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Choosing The Candle Color for Friday (Tips)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Using the right candle color for specific days of the week can be highly beneficial to connect with its energy and cast spells, perform rituals, and more. Today I want to tell you more about which candle color is good for Friday and how to use it.


Selecting a candle color for Friday involves aligning with the day’s unique planetary influence and desired energies.

Friday is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, making pink and green popular choices.

Pink is often used to attract love and foster emotional healing, while green is ideal for prosperity, fertility, and nurturing relationships.

These colors, when used in Friday rituals, can help harness Venus’s energies to enhance personal relationships, attract abundance, and promote a sense of beauty and balance in one’s life.

Which candle color should you light on Friday?

The candle you should light on Friday is pink, perfectly suitable for the energy around this day and its ruling planet: Venus.

Why is it perfect for this day?

The color pink in the West is associated with feelings of calm, tenderness, sweetness, and romance. It is the color of love and the undisputed symbol of youth and innocence. It is used above all for the clothing and accessories of little girls, even if it was not considered a prerogative of the fair sex until a few decades ago.

To newborn boys, this color was attributed as a union of red (symbol of strength) and white (purity, spirituality of soul). All the girls, on the other hand, were generally assigned all the girls color blue, because blue was the color of the Virgin’s veil.

Choosing The Candle Color for Friday by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

In our tradition, since the Middle Ages, it has been associated with the idea of childhood, with a delicate and innocent world precisely because the spiritual influence of white softens its chromatism.

Pink is often recognized as the symbol of the ability to love and be loved, live feelings with passion, and not be afraid of tenderness.

It is one of the colors that over time has changed its meaning several times, going from being a symbol of virility to the queen shade of the female universe.

In other cultures, very different from ours, pink is not so closely related to women. In Japan, for example, it is combined with the idea of masculinity because cherry blossoms (pink) remind us of young warriors who died in battle. On the other hand, China did not even know this shade until the advent of the first trade exchanges with the West, so much so that the name “pink” in Chinese translates as “foreign color”.

Pink is generally associated with the female world because it evokes in us the characteristics of sensitivity, sweetness, tenderness, and care that we usually attribute to women. According to popular tradition, since the latter manifest their emotions more clearly and spontaneously than males, the color has naturally been traced back to women. This tenuous color seems to bring out repressed feelings more easily because it stimulates abandonment and listening.

It brings out our sweet and delicate side and is considered an extremely relaxing color. In recent decades this dye has been the prerogative of female infancy does not mean that it cannot be used by anyone who is fascinated by it.

It leads to opening up to love, in all its forms. Those who use it are more predisposed to listening, welcoming, and understanding others.

Its presence favors the aggregation of people and allows for fluid reciprocal exchange. For people who suffer from loneliness, pink is an allied color because it allows you to see the world from a new perspective and remove feeling alone.

Those who love this color are a person who cares about the well-being of others, who loves to take care of them, and who always uses sweetness to approach the world.

The purity of white meets the fire of red, giving rise to pink that embodies the thrust towards the outside but always with delicacy, sensitivity, and common sense. It mitigates anger and aggression, curbs the primary instincts and the desire to take revenge for a wrong suffered.

The color leads to reflection before acting, helping the person to see reality with the heart.

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How to use it?

You can use this candle color in many different ways like:

Candle rituals for friday

Love Attraction SpellA spell using a pink or red candle to attract love and enhance romantic connections.
Self-Love and Healing RitualA ritual using a pink or white candle to promote self-love, heal emotional wounds, and cultivate inner harmony.
Relationship Harmony SpellA spell using a green or blue candle to bring harmony and balance to a romantic relationship or friendship.
Beauty and Confidence RitualA ritual using a pink or green candle to enhance personal beauty, boost confidence, and radiate inner and outer charm.

Other magickal tools that you could also use on this day

Among the other magickal tools that you could also use on this day we have:

A rune: Ehwaz

Ehwaz rune is the one channeling the energy of this day of the week to perfection! Use it in your practice to enhance the powerful feminine energy around you or as a way to honor this day.

A love sigil

You can create a custom sigil for love, beauty, or any other type of energy linked to Friday you would like to enhance. The affirmations to get started with are: I LOVE / I AM BEAUTIFUL / I EMBRACE MY FEMININE ENERGY. You can use this sigil to enhance the energy of this day when casting a spell or simply as a talisman to make something happen.

5 Examples of a Beauty Sigil [+DIY Guide]

A tarot card: The Empress

The Empress tarot card is the tarot card that represents Friday’s energy at its best. Bring it with you to empower the feminine energy within!

A crystal: Pink quartz

Of all the pink stones, it is certainly the best known. It is often considered the stone of fertility and love.

It helps you to cope with the big changes in life better and embrace pure love. It promotes the love of beauty and is often considered the stone of artists.

Other candle colors for Friday

Candle ColorSymbolism and Meanings
PinkLove, romance, emotional healing, harmony, friendship
RedPassion, desire, attraction, courage, strength, vitality
GreenAbundance, fertility, growth, harmony in relationships, healing
WhitePurity, peace, spirituality, protection, divine connection
BlueCommunication, harmony in relationships, intuition, spiritual guidance
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