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4 Cleansing Methods for Your Evil Eye Jewelry (DIY Tips)

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Written by: Tina Caro

An evil eye bracelet, with time, tends to get damaged: the negative energies that they absorb will cause them to deteriorate. Purification helps to extend their life.

Once an object has been purified, it will absorb any energy it comes across, so it is necessary to prevent other people from touching it, otherwise, you will have to start the cleanse all over again.

Let’s see how you can go about cleansing your evil eye bracelet.


Cleansing Evil Eye jewelry is essential to maintain its protective qualities and remove negative energy.

Four DIY cleansing methods include using a saltwater bath, exposing the jewelry to sunlight, smoke cleansing with herbs like sage, and visualizing a protective light.

Submerging the jewelry in saltwater harnesses salt’s purifying properties, while sunlight is believed to naturally cleanse.

Smoke cleansing and visualization focus on removing negativity and recharging the jewelry with positive energy.

How to cleanse an evil eye bracelet?

Smoke CleansingUsing sacred smoke from herbs or incense to cleanse the Evil Eye jewelry. The smoke is believed to purify and remove negative energies.
Sunlight CleansingExposing the Evil Eye jewelry to sunlight to energize and cleanse it. The sun’s rays are thought to have purifying and revitalizing properties.
Moonlight CleansingPlacing the Evil Eye jewelry under the light of the full moon to cleanse and recharge it. Moonlight is associated with cleansing and renewal energies.
Water CleansingSubmerging the Evil Eye jewelry in running water, such as a natural stream or under a gentle faucet, to wash away negative energies and purify it.
Table 1: Cleansing Methods for Evil Eye Jewelry

Take a glass, jar, vase, or any glass container. Glass is useful for releasing energies.

Fill it with salt, enough to cover the object being purified, or at least so that it rests totally on the salt. If your bracelet contains stones, I recommend covering it with a cloth or paper to prevent it from getting damaged. Water and salt are not always a good thing for stones as they can corrode them. Covering them will prevent this corrosion from occurring. I use kitchen paper, like paper towels.

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Why did I mention water? Using water is another way to purify stones or crystals, but it can damage some of them. It is possible to dissolve the salt in water and then insert a stone, such as hematite, into it as a form of cleansing. But since this method will ruin most stones, I don’t use it.

During your first purification of the object, leave it in the salt for three days and three nights under the light of a full or crescent moon.

If you have already purified your bracelet before, leave it in the salt for a day and a night if you just need to eliminate some unwanted energy. Remember that every now and then it is okay to leave it for another three nights and three days in the salt.

At this point, your bracelet will be devoid of any negative energy, and you just have to charge it up before it is ready to be worn again.

Dissolve the salt in water.

Just to emphasize this point: once an object has been purified, ensure that no one else touches it besides you since your energies are in the object. Otherwise, you will have to purify it again.

Purification with water

I typically use this method to purify small items such as talismans, amulets, and stones if I have to work with them immediately. I recommend this purification to those who are already skilled with visualization.

To do this, it is preferable to use running water from a waterfall or river but alternatively, tap water can be used.

Pick up the object, relax, if you want, you can close your eyes: this might be helpful the first few times. Place the object under the stream of water for a few minutes. Visualize the object full of negative energies, black and dark, which are carried away by the flowing water and, little by little, give way to white and luminous energy.

It might take several minutes, but it would take less time than a day or three. With practice, you will learn to feel the energy in the object and be able to regulate how long it takes to do this procedure.

Green purification

Another purification method can be done to cleanse an evil eye bracelet: burying it in the ground at the foot of a plant. It can also go in a vase you have at home.

In addition to purifying the object, you can see, that if you are cleansing a stone, the plant gain strength or sprout more easily, depending on the type of stone you are purifying. For example, if you are working with a rock crystal, your plant or flower will be less prone to parasites (protection) and you will notice that it becomes healthier (healing).

People can also purify themselves in this way. Try walking through the woods barefoot and go and hug some trees. The bigger, older and lusher the tree, the more satisfying the effect.

Mental cleansing (cleansing through visualization)

This method requires a fairly well-developed imagination and concentration. However, visualization elements are also present as in many other methods of cleaning talismans.

You have to take the amulet in your hands, close your eyes and imagine how the flow of energy passes through it, freeing it from negativity. It is necessary to visualize this in as much detail as possible: the more you are involved in the visualization and the more realistic the “image”, the more efficient the cleaning of the artifact will be.

Recommended cleansing duration

Smoke CleansingHold the jewelry in the smoke for 1-2 minutes, ensuring that the smoke reaches all parts of the jewelry.
Sunlight CleansingLeave the jewelry in direct sunlight for 2-4 hours, preferably during the early morning or late afternoon.
Moonlight CleansingPlace the jewelry under the moonlight overnight, ideally during the night of the full moon.
Water CleansingSubmerge the jewelry in running water for 5-10 minutes, visualizing the negative energies being washed away.

How frequently should you cleanse your bracelet?

You can cleanse your bracelet when you start feeling more negative energy than usual or when you don’t feel comfortable wearing it anymore.

Should you clean it first before cleansing it?

If your evil eye bracelet looks a bit dirty, you can clean it before cleansing it. This will mean no physical barriers stop the bad energy from leaving your bracelet.

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How should I clean my bracelet?

Clean your evil eye bracelet with a dry cloth or duster. Avoid any chemical substances as they can both ruin the bracelet and work as an opponent to the energetic cleanse you are about to undergo.

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