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Crystals and Minerals

Crystals Associated with Brigid: Best Choices


Written by: Tina Caro

Brigid is one of the most iconic and important Celtic deities. Connecting with her can be so good for both your witchy and your mundane life. Doing it with crystals can be life-changing and extremely fun.


Crystals associated with Brigid, the Celtic goddess of hearth and inspiration, embody her nurturing and creative essence.

Commonly linked stones include sunstone for vitality, clear quartz for amplifying energy, citrine for abundance, and amethyst for spiritual clarity.

These crystals can aid in invoking Brigid’s energy and support in matters of inspiration, creativity, and nurturing.

Who is Brigid?

The goddess Brigid, among the Celtic deities, was the most important. She was called “the high, the bright,” and it is thought that hers was the name of all the goddesses of Ireland.

Brigid is the traditional patron saint of healers, poetry and blacksmiths, all of which are practical and inspired works of wisdom. Because she is a solar deity, her attributes are light, inspiration and all activities associated with fire.

Although she could not be identified with the physical sun, she is certainly the origin of inner healing and vital energy.

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Best Crystals for Honoring Brigid

Citrine, Fire Opal, Aventurine, and Hematite are the best crystals for honoring Brigid.


Connected to solar energy, the main energy associated with Brigid. This crystal gives joie de vivre and good humor, makes one extroverted, and is an exceptional tool for transforming negative energies into positive ones.

The properties of Citrine harmonize the mental body with higher spiritual laws by increasing contact with truth and divine intelligence.

citrine crystal on a table by tina caro magickal spot

Due to its ability to increase self-healing potential, it proves to be an excellent stone for regenerating, recharging, and defeating destructive tendencies, stimulating every aspect of life with an obvious increase in motivation and physical activity.

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Fire Opal

Fire Opal awakens inner fire and stimulates vital energy, personal power, willpower, passion, and creativity, which are strongly associated with Brigid and her energy.

The properties of Fire Opal are useful for phlegmatic people of weak character or those who cannot harmoniously experience passion and sexuality.

Encourages resourcefulness and the production of new ideas and initiatives, urges the individual to dare and take risks, helps in new beginnings by prompting action and ensuring quick thinking and the ability to make immediate decisions.

It allows one to look deeply at oneself and understand oneself in a better way; it is an excellent choice for those who are searching for their life’s purpose.


According to magical tradition, Hematite increases magical powers and gives you the power of invisibility, proving useful when you want to go unnoticed or when you want to conceal your presence during astral travel.

The magical properties of Hematite were known and used by the Egyptians, Babylonians and in the Middle Ages to heal any wound, both physical and emotional.

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It helps the outlet of blocked creativity, activates the imagination, and stimulates enthusiasm and inventiveness.

Aventurine can be helpful to people who aspire to the highest spirituality but cannot keep their attention on the spirit because their awareness is continually turned to pain or disharmony of the body.

aventurine crystal on a table by tina caro magickal spot

It helps the person understand what can make him or her happy, strengthening one’s individuality and ability to make decisions, an excellent stone for spiritual travelers and pioneers.

It is able to heal the various bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and ethereal), facilitating one’s centering and removal of fears and anxiety, providing a remarkable sense of protection and expansion of the third eye.

How to Use Crystals to Connect with Brigid?

  • A stone related to material aspects Citrine Quartz was considered since antiquity as a stone of abundance par excellence, it helps to make right decisions in business, work and finances, it promotes money increments and success, its high vibrations help to understand the universal laws of wealth
  • Keeping a Citrine Quartz in the cash register increases receipts, in the past it was often placed in the drawer or purse that held money to increase it and to prevent it from being stolen or even losing value, it was called the merchant’s stone because its properties were believed to help preserve and increase money if kept in the drawer or purse.
  •  According to tradition, Citrine gives dynamism, confidence, enthusiasm, job satisfaction, sociability
  • It helps to increase the power a person can put into magical rituals
  • Fire Opal is especially good for business, it attracts money and customers: load the stone next to a green candle and take it with you, it can be kept in a store to attract customers (after loading it with a suitable spell)
  • Fire Opal is associated with the element fire and Mars, in the past it was considered the stone of explorers and conquerors, to whom it ensured luck and success and helps avoid dangers
  • Green Adventurine brings well-being and reminds us of our innate right to the experience of the blessing of health, wealth and happiness; it is a good luck amulet, particularly in propitiatory rites of money and wealth, it is said to solicit a visit from the blindfolded goddess with special reference to money
  •  Native American used Green Adventurine to connect spirit guides with the healing light emanating from the heart: it is said that by placing an adventurine on the heart during contact with guides, each participant felt a wave of love pouring over him or her.
  • It can be used to purify and harmonize astral bodies, stimulate creativity, intelligence, luck, gambling winnings, money, psychic powers, stimulate perceptions of energies, balance yin-yang energies, against stress, stimulate sense of individuality and healing
  • You can use it in health spells: after performing a healing ritual leave it on the altar for it to be recharged with the energies of the magical ritual, then visualize the part of the body affected by the disease healing and wear it.
  • Hematite’s magical properties attract money and gambling winnings and keep misery and poverty away; it is an amulet stone for prosperity
  • You can use Hematite in spells to increase your courage, to achieve justice, promote grounding, increase your powers of divination, decrease stress, achieve your goals, turn negative energies into positive ones, send negative energies back to the sender, awaken your psychic powers, and increase your abilities in manual labor.


These crystals are incredibly powerful tools for you to use to honor Brigid, connect with her, and channel her energies all about healing, vitality, and creativity.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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