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Discover Wormwood Magical Properties [DIY]

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Written by: Tina Caro

We know it as an ingredient of some of the strongest drinks, but wormwood has so much more to offer. Especially for us witches! Let’s learn more about Wormwood Magical Properties!


Wormwood, a bitter herb known scientifically as Artemisia absinthium, has been used for centuries in magical and esoteric practices.

Its magical uses range from enhancing psychic abilities to protecting against negative energies, making it a versatile tool for practitioners.

Wormwood corresponds with the element of fire and the planet Mars, making it ideal for rituals related to strength, courage, and protection.

Best practices for working with wormwood include drying and bundling the herb, crafting protective amulets, and brewing potent teas or infusions.

What is Wormwood?

Popularly known as The Witches Plant, has both medicinal and esoteric uses.

In Greece, it was considered the plant of immortality. Apuleius used it against the evil eye and to drive away devils.

Famous Apuleius

In the Middle Ages, it was thrown in the direction of the four cardinal points on the night of San Giovanni to protect them from spirits and witches.

Legend says…

A very popular legend about wormwood tells us that if we dared to burn it in a cemetery, the result would be a parade of the walking dead.

Since the legend says that if this happens, the dead would walk out of their graves and begin to talk, what would they tell us?

You can now prepare your bowl of wormwood leaves if you need to get an answer and you’re prepared to listen to it.


Wormwood Magical and Esoteric Uses

  1. Wormwood is a magical plant used in the Wicca religion to purify any negative energy.Its bitter taste makes it a very characteristic herb since its compounds can be lethal if consumed excessively.

    However, consumed in small doses, it can become the solution for your problem.

  2. The evil this plant cleanses are the exhaustion of living, the stress generated by extreme tiredness, the bitterness, and the imaginary guilt that certain people tend to impose on themselves.
  3. It is an herb that connects us with the soul of loved ones who has already left Earth.
  4. In turn, it has medicinal effects, since it increases appetite and can also eliminate parasites from your body.

Magical Uses of Wormwood

As we said, wormwood can be used to achieve certain magical effects that will improve our lives.

  • We can stimulate and increase the psychic powers by burning it as if it were incense. This makes it the best option to use before making a Tarot reading since we will be much clearer mentally thanks to the activation of perception.
  • If we place it under the bed on a twig and tie the name of the loved one with a bow, then we will be attracting that person to our life.

    If we choose this practice, we must bear in mind that, according to Wicca, we should not manipulate the will of another person, so perhaps we could choose to simply write the word “love” on paper, which we would be attracting true love, whatever his/her name is.

  • When a session of spiritualism is carried out, whatever the method was chosen for this purpose, it is mixed with sandalwood, and the invocation proceeds, thus obtaining a much more marked and safe result.
  • It is magically a “step” herb for spirits; that is, it helps to remove and/or call them.

    It is essential to burn it with some spell or ritual, since leaving it to act alone will facilitate the presence of spirits whether they are light or dark, so it is better to make a call and an exile. It is crucial to keep in mind that using it in excess can bring confusing and complex visions.

  • It is said that using it while traveling will protect people from an accident.
  • Burning it in a pantheon will attract the manifestation of the dead.
  • Burning it before any ritual favors the presence of entities during it.
  • It is known that if drunk as an infusion or if smoked, this plant induces an altered state of consciousness – for this reason, it has been nicknamed “Witch’s herb.”The infusion can be used as a magic detergent to enchant pendulums, crystal balls, and magic mirrors before divination.
  • The Indians burned it during their ceremonies as it has the power to purify and exorcise.
  • A wormwood amulet neutralizes any harmful influence.It is prepared by taking a branch full of leaves and wrapping it in a sheet of transparent paper. You can keep it at home or carry it on yourself.
  • If placed under the pillow, in a blue bag, it favors premonitory dreams.

Correspondences of Wormwood

CorrespondenceSymbolic Representation
PlanetMars, Mercury
Zodiac SignAries, Gemini, Virgo
Magical PropertiesProtection, divination, psychic abilities
ColorsGreen, gray
CrystalsAmethyst, obsidian
HerbsMugwort, lavender, sage
Moon PhaseFull Moon

Best Practices

In ancient times the tonic (drinkable liquid) of wormwood was known as The Green Fairy or the Green Devil. It was originally a wormwood syrup to lower fever.

However, it were the witches in ancient times who knew the power of wormwood to open the doors to other worlds, visions of the future, communication with the elements of nature.

Great artists were inspired and created great works with wormwood.

Wormwood For Luck

  • Place a wormwood leaf on each shoe when you need to attract luck before doing some business, contract, or craft.
  • Place three leafs under the mattress at the bottom of the bed, to attract benefits while sleeping.
  • Burn a leaf then collect the ashes and tie them to a coin. This will attract a great fortune, but it must be done during the nights of New Moon.
  • Burn lavender oil and wormwood during Tuesday nights. That will bring luck, happiness, and great abundance to your home.
  • If you hang seven pinches of wormwood at the entrance of your house, you will attract plenty of wealth.

Wormwood For Love

  • Place a handkerchief with a bouquet of dried wormwood in the underwear drawer.Leave it for seven days. After seven days burn a red candle at midnight next to a black garment. You will actualize the power of attraction.
  • The witches say that placing a bandage on the forehead with seven wormwood leaves on a Sunday afternoon lying in a meadow will reveal images of love, betrayals, deception or congratulations.However, you must be careful because not all images will be positive.
  • The witches or oracles use wormwood oil to have higher clairvoyance.
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