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Evil Deities: Do They Exist & Can You Work With Them?

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Written by: Tina Caro

If you love working with deities it might be interesting to know that some deities can be evil. To learn more about evil deities and how to navigate around them in your magical practice, read this article!


The existence of evil deities varies across belief systems. Some recognize malevolent deities or spirits, while others do not.

Whether one can work with them depends on specific practices within a tradition.

In certain occult or magical contexts, individuals may choose to work with dark entities for various reasons.

However, this often requires expertise, caution, and an understanding of potential risks and consequences.

When considering working with such entities, it’s essential to respect diverse beliefs and ethical considerations, weighing personal intentions and potential impacts carefully.

Can a deity be evil?

Yes, absolutely! Actually there are a few powerful evil deities that generate negative energies because of their origins and history.

A list of a few evil deities

MythologyEvil DeityDescription
GreekHadesGod of the underworld and ruler of the dead
NorseLokiTrickster god associated with chaos and mischief
EgyptianSetGod of chaos, violence, and disorder
HinduKaliGoddess of destruction, time, and death
MayanAh PuchGod of death and decay
Table 1: Evil Deities from Different Mythologies


A representation of the Egyptian God Set as a man with an Aardvark head, holding an Ankh and the Was scepter. This image contains some artistic liberties so that Wikipedia readers can tell him apart from the rest of the Egyptian Deities.

Seth is a very particular god, who differs from all the other deities of the vast Egyptian pantheon. He is a god that many find obscure and indecipherable. How come? What is it that differentiates him from all other deities?

The reason is simple: Seth is a killer. He killed his brother, the god Osiris.


Lilith (1887) by John Collier.

Lilith is mentioned, most often inappropriately, in thousands of stories, films and role-playing games. She is perhaps the most famous of the female monsters. She was originally believed to be a storm demon, a bringer of misfortune and disease, in ancient Mesopotamia.

Later, Judaism and Christianity transformed her into a more “generic” demon, and she became a protector of witches and all negativity that was associated with women (adultery, black magic, lust).

Beautiful and lethal, she is now associated with vampires and other similar creatures, of which she is considered one of the oldest and most long-lived representatives.


Sekhmet shown with her sun disk and cobra crown from a relief at the Temple of Kom Ombo.

Sekhmet, meaning “She who is powerful”, is an Egyptian goddess with a woman’s body and a lion’s head, revered above all in Lower Egypt. She was the terrible goddess of war, capable of generating lethal sun rays in the desert and creating terrible wind. She represented the violent arm of the god Ra (her father) as she was sent among mortals to punish serious blasphemies.

Even the evil Seth feared her, as did all the monsters of the afterlife. Nevertheless, her priests were also known to be prodigious doctors and healers, among the best of all those in the service of the pharaoh.


Hel” (1889) by Johannes Gehrts. Hel, the female being, holding a staff, and flanked by what is presumably the hound Garmr – both atop a cliff’s ledge. In the background, a serpent crawls around among roots, a basin sits, and partially shadowed figures appear to be in movement below the cliff.

Daughter of Loki and an ice giantess, Hel (or Hella) is the Norse Goddess of the hellish afterlife, where the souls of the dishonorable dead, traitors and criminals fall. As cold and hideous as the kingdom she rules, Hel brings misfortune and disease whenever she manifests among the living.

Feared and hated, the revolting daughter of Loki has a distant past as a Goddess associated with the Earth before she became the queen of a chthonic, gloomy and desperate world.

These are only a few of the deities that are truly evil. However, in our practice we must be careful to contact and honor all deities with respect, else they may not treat us with respect in turn. Even the most benevolent of deities can turn ‘evil’ towards an individual that does not offer them due respect.

Below you’ll find reasons why a deity can become evil and dangerous towards you and your practice.

  1. The deity’s nature is evil.
  2. You connect to the deity with negative energy coming from anger, jealousy or obsession. This might happen if you cast a spell to manipulate someone and you ask the deity to help you manifest the hoped outcome.
  3. You don’t show respect towards the deity who you want to connect with.

Tips to safely work with a deity

There are three main methods to safely work with a deity and of defense against an evil deity and other negative entities. They are the destruction of the entity, the capture of the entity and “passive” protection.

Ethical implicationsAssess the moral implications of working with evil deities
Personal safetyEvaluate the potential risks and dangers involved
Intent and motivesUnderstand your own intentions and motivations
Protective measuresImplement protective rituals and practices
Spiritual guidanceSeek guidance from experienced practitioners
Table 2: Working with Evil Deities

Destruction of the entity:

This is possible when the entity we are dealing with does not belong to one of the “high degrees” of demons, that is when we are dealing with simple “soldiers”, entities that cause more or less pronounced feelings of malaise, depression and physical fatigue.

Once the presence of the entity has been confirmed, you need to be careful about how to destroy it, if you decide to do so. Often the method of destruction that comes to our heads instinctively will be okay, but take your time and make sure you properly evaluate the entity before deciding on a method.

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Entity capture:

There are various methods of capturing negative entities and locking them up forever (or rather, until someone releases them). One of these is to visualize the entity, enclosed within a barrier of light that becomes smaller and smaller, and at the same time subtracting energy from the entity so that it cannot escape. How can you do this? By believing that that entity is not as strong as you think it is.

That it can do nothing against you. That you are stronger (but without the sin of pride, please!). Then, use a small mirror, such as a makeup mirror, and imagine yourself “projecting” the entity inside the mirror together with the barrier around it. Once this is done, place the mirror in a box, sprinkle some salt around it, and hide the box where no one can find it (e.g. bury it).

Passive protection:

By passive protection, I mean anything that does not specifically fall into the other two categories, for example exorcisms and environmental protection rites.

The simplest and safest method to protect an environment such as your home is to sprinkle salt and rosemary in front of every door and every window of the house, as well as lighting a white candle until it burns out. Otherwise, you can create “barriers” to protect your home via visualization.

There are two types of barriers: an “internal” barrier and an “external” barrier. The difference between the two is this: the “external” barrier is created around you or the place to be protected and prevents those you do not want from entering.

It can reject and/or damage an unwanted entity that tries to gain access. The “internal” barrier is created around the entity, and functions like a prison that does not let an entity out.

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