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Staff in Witchcraft: Origins, Magick, Symbolism & Usage

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

We all know that, when it comes to magick there are so many different tools a witch can use to do her craft, to cast spells, perform rituals but also to channel the energy of the universe, the elements and of deities into her soul and direct it into her pratice.

Today we are going to explore a powerful and useful magickal tool: the staff.


In witchcraft, a staff is a symbolic and practical tool often associated with power, authority, and connection to the earth.

It is typically a tall, wooden rod or stick that may be adorned with carvings, crystals, symbols, or other embellishments.

The staff is used by witches for various purposes, including directing energy, grounding, and journeying between realms.

It can serve as a focal point for spells and rituals, helping to channel and amplify magical energy.

Additionally, the staff may symbolize the witch’s connection to the natural world and the mysteries of the universe, acting as a conduit for spiritual guidance and wisdom.

What is a staff in magick?

A staff in magick is a versatile tool a witch uses in many different ways. Traditionally crafted from wood, chosen for its magickal properties and rich with symbols, crystals, or gemstones to enhance its potency.

The staff acts as a vessel for channeling energy, a focal point for concentration, and a means of directing intention during rituals and spellwork. Its historical roots trace back to ancient civilizations, where it symbolized authority, wisdom, and connection to the divine.

In contemporary magickal practices, the staff is a wonderful tool, especially when personalized by the witch as it reflects its beliefs and its magick.

Type of StaffDescription
Ritual StaffA ritual staff is a ceremonial tool used in magical rituals and ceremonies. It is often adorned with symbols, carvings, or crystals that enhance its magical properties and significance. Ritual staffs may be used for directing energy, invoking deities, or marking sacred space during rituals.
Walking StaffA walking staff, also known as a hiking staff or pilgrim’s staff, is a practical tool used for support during walking or hiking. In witchcraft, a walking staff may also serve as a magical tool, used for grounding, connecting with nature, and channeling earth energy during outdoor rituals or meditations.
Shamanic StaffA shamanic staff is a symbolic tool used by shamans and spiritual practitioners in various cultures and traditions. It represents the shaman’s connection to the spirit world, serving as a conduit for spiritual energy, healing, and journeying. Shamanic staffs may be adorned with feathers, animal totems, and other sacred symbols.
Table 1: Types of Staffs

What’s the symbolism behind the staff

The staff symbolizes the archetype of authority and guidance. Across cultures and traditions, it has been seen as a symbol of leadership, strength, and spiritual prowess.  

In magickal practices, the staff serves as a symbol of a veseel of energy but also as a bridge for the gab between the mundane and the mystical realm.

It is also a powerful conduit for channeling energy, a strong symbol of focus and concentration, and a tool for directing intention.

Staff in Witchcraft by Magickal Spot
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The origins of the staff

The use of staff in spiritual and magickal contexts dates back to ancient times.  

In ancient Egypt, a magickal staff was the scepter, a type of staff adorned with symbolic motifs that represented the authority of the pharaoh and was associated with divine power.

Similarly, in Celtic traditions, the druids wielded staffs as symbols of their wisdom and authority, using them in rituals and ceremonies to commune with nature and the spirits.

Across the world there were many mythologic and folkloristic traditions and the staff appears as a recurring motif, often wielded by gods, goddesses, and powerful beings.

In Norse mythology, Odin, the Allfather, is depicted with his spear, Gungnir, which functions as both a weapon and a staff symbolizing his sovereignty and knowledge.

In Hinduism, the god Shiva is depicted with a trident, known as a trishula, which represents his mastery over the three realms of existence.

The magick of a staff

In the practice of magick, the staff is imbued with specific energies and intentions, depending on its construction, materials, and symbols inscribed upon it.

Traditionally crafted from wood, such as oak, ash, or hawthorn, each type of wood is believed to possess unique magickal properties that enhance the efficacy of the staff.

For example, oak is associated with strength and endurance, while willow is linked to intuition and healing.

The staff may be adorned with crystals, gemstones, or symbols representing the elements, celestial bodies, or deities, further amplifying its magickal potency.

Crystals such as quartz, amethyst, or obsidian are commonly affixed to staffs for their ability to enhance energy flow and intention manifestation.

WoodWood is the most common material used for crafting staffs due to its natural connection to the earth and its symbolic significance in witchcraft. Different types of wood, such as oak, ash, or willow, may be chosen for their specific magical properties and associations.
CrystalsCrystals are often incorporated into staffs to enhance their magical properties and energies. Crystals such as quartz, amethyst, or obsidian may be mounted on the staff or embedded within its shaft to imbue it with specific healing, protective, or amplifying energies.
MetalsMetals such as bronze, copper, or silver may be used to adorn or embellish the staff, adding decorative elements and enhancing its magical potency. Metals may also be incorporated into the staff’s construction to provide strength, durability, and conductivity for energy work.
Table 2: Materials and Construction

Creating your own staff

One of the most interesting and playful aspects of the staff in magick is its personalization.

You can buy a magickal staff online, in esoteric store and more but, crafting your own staff is definitely the best way to work with a powerful tool and a tool that share a connection with you and your energy from the very first steps of your practice.

As you can choose the main material for the staff, add symbols and herbs, and even carve it with special messages, a homemade staff is absolutely a must for all witches.

How to use a staff?

In ritual magick, the staff serves as a versatile tool with many different uses.

Use and SymbolismDescription
Magical ToolStaffs are used as magical tools in witchcraft for directing energy, casting circles, invoking deities, and conducting rituals. They serve as a focal point for channeling magical energy and intention, amplifying the practitioner’s will and power.
Spiritual ConnectionStaffs symbolize the practitioner’s connection to the natural world, the elements, and the divine. They serve as a conduit for spiritual energy, grounding the practitioner and facilitating communion with nature, spirits, and higher realms of consciousness.
Personal EmpowermentHolding and working with a staff can evoke a sense of personal empowerment, strength, and mastery. Staffs symbolize authority, wisdom, and leadership, empowering the practitioner to navigate the challenges of life with courage, resilience, and spiritual guidance.
Table 3: Uses and Symbolism

Let’s see them in detail:

  • It can be used to cast circles, define sacred space, and invoke protective energies.
  • When charged with intention and consecrated through ritual, the staff becomes a powerful tool for spellcasting, divination, and meditation.
  • During spellcasting, the staff may be used to draw sigils, symbols, or patterns in the air.
  • It helps us to channel our will and intention.
  • It can also be used to direct energy, towards a specific target or into an object, such as a talisman or amulet, for cleansing, charging or consecration rituals.
  • In ceremonial magick, the staff often plays a central role in invoking and banishing rituals, to summon elemental forces.

Together with moves, gestures, and invocations, the staff becomes an extension of your consciousness, facilitating the manifestation of desired outcomes and goals we want to accomplish.


When it comes to magickal practices, the staff is a symbol of authority, wisdom, and spiritual empowerment. From its historical roots to its practical use in witchy practices, the staff is a potent tool to channel the energy, cast spell and do magick. 

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