When and Why do Wiccans say ‘Blessed Be’? (Why is it Important?)

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Written by: Tina Caro

‘Blessed be’ is a very popular phrase, but why do Wiccans say it and what does it mean? In this article, I am going to explain a little bit what ‘blessed be’ means but also how to use it and why this is a Wiccan tradition.

When do Wiccans say blessed be?

They usually use say it when:

  • meeting someone
  • after casting a spell or in a magical formula
  • when chanting a prayer
  • to close a ritual

Wiccans often use the saying ‘blessed be’ to greet someone, especially when parting with someone. Blessed be is equivalent to other phrases such as ‘may the god be with you’ and ‘may the god bless you’.

Wiccans use blessed be as a way to reinforce and enhance their intentions when casting spells. In this context, they are asking for their intentions to be blessed by the Gods.

When chanting prayers, Wiccans say blessed be to let their words resonate out into the universe so their prayer will be heard. It’s pretty much the same as the iconic witchy sentence ‘So be it’.

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When closing a ritual, Wiccans say blessed be as a way to seal their practice. It allows the magic to get to work and for the Gods to hear their wishes.

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Should I use blessed be if I am a Wiccan?

Absolutely not! This is not a rule. If you don’t feel this sentence is something in tune with you or with your practice and your craft you should not say it! Remember that words in magic carry significance! You should not use empty words, repeating them without meaning them and without feeling them.

Blessed be is a beautiful way to bless someone or to bless a practice, but only if you feel a connection to the words. If you don’t, pick a phrase you resonate with better!

Can I use the old-fashioned ‘so be it’ instead?

Of course! Their meaning is basically the same! Pick whichever phrase feels most appropriate for your magic at this time.

Why a blessing?

Wiccans are all about blessings and, being a religious tradition, it’s linked to the foundation of having a God behind the universe and magic. The god or the goddess is the one who blesses a practice or someone, according to Wicca.

Who is the God who blessed according to Wicca?

The Wicca religion in all its forms is based on a common ideology, the worship of God and the Goddess.

The divine couple forms a single thing, which is considered the primordial force from which everything is born. This force is concretized in the matter that we can feel through the five senses, even if what we perceive is an infinitely small part of the whole that is Infinity.

In addition to forming the whole, the God and the Goddess are also the expressions of everything that exists, since everything also has an opposite, dualism thus becomes life and everything exists thanks to it.

For the Wiccans, the God and the Goddess have no form but all the representations of the various pagan divinities are allowed as all the gods are one God and all the goddesses are a single Goddess.

Someone told me Blessed be when we met. What does it mean?

It means that most likely that person is a Wiccan and wants you to know that. Using blessed be is also a way to spread a sense of union, community, and belonging over someone. If you feel you can answer to that with a Blessed be, especially if you are a Wiccan too. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, simply say something like ‘thank you, you too’.

How to use blessed be to bless someone?

If you feel you want to send blessings someone’s way, this below blessing is perfect. Here you can understand how blessed be is used and why it is so powerful.

“Blessed be your life. I bless you for the moon and the sun, I bless you for the cold and the heat, I bless you for the straight and the curved, I bless you for every being in love, I bless you for the good and the truth So that you have light and clarity, May every enemy turn away, May you receive the warmth of a good friend, May your road be a road of flowers, May your sight be full of color, May you never lack for anything, Neither money, love, prosperity or fairy, That you can always toast you, What you want and much more, That you never seem tired, That in your days you are relaxed, That this always lives in your heart, That passion reigns in your relationships, That you leave nothing important for later, May life be an eternal game, And all the elementary I call, And the sacred gods I call, I bless you and proclaim you, Because I love you infinitely. Blessed be.”

Tina Caro

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