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Mabon Tarot Spread: Embrace the Autumn Equinox Magic!

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Written by: Tina Caro

Mabon is a special time for us witches as it’s a time to focus more on our spirituality, and divination is our number one resource for doing it.

That’s why the Mabon tarot spread can be the right spread for us to honor this sabbat while doing some important foundational introspection work.


The Mabon tarot spread is a powerful tool to embrace the magic of the autumn equinox and gain insights into our desires and blessings.

To prepare for the reading, create a balanced and introspective atmosphere, honor the God and Goddess, and appreciate the fruits of your personal harvests.

Mabon tarot spread

Mabon tarot spread by tina caro magickal spot copyright
Mabon Tarot Spread, Copyright: Tina Caro

Mabon is the holiday linked to the second harvest, which falls exactly on the autumn equinox and therefore represents the exact balance between day and night, between light and dark… it is precisely on these themes that I built the scheme, and I admit that I had so much fun!

When I tried it, I was very proud because I immediately felt that it works… it is coherent, introspective, and also motivating!

With extremely interesting ideas to reflect on, this spread is perfect for you to learn what to get and what to expect but also in which area to work on to maximize results and live your best life.

The best part about it is that it is true introspection and it is a resource to find out more about who we really are and what’s potential we have that we should cultivate to manifest a better outcome.

mabon tarot spread questions by tina caro magickal spot copyright
Mabon Tarot Spread, Copyright: Tina Caro

How to prepare for your tarot spread?

The central theme of this party is to bring balance between opposites, just as the masculine and feminine elements need equal expression and respect.

During this special night, in which the hours of light and dark are equal, is the perfect occasion to honor the God and Goddess and spirit and matter in equal measure.

This is also the time to stop and reflect, relax and enjoy and appreciate the fruits of your personal harvests. It’s a time to finish off what’s left over while preparing for that time of year aimed at inwardness and introspection.

Mabon is considered the time of mysteries in which the elderly deities are honored, thanking them for their gifts and hoping for a return to abundance for the following years.

We can bring a bit of this magical atmosphere into our homes, for example, by burning incense such as myrrh and benzoin or by decorating our table or our altar with ears of wheat and vine or oak leaves, or with chestnuts, leaves, and typical autumn colors (everything is at your disposal in nature).

The typical decoration of this holiday is the cornucopia, or the horn of plenty filled with the fruits of the year.

Relaxation and meditation exercises, walks and excursions in the countryside to admire the beauty and greet Mother Earth as she prepares for the long winter rest are very suitable in this period.

Additional Tips

Create a sacred space for the readingPrepare a quiet and peaceful environment for the reading.
Light a candle to honor the seasonUse a candle to symbolize the warmth and light of Mabon.
Meditate on the themes of MabonConnect with the energies of the harvest and balance.
Focus on your intentions for the seasonClarify what you hope to achieve during this time.
Keep a journal of your readings and insightsRecord your readings and reflect on their meanings.

What is Mabon?

September brings with it a great moment of transition towards the “dark” period of the year.

The autumn equinox, or Mabon, as the ancient Celts called it, is a day that is halfway between the two solstices: it is, therefore, a time of balance in which light and dark are equal, and autumn begins.

Mabon (the great son) was a Welsh god, probably symbolizing a great and splendid leader of the time. Legend has it that he was kidnapped by his mother Modron when he was only three days old but was saved by King Arthur.

During this period, Mabon lives captive but happy in the magical world of Modron – her womb, thanks to which she can be reborn.

The light of Mabon was shown to the world, with strength and wisdom such that it transformed into a new seed. This holiday was formerly celebrated at the end of the most tiring period of the year when the harvest of the fruits of Mother Earth came to an end.

The symbolism of Mabon

The production cycle was concluded, and in nature, still today, everything is changing: the leaves begin to turn yellow, and everything is tinged with the warm and slightly melancholy colors of autumn, while the animals begin to stock up on supplies in anticipation of the cold months.

This is also the time for balance sheets: before us, we have everything we have sown during the year and what fruits we have reaped (for better or for worse…everything is perfect as it is).

The month of September was also the time when the Great Mysteries of Eleusis took place, which were based on the symbolism of the grain.

September was also dedicated to the harvesting of the grapes, to their pressing until the wine was closed in the dark of the barrels.

Very specific rituals accompanied the fermentation process of the grapes, as this symbolized the spiritual transformation that takes place in the dark, in silence, and in the basement of the soul.

This is, therefore, the time to turn our gaze inward: in the declining part of the wheel of the year, the journey into darkness and into the bowels of Mother Earth begins.

However, the word darkness is not seen in a negative sense but, on the contrary, represents the mystery and regeneration itself; that seed that also needs darkness and that will bear fruit in due course.


The Mabon tarot spread is a divination exercise for our intuition to unveil our most intimate desires while helping us become aware of the blessings around us.

Use it as a guide to show you the right way to live a more complete and more fulfilled life, and you will be ready to honor and celebrate Mabon in the best way possible.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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