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Ruby: Associations, Spiritual & Magical Uses

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A ruby is a red gem formed of crystalline aluminum oxide called corundum with the presence of chromium which causes the red coloring.

Rubies are the third hardest mineral, after diamonds and moissanite. The name “ruby” comes from the Latin word ruber, meaning red.

Rubies are very closely related to sapphires. Those rubies that do not meet the US minimum color saturation requirements for rubies may be referred to as pink sapphires.

The ruby was once the most valued of all precious stones. One of the Sanskrit names for ruby is ratnaraj, meaning “King of Precious stones”. Rubies have also been called the “Tears of Buddha”.

Historically, the finest rubies come from Burma but they are found throughout Asia and the Middle East.


Ruby is a lucky gift for a 15th or 40th anniversary.

Spiritual and Magical Uses

A ruby set in a ring, brooch or bracelet and worn on the left side of the body is said to ensure the owner has peaceful relations with others, to prevent his property from being wrongly taken from him and to protect his property from damage due to bad weather.

As a general talisman, it is said to increase health, wealth, energy, courage, leadership and influence over others, to protect from poison and snake bite, improve sleep, drive away nightmares, and to ward off evil spirits and depression. Worn close to the heart, rubies are said to attract love.

However, according to one custom, women who wear rubies too often are in danger of seeing their own physical beauty fade.

To confer true invulnerability (it is said) one must insert a ruby into one’s body somewhere. It is not recommended that you test this theory.


Rubies can be used in healing to improve circulation and to help heal peptic ulcer, rheumatism and gout as well to treat fevers. For those with chronic ulcers, rheumatism and gout, a ruby set in gold and worn on the ring finger will help with treatment.

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