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Lammas Tarot Spread: Harvesting Abundance in Your Life

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Written by: Tina Caro

Lammas is the first of the great Sabbats, celebrating the harvest (the others being Mabon and Samhain), especially focusing on the grain harvest.

During this special time of the year, introspection is a great way to gain insight into our lives and set our intentions for the last part of the year.

There are many ways to cultivate introspection, but divination is undoubtedly the best tool to explore our inner realm, understanding our past, present, and future.

What is Lammas?

This Sabbat is celebrated between July 31st and August 1st, and the idea of a harvest festival in late July might seem unusual.

The reason is simple: once upon a time, before the twentieth century, the harvest took place between July and August, and the harvesting of grain was a truly ritualistic affair.

Since there were no threshing machines, the grain was collected with the help of animals, creating a festive atmosphere in the farmyard.


The Lammas tarot spread is a wonderful way to celebrate the harvest season and gain insights into your life’s abundance and blessings.

To perform this spread, select cards that represent your current harvest (achievements), what you need to release (like the shedding of crops), and what you should nurture and grow in the coming months.

It’s a beautiful way to connect with the rhythms of nature and your own spiritual journey.

Lammas Tarot Spread

This Lammas spread is designed specifically for deep inner reflection, helping you recognize the fruits of your harvest and understand what areas still need work.

Lammas Tarot Spread. Copyright Tina Caro

Use this tarot spread as guidance to clear your mind and transform your life into what you want it to be.

These questions focus on becoming aware of the abundance in your life, acknowledging what you need to harvest so far, and identifying what is better to let go of in order to become stronger and more focused on what truly matters.

This spread will bring more clarity to your life, helping you see what you often take for granted in the rush of everyday life.

With this tarot spread, you will also receive a special message from Lammas, a message the cards have for you, providing guidance, motivation, and inspiration to embrace a happier and better life.

Lammas Tarot Spread. Copyright Tina Caro

How to Prepare for Your Tarot Spread?

Before working with tarot cards, there are a few steps you can take to make the most of your card reading:

  • Meditate on your questions.
  • Reflect on what is currently happening in your life.
  • Visualize your questions and connect with the energy of Lammas.
  • Optionally, you can chant a prayer for Lammas.

If you want to delve even deeper, consider creating an altar to further connect with the energies and blessings of Lammas.

While not mandatory, it can greatly enhance the energy of this time of year.

Now, let’s explore how to set up an altar for Lammas:

You can incorporate the colors associated with the Sun, such as yellow, orange, or red, and add some brown to symbolize the Earth, which enables the harvest.

Include small scythes and baskets on the altar to symbolize what is needed for the harvest. You might even place a small loaf of bread in one of the baskets.

Since wheat is the symbol of this harvest, you can adorn the altar with ears of corn. Additionally, incorporate fruits of the season, and perhaps a few cobs of corn and other cereals for variety.

The purpose of the Lammas ritual is to celebrate abundance. You can choose to use existing rituals as inspiration or create your own. Remember, everyone should follow their heart’s instincts.

To enhance abundance, you can utilize cinnamon (in powdered form or essential oil), which is known to attract wealth and business growth.

Cloves and chamomile can help remove obstacles to earnings that have been blocked, and benzoin, a fragrant incense, can attract new customers.

Once you’ve prepared for the tarot spread, sit in front of the altar, close your eyes, and engage in a short meditation. This will help prepare your mind to focus on the questions related to Lammas.

Other Options

Card PositionCard Meaning
1.What blessings have manifested in your life
2.What you need to gather and appreciate
3.What needs to be released to make room
4.Guidance for sharing your abundance
5.How to carry the harvest energy forward

Table: Lammas Tarot Spread #1 – Harvest Blessings

Card PositionCard Meaning
1.Current abundance in your life
2.Where abundance is growing
3.Potential blockages to abundance
4.Actions to enhance your abundance
5.Overall guidance for cultivating abundance
Table: Lammas Tarot Spread #2 – Abundance Check-In

Card PositionCard Meaning
1.What you’re grateful for in your life
2.What you’re holding onto that no longer serves you
3.How to release what’s no longer needed
4.The blessings that await after release
5.Guidance for maintaining gratitude
Table: Lammas Tarot Spread #3 – Gratitude and Release

The Symbolism of Lammas

The Sabbat of Lammas symbolizes both death and rebirth. It signifies the death of the ear that is cut but also the rebirth of the grain, transformed into bread. In many places, this holiday is celebrated as the “bread festival.”

In the realm of Paganism, particularly within Wicca, this pagan holiday celebrates the Sun God, the Lord of the harvest, who offers his life and sacrifices himself for the good of the Earth and its people.

It commemorates the mystery of how death allows life; in this case, the “death” of wheat allows the production of bread, sustaining people during the long winter months. Wheat is identified as one of the aspects of the Sun God.

Fun Fact: The name “Lammas” originates from a harvest festival celebrated by the Anglo-Saxons on the same days, called the “loaf-mass” (feast of loaves). On the other hand, “Lughnasad” is a Gaelic holiday that some Irish still celebrate today.

Lughnasad” means “August” in Gaelic, but it’s important to note that the month took its name from the holiday and not the other way around.

Additionally, on this day, the Celtic God Lugh (a master of all arts, from poetry to metallurgy, from the art of war to music) can also be celebrated, as the Lughnasad festival is dedicated to him.

Unfortunately, not much else is known about this feast, but one thing is certain: to celebrate Lammas, it would be wonderful to prepare a homemade loaf of bread.

The delightful aroma filling the kitchen can open the heart.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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