky we are that we found each other, how beautiful it is for us to be together for years and years while she is single. I don’t think that she is not a dear friend of mine, but envy took over her because of her current situation of being alone for a very long time now. The same thing happens with her focusing on my relationship with another friend in our group.

She always tells me: you two are like best friends forever, how cute is that. You never fight. You always have each other’s backs. Well… every single time she says this, something bad happens between me and my other friend!

It’s incredible! How do I face all this? First of all, I try to avoid talking about something too personal so she cannot send her envy my way.

When she comes over to my place, I sage the whole house when she leaves, and I wear my protection amulet when she is around.

I really think this works for me but, of course, it really depends on the person who sends you the evil eye, as sometimes a protection spell could be the perfect way to keep bad energy away!

How to know if you have the evil eye?

In areas where the evil eye is still relatively widespread, some people believe they can know if a certain person has been affected by it. Generally, these are rather old women who then pass on their “power” to people they trust, usually family members.

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It seems that after the transmission of power has occurred, the person who transmitted it loses their ability to perform the ritual; it is for this reason that many times the transmission occurs when the person feels that they are approaching the end of their days.

There are somewhat curious procedures, generally very similar to each other, to diagnose and even eliminate the evil eye. The variations to the rites generally depend on the area where you live and on the habits of the so-called “healers”.

How to remove the evil eye?

With the ritual of oil, in the event that the oil remains afloat, it normally means that the person has not been affected by an evil eye and it ends there.

If, on the other hand, the person has the evil eye, the water must be thrown away in a place where no one is believed to pass, otherwise, there could be the transmission of the evil eye to those who step on it.

After throwing the water, the ritual must be repeated two more times; already the second time the “eyes” that appear in the oil should be smaller, while on the third time there should be nothing more. If the “eyes” also appear during the third repetition of the ritual, it means that the transmitted evil eye is quite strong and it is necessary to follow another certain procedure; the “eyes” are “cut” with scissors and the rite is repeated the next day.

Preferably, the ritual should be repeated by different people, one after the other. It is important that, once the rite against the evil eye begins, it should never be interrupted.

It seems that healers are able to see if whoever made the evil eye is a woman or a man; it depends on how the oil drops appear; if the drops have small circles next to them then the evil eye is the responsibility of a woman (or several women); if, on the other hand, the drops are normal, the responsibility is attributable to one or more men.

If both types of drops are present, then the responsibility is to be found in multiple people of different sexes.

If all went well, the person affected by the evil eye immediately begins to feel better.

How to remove the evil eye by yourself?

We have seen that many healers are used to eliminating the evil eye, but can you get the evil eye off yourself? One of the most used methods to ward off the evil eye is the cleaning and purifying one’s home and workplace.

  • Throw away all unnecessary things, such as gifts from people who don’t love us and photos and memories of loves or friendships that ended badly.
  • Rearrange the house, wash the floors with water and salt, and place red bags containing coarse salt here and there.
  • Do the same thing in the workplace and inside your car.

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The oil ritual

The person who is suspected of being affected by the evil eye must sit; the healer fills a deep plate with water, and performs the sign of the cross three times towards the forehead of the subject who turned to him; while tracing the sign of the cross, the healer repeats mentally or in a low voice the secret words foreseen by the rite.

After he has finished tracing on himself, always three times the sign of the cross and touching the edges of the plate, he still performs the sign of the cross by mentally repeating the other secret words foreseen by the rite.

The secret formula is repeated three times.

Once this procedure is completed, the “diagnosis” can be obtained; a few drops of olive oil taken from a special container previously prepared are poured onto the plate.

As the drops fall into the water, they are observed: if the oil widens, the diagnosis is the evil eye; it may happen that the oil even seems to disappear; that means that the person has been suffering from an evil eye for some time and will be more difficult to treat.

cutting oil circles

If instead the oil only widens slightly, it means that the “curse” is in the early stages, rather light, and, consequently, it will disappear more easily.

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How to prevent the evil eye?

In addition to treatment, there is also prevention; prevention from the evil eye is carried out by resorting to various amulets or particular gestures.

Different types of amulets exist depending on different areas and regions; there are those who wear a bag with blessed salt, a nail, a clove of garlic, an olive branch, etc. around their neck; others carry a lucky charm like the evil eye necklace; others bring a sigil with them, and other people even sew a piece of red ribbon on their clothes.

Here traditions and superstitions play a huge role!

Plus, you can cast a protection spell or let me cast if for you!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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