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Do Voodoo Dolls Work for Love Magick? [My Experience]

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Written by: Tina Caro

I often get asked, do voodoo dolls work for love spells? Can they be used to create the love life we’ve always wanted? Aren’t they a tool to destroy our enemy and harm someone? Actually, there is so much more to learn about voodoo dolls and I’m going to clarify everything in this article.

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What’s a Voodoo Doll?

The doll is considered an indispensable tool in voodoo black magic rituals because it represents the spirit of the person to be enchanted or cursed. The voodoo doll called a dagida or mind doll, must be handmade with a mixture of wax, unfertilized eggs, and pieces of velvet.

My own voodoo doll
My own voodoo doll.

An object is placed inside the doll that has been in intimate contact with the person to be bewitched or parts from the victim’s body, such as drops of blood, hair, pieces of nails or saliva.

In the love rituals, the dagida is caressed and kissed by the charmer, while for the hate ones it is immersed in a bowl containing lemon juice, vinegar or any other corrosive, or it is melted in the heat of a flame or pricked with the famous pins.

There are 3 types of needles used to prick the doll.

  • White needles are to do good for the person, for example, if someone has permanent back pain, we stick the needle behind the doll.
  • Red needles bring pain wherever you stick them.
  • Black needles also called cursed needles, when stuck in the doll, bring pain and bad luck to the unfortunate person.

In the ritual, the charmer (or sorcerer/sorceress) addresses powerful positive or negative vibrations towards the victim, repeating ancient magic phrases, the monotonous repetition of the formula combined with the possession of an object belonging to the victim, increases the certainty of being able to cause evil or to obsess the victim.

In both cases, the dagida, after the ritual is hidden in a secret place and covered with a red sheet if it is love magic, black if it is for hate, until the next rite.

The meaning of the voodoo doll is to get in touch with deities called ‘Loa’, and is partly derived from the Orisha belonging to Yoruba tradition, to ask them specific requests. The dagida depicts the target affected by magic rituals, so it is only an icon presented to one’s God for him to target or protect him.

Haitian mambos
Haitian Mambos

The occult practices that use voodoo dolls are the result of cultural beliefs dating back several centuries. Voodoo, is an African American religion with marked esoteric characters and NOT a real esoteric current. It mixes elements from African animism with notions drawn from Catholicism.


It follows that Voodoo was not born as a magical practice but as a religious creed, which has been, over the years, surrounded by legends of all kinds that have fueled its mystery and fear in approaching it.

We must not think that the voodoo dolls are only those rag figures with the pins inside, but they are in fact, a bit like the crucifix for Catholics, a symbol and an icon by which they turn to their God to address their prayers and ask for concessions. That’s why voodoo dolls are amazing for many different magical goals.

Do voodoo dolls work for love?

Yes. Voodoo dolls are perfect for making love rituals because they are an excellent tool to channel the necessary energy, to ensure the vision we have and to direct magic towards specific people and situations.

Personally, I have used voodoo a few times for love purposes. Once to tie a person to me and another to separate my father from an old partner. These procedures were obviously completely different.

To tie up a person

To tie a person to me, I made two voodoo dolls with my features and those of the person I intended to tie to me and joined them with a red thread while reciting a magic formula that I had personally made.

To divide two people

To divide two people with Voodoo, I used a more complex procedure. I made the two dolls that were attached to each other, after which I put pins between them to create a barrier.

After reciting sentences to divide the two people, I passed the tip of some scissors through the flame of a black candle and reciting the formula, I cut between the two dolls to separate them.

Then you will separate the 2 dolls in two completely different positions, distant kilometers/miles.

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Final thoughts

This has been my experience with voodoo dolls. Hopefully this information is useful for understanding how voodoo is not only hurting others but can be used for different purposes and to achieve different visions, both positive and negative in an effective and powerful way.

If you want to know how to make a voodoo doll, I have a guide specifically dedicated to this ritual to be able to approach the magical voodoo world in a simple and fun way.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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