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Upright and Reversed Ehwaz: Different Meanings & Energies

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Written by: Tina Caro

Does the Ehwaz rune keep showing up in your rune readings or has this symbol just caught up your attention? This is the right article for you to learn all you need to know about this rune, its power, its history, and its magic.


In runic divination, the Ehwaz (Eoh) rune conveys distinct meanings and energies based on whether it appears in an upright or reversed position.

Upright Ehwaz symbolizes partnership, emphasizing harmonious relationships, teamwork, and the idea of individuals coming together to achieve shared goals. It represents steady progress and forward movement, indicating that cooperation with others can lead to a smoother journey toward success. Trust and reliability within partnerships are also highlighted, encouraging individuals to depend on one another.

Reversed Ehwaz suggests potential obstacles or conflicts within partnerships, signifying a lack of cooperation or difficulties in working together effectively. It may symbolize hindered progress and advises addressing challenges and conflicts within relationships. Additionally, reversed Ehwaz points to issues related to trust and reliability, prompting individuals to reevaluate their partnerships and work on rebuilding trust where needed.

Interpretations of Ehwaz consider its orientation and context, guiding individuals toward fostering cooperation and addressing partnership challenges.

What does the Ehwaz rune mean?

The Ehwaz rune means progress. This rune advises, in the light of a series of acquired certainties, to work for the future with fervor and with the utmost confidence. Be dynamic. Immobility is synonymous with regression. Pay attention as much as possible to changing circumstances, look for companions who share your way of thinking.

Like the rider who makes an alliance with his horse, together you will have to overcome all the obstacles that prevent the growth of what you have undertaken.

Custom Ehwaz rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Ehwaz rune.

Be careful not to get attached to someone’s chariot, as you are called to fill the role of the one who carries the weights.

It is important not to confuse this rune with Raidho or Raido. The latter symbolizes the journey in search of fame and new adventures, a journey on Earth, horizontally, the Hero’s Journey to defeat dragons and enemies.

Raidho prepares Ehwaz for the shamanic journey between worlds.

Ehwaz is the magic horse, he is Sleipnir with hideous legs, Odin’s companion, capable of transporting us between worlds, he unites earth and sky, an archetype of psychic travel, of strength and power.

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It is a horse that has merged with the identity of the rider so that they are one; for this reason, Ehwaz is the rune of the union, of the relationship—yet different from Gebo (association, union, and collaboration) as it implies a total fusion, symbiotic, a merging and an immersion in order to perceive each other.

In the glyph of this rune, we can see two Laguz runes, one in front of the other, or two horses, muzzle against muzzle: feeling, empathy, emotion, love, sentiment.

Ehwaz is the union of the masculine and the feminine, of the God and the Goddess, the tantric union. The horse and this rune are symbols of marital fidelity and the word given.

The horse has always played a very important role in the life of men, since ancient times, helping him in work, travel, conquest, and war. They were so highly regarded that rider and horse were buried next to each other.

This animal has a double aspect; it can be bright and sunny, with a snow-white coat, equipped with wings to be able to fly to other worlds and to the celestial Gods, but it can also be a lunar and dark animal, with a black coat like the night, a means of transport for the souls of the dead.

The horse with mystical powers is a symbol of strength, youth, and sexual power.

In Norse mythology, the chariot of the sun, of the goddess Sol, is pulled by the two horses: Alswidr, the one who runs fast, and Arwakr, the one who fades early, while the lunar chariot is pulled by Alsvider, led by the god Mani.

Wolves pursuing Sol and Mani

Odin, riding his horse Sleipnir, has the responsibility of psychopomp, guide of souls, who together with the Valkyries helps the souls of brave warriors to reach Valhalla.

The extraction of this rune symbolizes stability, progress in proceeding, establishment, fidelity, the evolution in a relationship that is destined to last and grow by also questioning itself. In love, couple relationships are becoming very fortuitous and lasting, more stable, and it is possible to prepare good and evil without being blocked by fear and anxiety.

Ehwaz is also the union between masculine and feminine within us, at the level of energies that balance and complement each other.

In the field of work, we are experiencing a very important moment of transition, so it is necessary to adapt to the circumstances and to live what is required of us as a new adventure.


Ehwaz meaning if upright

Ehwaz heralds transformations and changes. There will be news and people will turn out to have a key role or will emerge from a crisis stronger, with new and more vital perspectives, and will become part of their lives.

PartnershipUpright Ehwaz represents the energy of partnership, teamwork, and cooperation. It signifies harmonious relationships, mutual support, and shared goals.
MovementThis rune symbolizes progress, forward momentum, and the ability to overcome obstacles. It encourages taking action, embracing change, and embracing the journey towards personal growth.
TrustUpright Ehwaz signifies trust and reliability. It encourages building trust in relationships, relying on others, and fostering a sense of security and stability.
BalanceThis rune represents the need for balance and equilibrium in all areas of life. It reminds us to find a harmonious blend between work and personal life, responsibilities and self-care.
Table 1: Upright Ehwaz Meanings

Ehwaz remembers that you need to be understanding of yourself and your mistakes, and proud of your successes.

You have to let yourself be guided by optimism and faith in your personal growth. The goal must be to mature and improve, only in this way will you be ever closer to happiness.

Ehwaz meaning if reversed

It is possible that you feel the sensation of being at a dead-end: it seems that you can no longer proceed in any direction.

DisharmonyReversed Ehwaz indicates disharmony or conflicts within partnerships or relationships. It may suggest the need for communication, resolution of disagreements, or reevaluation of partnerships.
StagnationThis rune in the reversed position can signify a lack of progress or movement. It may indicate feeling stuck or stagnant in one’s personal or professional life, highlighting the need for change and new approaches.
UnreliableReversed Ehwaz suggests issues with trust or unreliability. It could indicate broken promises, lack of support, or feeling let down by others. It encourages caution and discernment in forming new partnerships.
ImbalanceThis rune reversed can represent an imbalance in various aspects of life, such as work-life balance, energy distribution, or uneven partnerships. It calls for adjustments and finding equilibrium.
Table 2: Reversed Ehwaz Meanings

In this case, Ehwaz recommends considering the hypothesis of changing the orientation of one’s profession or studies or trying to meet people from different backgrounds who provide new ideas and stimuli.

Ehwaz rune reversed by MagickalSpot
Ehwaz rune reversed

It may also be that you have set goals that are too difficult to reach; in this case, you have to admit your limits and be more realistic when setting a goal.

Ultimately, this is the time to introduce novelties and changes in the present and plan a future more suited to your ideals.

Ehwaz meaning in love, work, and health

Love: if the opportunity arises for a new relationship, Ehwaz advises you to be cautious and take a period of reflection. We must not be hasty with feelings, both of ourselves and of others, and we must avoid causing unnecessary suffering.

Work: you are in a moment of transition that can cause a feeling of insecurity. Ehwaz recommends being open and receptive to new things and adapting to circumstances to make as much profit as possible.

Health: the rune recommends taking care to prevent your health from being affected by this unstable situation. You need to get enough rest and eat a balanced diet.

How to work with the energy of the Ehwaz rune?

  • If you are going to cast a job spell, this rune is a great addition.
  • To reignite the spark with your partner, this rune is a powerful tool. Give it away as a gift or wear it while spending time with your significant other.

The special message from Ehwaz rune to you

  • Activate the energies of your inner self
  • Ability to detect deception and discover thin tails
  • Facilitates speed in every respect
  • Establish trust and bonds with animals (e.g. horse whispers)
Ehwaz rune from my collection

Ehwaz rune magical uses

  • Helps changes and transformations in relationships
  • Promotes love and conjugal fidelity
  • Facilitates relationships at work and in business
  • Protects on the move
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