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What do you do with a Four-Leaf Clover if you find it?

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Written by: Tina Caro

When you find a four-leaf clover, it is one of those exciting experiences that give you an adrenaline rush, feelings of happiness, and a bit of mystery, as this little treasure is rich in meaning and symbolism. However, what do you do with a four-leaf clover once you find it?

Let’s investigate it in this article so you know the best way to use it properly.


Four-leaf clovers have been considered symbols of luck for centuries, and finding one can bring positive fortune into your life.

Carrying a four-leaf clover as an amulet can shield you from negative energies and ward off evil spirits, making it a powerful protective talisman.

Giving a four-leaf clover as a gift symbolizes the wish for luck and prosperity in the recipient’s life, making it a thoughtful and meaningful present.

Four-leaf clovers hold a special place in various magical practices, and they can be incorporated into spells and rituals to enhance their potency and effectiveness.

What is a four-leaf clover?

The clover is a small plant commonly found in meadows, it is formed by a stem with three rounded leaves at the top, usually of equal size, and sometimes it is a stem with four or more leaves, born from this plant. This is a strange anomaly, which generates what we all know as a four-leaf clover.

four leaf clover

Due to its rarity and difficulty in finding one, the four-leaf clover has become something magical, mystical and many consider it, a lucky charm. It is not known what the cause that determines the formation of the extra leaflets, which are usually smaller than the three main ones is.

Symbolic MeaningDescription
Good LuckFour-leaf clovers are considered symbols of good luck and fortune in many cultures and belief systems.
SerendipityFinding a four-leaf clover is often associated with serendipitous moments, unexpected blessings, or fate.
ProtectionSome believe that carrying or possessing a four-leaf clover can offer protection against negative energies.
Wishes and DreamsIt is often believed that a wish made upon a four-leaf clover has a higher chance of coming true.
Rarity and Unique FindFour-leaf clovers are rare, making them special and unique finds, which adds to their symbolic value.
Table 1: Symbolic Meanings of a Four-Leaf Clover

Some speak of soil composition, others of genetics, but they are difficult to find, and only those lucky enough succeed.

What to do with a four-leaf clover if you find one?

Use it as an amulet

If you need some luck in your life, you can keep it with you as an amulet. The best way to keep them is to spread them between the pages of a book and let them dry. You can also put it in a little plastic bag to prevent it from damaging, this is a great way to carry it with you wherever you go, to maximize its positive energy.

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Keep nightmares away

If you are having trouble sleeping or have nightmares, you can place it under your pillow to make sleep peaceful, relaxing, and full of beautiful dreams.

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You can give it away as a gift

If someone you know is struggling to find their way toward their dream life, maybe they are experiencing bad luck, depression, or sadness, you can give the four-leaf clover to them. Its properties and symbolism, together with the positive energy coming from you, it is the perfect mix to bring good luck and happiness to a loved one.

To give it away, place it in a small plastic sleeve.

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Do some magick

You can use a four-leaf clover to cast an easy spell, to seal an important business deal, to pass a difficult exam, to succeed in something very dear to your heart. Look for a four-leaf clover on a day of your choice on a Saturday and Sunday and put it among the pages of a book, that is dear to you, the end of which will be positive.

The following week cover the four-leaf clover with honey and poppy seeds and keep it in your purse or wallet, until you feel you have achieved your goal, then release it in a meadow.

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Ancient beliefs

Growing up in Sardinia, my grandpa once told me that in his hometown there were numerous stories related to this plant, which in dialect is called Alba Lùccia, or shining grass, it is said that those who manage to find one could solve any problem, especially of an economic nature.

Celtic MythologyIn Celtic folklore, finding a four-leaf clover is associated with the ability to see fairies and good luck.
Christian SymbolismSome Christian traditions associate the four leaves of a clover with faith, hope, love, and luck.
Irish LuckIreland is particularly known for its association with four-leaf clovers and their luck-bringing powers.
Children’s TalesFour-leaf clovers often appear in children’s stories as symbols of magical adventures and good fortune.
Sports and CompetitionsFinding a four-leaf clover is sometimes considered lucky in sports and competitions, bringing success.
Table 2: Folklore and Legends

It is also said, that an Alba Lùccia found before sunrise, on the morning of the feast of Saint John, should be packaged in amulets and be worn around the neck, and this will make you not fear anything. When they find a four-leaf clover, some must eat one leaf, hide another in a hole in the external wall of their house, and keep the last two leaves inside the house, to bring luck for themselves and their families.

saint john the baptist
St. John the Baptist

Other Sardinian stories tell us how to find four-leaf clovers, by observing the behavior of goats on Easter morning, if before the sunrise a young goat, who has never had kids, kneels to graze, it means that they have found a four-leaf clover to graze on.

As early as 1620 A.D. druids talked about four-leaf clovers and their ability to bring luck and keep evil spirits away.

We can go even further with the legends linked to these leaves, it is said that Eve took a four-leaf clover away from the Garden of Eden, to take luck from the world in which she had been exiled.

Some believe that each leaf of the four-leaf clover has a particular meaning:

The first represents hope
The second represents faith
The third represents love
The fourth represents luck

In Ireland, the clover is the national symbol and is called a shamrock, a name derived from the Irish Gaelic seamróg, which means young clover or small clover.


Around the fifth century, Saint Patrick used clover to explain to the Irish the Catholic mystery of the Trinity, and some say that the fourth leaf, when present, may indicate either the grace of God, or man/humanity.

Although the reason why clover is so important and has become a symbol of fertility, abundance, stability, fruitfulness, is because it was for a long time the most abundant livelihood for livestock on Irish soil, also the four-leaf clover being a lucky charm, contains four different characteristics in each of its four leaves.

Respect, Abundance, Love, and Health. Finally, you can read in books of dream interpretation that if someone dreams of a four-leaf clover, it indicates growth, financial gain, success, good health, and fulfillment.

Pressing and PreservingMany people press and preserve four-leaf clovers as keepsakes or for decorative purposes.
Carrying for LuckSome individuals carry a four-leaf clover in their wallet, pocket, or purse as a good luck charm.
Giving as a GiftFour-leaf clovers can be given as gifts to share good luck and blessings with others.
Planting in the GardenPlanting a four-leaf clover in your garden is believed to bring luck and prosperity to the home.
Sharing with Loved OnesSharing a found four-leaf clover with loved ones is believed to spread good luck and positive energy.
Table 3: Traditions and Superstitions

Now that we know the positive notes of this small seedling, go and look in a meadow and start looking for one, even if you don’t find one, you were still lucky enough to be able to walk around a meadow and enjoy the relaxing scents which also have the property to relax you.

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