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Choosing The Candle Color for Saturday (Tips)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Honoring and connecting with a specific day of the week is very helpful for our witchy practice. There is nothing better than knowing what’s the best candle color for that day!

In this article, I will tell you which candle color is good for Sunday and share some tips and tricks about how to use it!


When selecting a candle color for Saturday in magical practices, it’s important to consider the day’s planetary association and the energies you wish to invoke.

Saturday is ruled by Saturn, known for its influence on discipline, structure, and protection.

Black is a popular choice for its association with Saturn’s grounding and protective energies, often used for banishing negativity or setting boundaries.

Alternatively, dark purple or indigo can be chosen to tap into Saturn’s connection with spiritual wisdom and deep reflection. These colors are used in Saturday rituals to foster discipline, protection, and introspection.

Which candle color should you light on Saturday?

The best candle color for you to light on Saturday is black.

Why is it perfect for this day?

A black candle is perfect for this day as it’s the color associated with Saturn, its ruling planet.

The black color represents the closure. The absolute opposite of the white color represents the light.

Precisely in the evening, with the falling of darkness, this color finds its expression and its recognition. It is considered a symbol of closure, an end, beyond which nothing is left.

Closure does not always have a negative value. Indeed, it represents the point of no return and the opening towards something new and unexplored.

We always have two possibilities in front of what happens to us: react positively and grasp the practical teaching from experience or choose to see the negative side and consider closure as lost forever.

It has always represented a sacred color for pagan peoples because the whole is from the absence of light and absolute emptiness. The primordial darkness that represented Chaos (i.e. the absence of everything) obtains what was desired and thus arrives at the emergence of light.

This thought confirms how much we can interpret what happens to us and give it meaning, choosing to grasp the positive and constructive meaning, not the destructive one.

Choosing The Candle Color for Saturday by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

In the void, in the absence of everything, there is inherent the potential of creation itself, of the product of every desire, form, substance. Going through the color black means losing everything and opening up to the possibility that the new can arrive.

Behind every end, behind every closure, there is a new rebirth. It is up to us to open the eyes of the heart and know how to grasp it.

The color black is associated with death and mystery, no longer seen as a fascinating kingdom to be explored but as a scary place full of pitfalls. In the West, this view of all that is dark prevails. Many people are afraid of the dark. They believe that only in the dark, terrible and out-of-the-ordinary things can happen. The dark color is also associated with the devil and all that this figure represents.

If it is true that in chromotherapy, black is the absence of light, therefore it can be assimilated to emptiness and mystery, on the other hand, we must remember that in the darkness it is possible to find the origin of everything, the primordial darkness, the chaos is not more understood as evil but as a substance that can be shaped to give life to everything we want.

This vision of black as a symbol of chaos that can contain all imaginable and unimaginable possibilities thrills me a lot.

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How to use it?

You can use this candle color for:

  • Spellcasting for chaos and when performing chaos magic rituals
  • Honoring Saturday and its energy
  • To chant a prayer for Saturday
  • To connect with Saturn and Hecate, the planet and the goddess linked to this day
  • To meditate about chaos and the void energy

Other magical tools that you could also use on this day

A rune: Thurisaz

Thurisaz rune is just great to help you connect with this day’s powerful and chaotic energy. Keep it with you as a reminder to accept the flow of the chaos around you.

A sigil

You can create a custom chaos sigil. You can work on an affirmation like: I EMBRACE CHAOS.

A tarot card: Death

The Death card is the most representative tarot card for you to use on this day. It can help you embrace the chaos around change and help you accept it as a foundation for new beginnings.

Any black crystal, such as Obsidian and Hematite

The ancient matriarchal cults valued these minerals because they contained the mystery of the universe and the energies that govern it.

According to a wonderful legend, all of creation came to life from the explosion of a tiny black onyx. Therefore, each BLACK crystal could potentially contain entire universes. Another legend has it that, always in the onyx, the divinities sleep. In short, black stones work like a sponge.

They absorb negative energies, filter them and release protection and positivity. They help remove energy blockages.

These energies are then radiated onto the physical plane. They also refer to the alchemical secret, the one according to which matter is nothing but materialized energy.

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