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Crystals Associated with Morrigan: Best Choices


Written by: Tina Caro

Morrigan is a powerful mysterious goddess able to help you connect with many of her blessings and ruling energies. Learn which are the best crystals associated with Morrigan to use them to bond with this deity in a faster and more effective way.


Crystals associated with Morrigan, the Celtic goddess of war and sovereignty, embody her fierce and transformative nature.

Commonly linked stones include black obsidian for protection, bloodstone for courage, smoky quartz for stability, and garnet for strength.

These crystals can aid in invoking Morrigan’s energy and support in matters of courage, protection, and empowerment.

Who is Morrigan?

Among all the goddesses that have populated the Celtic world over the centuries, Morrigan is perhaps the one who attracts and, at the same time, frightens the most.

She appears in myths as a raven, crow, or wolf, haunts battlefields collecting the souls of the dead, and is an omen of death for those who see her washing their weapons at the Ford before the war. Yet, the Goddess is not only this. She is also power, strength, life itself, sex, fertility, and passionate love.

Like nature, Ella has two faces: she can be a beautiful maiden who gives love and vitality, but she can also become the witch, who, conscious of her power, destroys to recreate. Morrigan represents the waning moon phase, the enchantress, the witch, and the sorceress.

She represents the beginning of autumn, the increase of darkness and has the ability to enchant. She has power and uses it to challenge men.

She represents war and destruction and initiates death, but this is never seen as the end so much as the necessary condition for crisis and, thus, for growth.

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Copyright: Tina Caro

Best Crystals for Honoring Morrigan

Red obsidian, Ruby, and Bloodstone are the best crystals to use for honoring Morrigan, being linked to destruction, war, and blood.

Red Obsidian

Its composition is similar to the one of weapons, making it pretty close to Morrigan and her energy. Besides that, this crystal helps provide us with vitality and strength in times of need.

That’s why. It acts as a good luck charm, being a stone that acts as a barrier to negativity of both things and people, it is a stone to be used as an activator of the first chakra (root chakra) and protective against negativity.

It is said to facilitate visions and dreams apt to reveal the right position to take in difficult areas of our lives, it is used to aid the inner reflection necessary to make real changes in unsatisfactory existential situations.

So this is a crystal linked to destruction but also to rebuilt and new beginnings.


Ruby can awaken passion, and not only sexual passion but also a passion for living in general, for experiencing and creating, prompts one to use excess sexual energy for spiritual purposes.

ruby crystal on a table by tina caro magickal spot

It helps to have realistic goals, useful when one feels inertia, when one has little imagination and few feelings or when imagination is creating dreams that are unattainable

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Bloodstone is the stone of courage and vitality, reduces stress on a mental and emotional level, indicated for those facing a period of hyperactivity, fatigue, and in extreme situations where one has abused the use of one’s strength.

Its properties help one adapt to new situations and avoid dangerous situations, induce caution, and allow one to remain calm. Its properties enable one to obtain those practical and material skills that are needed nowadays.

Spiritual warrior stone eliminates all uncertainty by giving courage and the ability to act even in situations that threaten one’s vital body strength because of the belief in a higher truth (dictated by the heart).

How to Use Crystals to Connect with Morrigan?

  • Red obsidian vibrates with the fire element and the earth element and can be used for spells related to luck and protection.
  • Ruby is indicated in rituals for protection from enemies, evil spirits, magical manipulation, and poverty, increasing psychic defense in Morrigan’s name.
  • Crafting a talisman from red obsidian specifically attuned to communication with Morrigan can be a powerful tool for connecting with this deity. Engraving or inscribing Morrigan’s symbols or sigils onto the red obsidian surface enhances its connection to her energy. This talisman can be used during meditation or rituals dedicated to Morrigan, facilitating clearer communication, guidance, and insights from her realm.
  • Creating a scrying mirror from red obsidian offers a unique means of divination and connecting with Morrigan’s wisdom. By consecrating the mirror through ritual and imbuing it with Morrigan’s presence, practitioners can use it as a portal to commune with her and receive prophetic visions or guidance. During scrying sessions, the reflective surface of the red obsidian mirror becomes a conduit for tapping into Morrigan’s mysteries, allowing seekers to gain deeper insights into their path and potential future events under her watchful gaze.
  • Placed under the pillow, it promotes sleep and keeps away nightmares.
  • Ruby can be used in spells related to sexuality, the fire element, joy, courage, and divination, to ward off sadness, fear and negative thoughts, and against poisoning (e.g., by heavy metals or intoxication).
  • Soldiers often wore Bloodstone to protect themselves from wounds and stop bleeding, in the Middle Ages, it was believed that the red stains were the drops of Christ’s blood that fell on green jaspers, it was used in cases of infection, inflammation and intoxication.
  • Tradition considers it a good stone for increasing clairvoyance, stimulating prophetic dreams, especially predictions of weather disasters, and has the power to make one invisible on an astral level.
  • Bloodstone has been used for centuries by magicians and soothsayers to strengthen potions against infection and inflammation and, as a powerful talisman capable of warding off negative influences, guarantees a good harvest in agriculture.


These crystals associated with Morrigan are the best tools for you to use to let this goddess know you want to connect with her respecting her story, working with her associated energy while channeling it all to live your best life.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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