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The Meaning of Hand of Fatima (Also Known as Hand of Hamsa)

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Written by: Tina Caro

The legend of the hand of Fatima (also known as the hand of Hamsa) has very ancient origins. Today the hand of Fatima is used as an amulet in the Western world, although it was born in the East. But what are its origins? And how can you use it?


The Hand of Fatima, also known as the Hand of Hamsa, is a symbol with deep and diverse symbolism.

It primarily represents protection against the Evil Eye, negative energies, and malevolent forces, serving as a universal symbol of blessings and safeguarding.

Associated with feminine power, it symbolizes the nurturing qualities of a maternal figure and embodies attributes like faith, wisdom, and strength through its five fingers.

While the basic design features an open palm with an eye in the center, variations in the symbol exist, each carrying unique cultural or personal meanings.

What does Hand of Fatima mean?

The Hand of Fatima means “five”. It is a symbol that has a sacred value for different cultures and religions. Its symbolism can be traced back to ancient Sumerian and Babylonian cults and is linked to female divinities and to the cult of fertility, beauty, the fecundity of Mother Earth, and erotic and carnal love. This esoteric symbol is shaped like an open hand and is used to protect yourself from the evil eye.

The Hand of Fatima is also known worldwide as the Hand of Miriam, Hand with the Divine Eye, Hamsa or Khamsa, the latter terms meaning “five”, a very important number for the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions. From here you can already understand that reconstructing the history of this symbol and amulet is not easy, because its ancient origins intersect different aspects of various cultures.

my hand of fatima
My Hand of Fatima Charm

According to the most accredited theories, the Hand of Fatima dates back to the Sumerian cult of Inanna and the Assyrian-Babylonian cult of Ishtar. In both religions, these were the goddesses responsible for love, fertility, beauty and representatives of the fertility of the Earth. Later, this particular symbol was taken up by the Jews and renamed the Hand of Miriam in honor of the sister of Moses and Aaron. It then spread also among the Arab populations as an emblem of power.

Open HandMost common depiction, with fingers spread apart and the eye in the center
Jewel or GemstoneIncorporates gemstones or precious metals to enhance its protective energy
Decorative PatternsIntricate patterns and designs on the hand for artistic and cultural appeal
Hanging or Wall ArtHand of Fatima amulets or wall hangings for home or personal protection
Tattoo DesignsPopular choice for body art, allowing individuals to carry the symbolism
Table 1: Variations and Depictions of the Hand of Fatima

Over the centuries, the meanings attributed to Hamsa take on specific nuances depending on the cultures from which it is adopted, but they always remain points of contact. In fact, in various religions, the Hand of Fatima remains an expression of the presence of God, who sees and oversees everything. For this reason, the open hand is used as an amulet of protection from the evil eye and negativity.

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Hand of Fatima: symbolism of the amulet in the shape of an open hand

Culture/ReligionHand of Fatima Representation
IslamProtection against the evil eye and malevolent spirits
JudaismSymbol of divine protection and a reminder of God’s presence
ChristianityAssociated with Mary, mother of Jesus, and the hand of divine blessings
Middle EasternTraditional amulet used to bring good luck and protect against misfortune
North AfricaSignifies the hand of a strong, protective female ancestor or deity
Table 2: Cultural and Religious Associations of the Hand of Fatima

Symbology for Muslims

For Muslims, it represents inner balance, faith, and patience. The number five, like the fingers of the hand, represents for the Sunnis the pillars of Islam: prayer, faith, pilgrimage to Mecca, almsgiving and fasting. On the other hand, the Shiites recognize in this symbol the five figures of the sacred family: Fatima, Mohammed, Ali, Hessein and Hassan. In the Muslim version of this amulet, the eye is in the center of the hand.

Symbology for the Jews

The Hand of Fatima is known to the Jews as the Hand of Miriam, the sister of Moses. The number five is considered sacred as it is linked to the books of the Torah: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The number five, however, corresponds with “Heh”, the fifth letter of the alphabet, which also represents a name blessed by God, therefore it has a strong symbolic value. In the Hebrew version of the Hand of Fatima, we can find a Star of David instead of the eye.


In addition to Jews, Eastern Christians also use this symbol to venerate a female divinity but, in this case, Miriam is replaced by the Virgin Mary.

The legend of the hand of Fatima

The Hand of Fatima is also linked to a legend famous in the Islamic world. It is said that Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed, was a woman with great faith capable of performing miracles. But Fatima, together with her husband Ali, is the protagonist of a legend from which the symbol of the eye in the hand was born. One evening, Fatima was cooking for her husband, she saw him return with a new concubine with whom he would spend the night.

She was so shocked that she did not realize that she had dropped the wooden spoon with which she was stirring the soup, so continued to stir with her hand, without feeling any pain. The husband, realizing this, helped her ease the pain and heal the burn, but she decided to spend the night with the new bride. Fatima accepted the decision but that night she spied on the couple in secret: the pain was so great that she could not hold back the tears: her crying wet the shoulder of her husband who at that moment realized the great love of his wife, thus giving up his night of passion with the concubine.

Not just a religious symbol

The hand of Fatima is often worn as a lucky charm, given as a love amulet. It is not always considered a religious symbol, quite the contrary. It is often given as an amulet to protect the home or to indicate areas where access is limited to women only. For many cultures, the central eye in the palm represents the eye of God who takes care of the amulet’s wearer.

Is the Hand of Fatima the same as the hand of Hamsa?

Yes! It’s simply another name for the Hand of Fatima, and this other name is more related to its symbolism than a religious figure. Hamsa is a term of Arabic origin that means “five”, referring to the 5 fingers of the human hand.

evil eye bracelet
My protection bracelets.

Hamsa is present in various oriental doctrines, such as Judaism, Islam and Buddhism, with their meanings according to each religion. The term Hamsa, or “Hand of Mirian” is used in the Jewish world, but it is known as the “Hand of Fatima” by Muslims and as “Abhaya Mundra” by Buddhists.

The symbol of the “Hamsa hand” is characterized by the representation of the design of a symmetrical right hand with five fingers: the middle finger in the center, on the sides the ring finger, and the index finger, a little shorter than the middle finger, and on the outside are the two smallest fingers that both curve out at an angle.

Sometimes it contains other symbols such as eyes, Stars of David, fish, and others to strengthen the power of the Hamsa which has countless representations. For example: when the fingers are together, the amulet is used for luck. According to popular tradition, if the fingers are separated, it is used to ward off negative energies.

ProtectionRepresents a protective hand that wards off evil, negative energy, and harm
BlessingsSymbolizes blessings, abundance, and good fortune
Feminine PowerAssociated with the divine feminine energy and maternal strength
Universal SymbolFound in various cultures and religions, representing unity and protection
Five FingersEach finger represents an element: fire, air, water, earth, and spirit
Eye of FatimaOften depicted in the center of the hand, representing spiritual insight
Table 3: Symbolic Interpretations of the Hand of Fatima

What is the used Hand of Fatima for?

This mystical symbol is used as an amulet that can ward off evil. If you wonder what the hand of Fatima is for, it is in short a protection amulet. It will help you clear bad vibrations from your path in life and lessen possible dangers that you can find daily.

Apart from its use as a talisman, this precious hand is often used as a decorative object at home, in fashion as a bracelet or pendant, and as a tattoo.

  • Islamic and Arab women, learning from the legend of Miriam, have always worn this amulet as a symbol of patience, luck, wealth, and joy.
  • The Hand of Fatima is usually made of silver (the metal of Muhammad) and worn with the fingers upwards. It is also a powerful talisman, a symbol of protection against the evil eye and bad luck.
  • In many cultures, the central eye represents the eye of God who watches over the amulet’s wearer.
  • Today it is often used as a decorative pendant or as a good luck charm and, in the Hebrew version, it is often decorated with prayers and sacred inscriptions.
  • The hand of Fatima can be used in its most classic form, with the three central fingers close together and the two symmetrical thumbs placed at the sides, or in its other versions: hand with open palm or hand with four fingers open and thumb up.
  • In some cases, it is used to distinguish spaces dedicated only to women

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How do you need to wear it?

Today, Hamsa hand is above all a symbol of patience, luck, and joy: showing it off or taking it with you is a way to protect yourself from the negativity and envy of other people. Furthermore, referring to the legend of the daughter of Mohammed and Alì, it is considered to also protect love: it would help those who wear be happy in their relationships and ensure healthy pregnancies. Not surprisingly, Muslim women usually wear this silver pendant, the metal of the prophet, as a protection from the evil eye.

Because of this story, Hand of Fatima-themed jewels are one of the most popular gifts of recent years, especially for a woman. Giving a bracelet or earrings with this symbol as a gift means wanting to protect the person who is honored with the gift.

my evil eye amulet on a table

It is therefore not surprising that it has become the perfect gift to be exchanged between mother and daughter or as an emblem of affection between sisters and friends. In reference to the Muslim culture, this jewel is often made with silver, a metal that wards off negative influences and that evokes the qualities of fertility, constancy, and patience.

A symbol of divine protection and spirituality is enhanced when you use the right color, especially if you want to get a tattoo or buy it as a talisman to attract energies according to your personal needs. Below I will explain the meaning of each color and I will give you the best tips for choosing the colors of your Hand of Fatima.

The meaning of colors

Although this design looks gorgeous in black and white, adding colors allows it to take on another dimension from a visual and ornamental point of view and a spiritual and energetic point of view. It is well known that colors influence energies and our thoughts, so it is not strange that there is psychology concerning colors.

Applying a little of this ancient knowledge, you can choose the colors of your Hand of Fatima that best suit you.

Green hand of Fatima

Green will connect your talisman with growth, hope, happiness, and freedom.

Blue hand of Fatima

Blue helps to achieve serenity, satisfaction, joy, and peace.

Red hand of Fatima

Red, expectedly, alludes to passion and sensuality.

Orange hand of Fatima

On the other hand, Orange is all about achieving personal ambitions, energy, and dynamism.

Yellow hand of Fatima

Yellow is the color of the sun and light, so get a Hamsa of this color when you need to connect with reason and your intellectual side.

Pink hand of Fatima

The color pink encourages altruism, benevolence, gentleness, and patience.

Purple hand of Fatima

Purple attracts energies very similar to pink, as it also connects with the love of a neighbor, but also with wisdom and idealism.

Now you have more information to choose the colors of your Hand of Fatima, you just can look for the one that connects with the type of energy that your life is missing. You can even mix several colors to give the design beauty and to better influence you.

Hand of Fatima, fingers pointing up or down?

The ‘position’ of the hand can mean different things. The image with the fingers pointing upwards means strength, power and blessing, while downward-facing fingers focus attention more proficiently. In this case, the talisman takes on the most typical meaning of lucky charm.

hand of fatima charm
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Fingers facing down

According to tradition, Fatima was the daughter of Mohammed and has become a symbol of dedication, patience, joy, luck, wealth and, last but not least, virtuous femininity.

The symbol of the Hand of Fatima is represented by an open hand with 5 fingers, which can be pointing up or down. The hand in this position represents a gesture of popular tradition that protects against misfortune, envy and jealousy: it is for this reason therefore that the Hand of Fatima brings good luck, especially when the fingers face down.

This is why it is the subject of many other objects, not just jewelry: just think that it is one of the most typical and particular souvenirs you can find in Morocco and in many countries of the Middle East, as a pendant, decoration for the home, as embroidery, where it is reinterpreted and embellished with countless colors, motifs, and patterns.

Fingers pointing upwards

The image of the hand with the fingers pointing upwards means power, strength, and blessing while also protecting from the evil eye. It is the original representation of the Hand of Fatima, as it was handed down over the centuries in traditional iconography.

In many representations, there is an open eye in the center of the palm, called “the eye of Allah”, which indicates the divine strength within each of us. According to symbolism, the hand represents our physical form, our body, while the eye is the spiritual part of the human being: the symbol thus translates into a blessing, an auspicious gesture that the two elements are in harmony.

How to activate your hand of Fatima

Since prehistoric times, talismans have been part of the esoteric tradition and the so-called Hamsa or Hand of Fatima. This tradition is present in different cultures and has a powerful symbolism that promises to keep us away from external evil, such as envy and jealousy, attracting good luck. Now, according to many cultures, amulets must be recharged to be effective, so below I will share with you an esoteric ritual with the Hand of Fatima.

Activation ritual

For this esoteric ritual with the Hand of Fatima or Hamsa, you will need a transparent glass or crystal glass (it must not have any type of ornament, color, or bevel to be effective), water from a natural source such as the sea or a river (tap water is the next best alternative), 3 tablespoons of salt (much better if it is from the sea), and a handkerchief to dry it.

Before starting the ritual, you must stabilize your mind. You should do breathing exercises or meditation to be calm and can drive away all negative thoughts, worries, and anxieties. Replace them with feelings of self-confidence, security, and faith that you can achieve your goals. Your thoughts are of great importance in performing any ritual, so never overlook it.

To start with this ritual with the Hand of Fatima, you must pour the water into the glass and then mix it with the salt. Leave this in the sun for 5 hours. After that, immerse the talisman in the salt water and let it act for 24 hours. The next day, take out the talisman and water a plant with the water. With this, your hand of Fatima will be activated and ready to protect you.

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