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God Loki: Prayers, Symbols, Books & More [Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Loki is one of the most beloved and worshipped gods. Why? Read find it out in this article!


Loki is a mischievous and unpredictable trickster god in Norse mythology, known for his shape-shifting abilities and cunning nature.

He is a member of the Æsir tribe of gods but often shifts between being an ally and a foe to the other gods.

Loki is responsible for both positive and negative outcomes in Norse myths and legends, playing a central role in significant events, such as the death of the god Baldr and the impending cataclysm of Ragnarök.

His complex character and chaotic actions have made him a popular and enduring figure in modern literature, comics, and film adaptations, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Who is Loki?

Loki is a deity belonging to the Nordic Pantheon. Companion of Odin and Thor (with the former he forged, in ancient times, a blood brotherhood bond), he presents himself as a very particular figure whose main characteristic is an ambiguous duality.

Loki and Idun (1911) by John Bauer.

The writings recall him as a demon enemy of the cosmic order, an evil and perfidious deceiver, but, at the same time, he is sometimes remembered as an ingenious inventor and sometimes as the one who helps the gods through trying times.

Family MemberRelationship to Loki
OdinAdoptive father and rival
ThorAdoptive brother and frequent adversary
SigynWife and faithful companion
FenrirSon and harbinger of Ragnarok
HelDaughter and ruler of the realm of the dead
Table 1: Loki’s Family and Relationships

The myth of Loki: myth and origins

He belongs to the Asi lineage, however, his family and his offspring are related to evil demons, especially giants. He is the son of the giant Fàrbauti and of the goddess Laufey (or Nàl) and this reveals a first aspect of his dichotomy as in his person the aspects of both races coexist: the evil of the giants and the commitment of the gods in maintaining the cosmic order from Laufey.

In fact, Loki’s misdeeds are not ending in themselves, but are necessary to maintain balance in the cosmic order: only when the “Twilight of the Gods” (Ragnarok) comes will he be able to give free rein to his evil side to guide the forces of evil against the gods.

With the giantess Angroboða, he fathered three children. Hel, the terrible guardian of the underworld. Fenrir, the cosmic wolf enemy of the gods. And finally, Jormungand (or also Miðgarðsormr), the serpent of Miðgarðr, which rests in the ocean wrapped around the earth.

Captioned as “Kampf der untergehenden Götter “. “Battle of the Doomed Gods”. Ragnarök occurs: Odin holds rides to battle and aims his spear towards the gaping mouth of the wolf Fenrir, Thor defends against the serpent Jörmungandr with a shield while wielding his hammer Mjöllnir, Freyr and the flaming Surtr fight, and an immense battle goes on around and atop the rainbow bridge Bifröst behind them. Wägner, Wilhelm. 1882

With the goddess Sigyn, he had his sons Narfi and Vàli, who are probably the only sons of Loki who have nothing to do with the forces of evil as they are children of sincere and faithful love.

As the bringer of evil on Earth, Loki is also remembered as the father of witches. In fact, it is said that he had found a half-cooked woman’s heart among the glowing embers of a bonfire, and eating it he was impregnated, giving life to witches. This was not Loki’s last pregnancy, in fact, the god is the father of Sleipnir, the magic eight-legged horse of Odin with runes engraved on his teeth, which the god, transformed into a filly, had from the stallion Svadilferi.

Loki has the ability to transform at will. In the poems, we find him in the form of a fly, flea, hawk, salmon, or seal. This is due to the knowledge and practice of that magic called Seiðr which entails impotence and homosexual behavior for males.

Here is explained the pregnancies of Loki whose duality involves the coexistence of male and female attitudes in his person: it is in fact known the antipathy that the gods feel towards Loki for his way of “lying like a woman”.

He is a very ancient god; we find him mentioned in two myths (The Rapture of Iðunn and Sigurðr and the Nibelungs) together with Odin and Hœnir. They represent the triad that gave life to man from a tree trunk in The Fortune Teller’s Prediction.


In this myth, together with Odin and Hœnir, another god named Loður is mentioned who gave men warmth and good looks. Later it was hypothesized that the name Loður is nothing more than an ancient variation of the name Loki: this would identify Loki as a sort of creator and civilizing god, as well as a fire deity (in fact the ancient Scandinavian word ‘logi’ means flame).

Above all, Loki embodies the principle of evil inherent in creation itself, necessary for the existence of the cosmos which is based on a balance of opposite principles. He is identified as the poison of existence, possessor of the principle of evil, but to preserve himself and its cause paradoxically he is forced to defend the principle of good.

Among the many myths that see him as a protagonist, the most important are:

This can be considered in fact as the last of his misdeeds: Loki, captured by the gods, is forced to observe his son Vali who, while transformed into a wolf, tears his brother Narfi to pieces.

Later with the guts of the latter, Loki is tied to three rocks and a snake that spits poison from the mouth is placed on top of him. Meanwhile Sigyn tries to alleviate the suffering of her beloved by collecting the snake’s poison with a basin to avoid burning the god, but every time she goes away to empty the full container, the poison drips on Loki’s face causing violent spasms that make the earth tremble.

A photographic reproduction of the painting, showing the two mythological figures (Loki and Sigyn) during Loki’s bondage. Marten Eskil Winge, 1863

He will be condemned to this torture until the day of Ragnarok comes when he will be freed from the serpent of Miðgarðr and will lead the armies of evil against those who have condemned him: the gods of Asgarðr.

Asgard and Bifrost in interpretation of Otto Schenk in Wagner’s drama Das Rheingold. Authors: Richard Wagner, Otto Schenk

In modern times, Loki has often been compared to the figure of Satan. This is incorrect since he is still interested in preserving the cosmic order, while Satan is a fierce rival of that order.

Furthermore, it is widely believed that Loki is the adopted son of Odin and half-brother of Thor with whom he contends for the throne of Asgarðr. The various novels have spread this belief, films, and comics that have seen the Nordic god as a protagonist, but as we have already said previously, Loki is an ancient god who even belongs to the triad that gave life to men and is also the blood brother of the godfather Odin.

What is Loki a God of?

Loki is the god of mischief and he is often called the Trickster God, but he is also the god of great cunning and chaos.

How do you know that Loki is calling you?

  • You feel you want to curse someone
  • You feel a destructive force inside of you
  • You love cheating
  • You feel like you can have it all despite harming others to get what you want

Best ways to connect with Loki

Perform some black magic and ask him to join you

This is a great way to connect with Loki. Ask him to guide your energy and your craft the right way. Plus, Loki is there to support you when trying to cast a spell when a lot of focus and commitment is required, especially when you find yourself a bit confused and lost right before a spell casting.

Masquerade yourself

This is a great way to connect with Loki as he does it himself! Be the master of disguise and use your fantasy to become someone else, something else, for a few hours.

Journal about your darkest dream

If you have a secret dark dream, journal about it. Write a letter to Loki and tell him all! He might grant what you want!

How do you honor Loki?

What are Loki’s favorite offerings?

Loki is not a picky god when it comes to offerings so you can easily offer him whatever you like as long as it’s something you give to him from a place of love and respect. But if you want, you can offer him:

  • Spicy whiskey or Beer (Norse’s gods favorite drinks)
  • A dessert you like
  • An item representative of his sacred symbols

Prayer for Loki

“My beloved god of chaos,
My beloved god of hoaxes and lies,
Your powerful destructive energy might be mine
I am open to receive your blessings,
I am ready to keep creating and destroying in your name
So be it”

What are Loki’s symbols?

The snake: The snake is a symbol of transformation as it sheds its skin. Plus, in Norse mythology, Jormungand is a huge sea serpent closely related to the god Loki: he is in fact his son, generated by this deity with the giant Angrboða.

Jormungand – also often called Jörmungandr (literally “cosmically powerful demon”), Jörmungand or Miðgarðsormr (literally “Serpent of Miðgarðr”, the snake of Midgard) – is thus the scaled brother of the legendary wolf Fenrir and of Hel, the queen of the dead (also known as Hela or Hella).

Thor fighting the mighty worm Jormundgandr at fishing trip with a giant.
Henry Fuseli, painting.

The spider: The spider is a symbol of crafting a web, like one of lies and hoaxes Loki created. He shares with the spider a creative function, but also an evil one, which is revealed in the myth of Loki who builds a fishing net, similar to a spider’s web.


The fire: Symbol of his destructive force and his eyes, which had a burning flame when his rage was at its peak.

SnakeRepresents Loki’s cunning nature and shape-shifting abilities.
FlameSymbolizes Loki’s association with fire and chaos.
KnotRepresents Loki’s role as a trickster and master of deception.
HammerSymbolizes Loki’s association with craftsmanship and mischief.
WolfRepresents Loki’s connection to Fenrir, the giant wolf.
Table 2: Symbols Associated with Loki

My favorite books about Loki

Pagan Portals – Loki: Trickster and Transformer by Dagulf Loptson

You can buy it on Amazon US and Amazon UK

If you are intrigued by the different masks worn by Loki, this is definitely the book for you! You are going to learn all you need to know about his transformative powers and so much more.

Loki by Mike Vasich

You can buy it on Amazon US and Amazon UK

The journey to vengeance is definitely the trademark of Loki and of his entire existence. But which factors bring him to want this revenge and what did he do to let his power and his energy rule while still being one of the most important gods of the Nine Worlds? This book explores it all from a brand new perspective.

Loki of Midgard: The Making of a Magician by Jennifer Meinking

You can buy it on Amazon US and Amazon UK

This is a novel to let you see Loki from a different angle. You are going to read about a never-before-seen version of Loki that, while exploring the world, is going to unveil his own truth and his powers.

My favorite ritual with Loki

Loki’s curse is an act of very powerful revenge that must be used with responsibility and diligence on the part of the witch.

It consists of a prayer addressed to God Loki who is asked for justice and revenge for the wrongs suffered. So try to judge judiciously if the punishment you want to throw is really fair.

What do you need:

How Loki’s Curse is performed

Take some free time. Find a quiet place where no one can disturb you.

Prepare everything you need for the curse.

Once ready, first engrave the name of the god Loki on the black candle, anoint it with opium oil and then charge it in his name with your energy (for the moment, think not about the purpose of the ritual, but about the god Loki and to its qualities to better charge the candle).

Light incense and candle, and begin the evocation by saying these words:

“”To my enemy who tried to defeat me,
to my enemy who betrayed me,
to my enemy who has done me harm,
to my enemy who has stolen my peace of mind.
In the name of God Loki, I reveal your untruth.
May your words and oaths be ignored and not believed.
In the name of God Loki I hammer your happiness and contentment.
May storms be thrown into the hearts of your family.
In the name of God Loki may your house burn symbolically and concretely.
May you perish hunger and all your riches disappear.
In the name of God Loki I call divine justice from above and below.
May everything you love be carried away from you.
In the name of the God Loki may he provoke his vengeance and deceptions upon you.
May you be chained and bound and abandoned by friends and family.
From God Loki I ask for protection,
may nothing happen against me and rejoice in the destruction of my enemy.”

The evocation is over.

It is advisable to repeat the prayer for several days so that the god Loki can accept your request and help you in revenge.

Loki artwork

Loki by Li Hao (

Loki is often represented with an animal like a snake or a wolf and with fire in his hands. He has an evil look in his eye and, in some works, he even has his legendary eyes of fire. On top of his head, there is a golden horned helmet.

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