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Upright and Reversed Laguz: Different Meanings & Energies

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Written by: Tina Caro

The Laguz rune is one of the most mysterious runes and it is a great tool for our witchy practice. Are you curious to learn more about it? Keep reading this article and the Laguz rune won’t be a secret!


In runic divination, the Laguz (Lafu) rune holds distinct meanings and energies, depending on whether it appears in an upright or reversed position.

Upright Laguz signifies the flow of energy and intuition, highlighting the importance of trusting one’s instincts and embracing emotional and psychic abilities. It symbolizes healing and cleansing, encouraging individuals to let go of emotional burdens and embrace renewal and purification. Additionally, Laguz is closely connected to the element of water, representing its fluid and transformative qualities.

Reversed Laguz suggests potential obstacles in emotional flow, indicating blocked emotions or stagnation in one’s life. It advises individuals to address emotional blockages and find ways to regain their emotional flow. Furthermore, reversed Laguz may signal a need to reevaluate one’s intuitive guidance and make necessary adjustments to harness its full potential.

Interpretations of Laguz consider its orientation and context, guiding individuals toward emotional healing and greater intuitive awareness.

What does the Laguz rune mean?

The Laguz rune means sea, change, and hidden powers. This rune talks about the powers of intuition, especially how important it is to listen to it in order to live your life in complete freedom.

Hindered by excessive rationality and numerous social obligations, they often forget their most authentic needs: to be loved and to live in harmony with themselves and the surrounding world.

Custom Laguz rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Laguz rune.

Laguz teaches us to draw from the collective unconscious, from the cosmic consciousness, that subtle, invisible yet perceptible place from which we draw archetypes, ideas, and knowledge. The glyph of the rune recalls a waterfall that falls from top to bottom, a hook that turns towards the sky and goes fishing in this sea of thoughts and words.

Laguz is the rune of water, of the unconscious, of emotion, of birth, of sensitivity, psychic powers, telepathy, clairvoyance, art, and spontaneity. It is the rune of runes, divination, and interpretation, the source of Mimir into which Odin cast his eye to acquire the gift of prophecy.

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It is associated with the god of the lineage Vani Njord, lord of the sea and the wind, of perturbations, dispenser of troubles and fortunes for sailors, identified with the mother goddess Nerthus of whom Tacitus speaks. Those who feel attracted to this rune should study and deepen all the spirits linked to the element of water: nymphs, nereids, naiads, camene, undines, and pelne.

Laguz is the evolution of Ansuz, the rune of messages, and of Algiz, the rune of the priest.

Laguz is the link to the Source.

From its root, laku-, derives the French lac, the English lake, the ancient Icelandic logr, the ancient Irish loch, and the Latin lacus.

Lakes in mythology are magical and mysterious places, populated by fantastic creatures, some benevolent and others hostile, just as in the unconscious we can find unexpected resources, knowledge, and wisdom or make terrifying encounters.

The extraction of this rune means the collective unconscious, increasing energy, a birth, a change, or evolution is connected to the world of dreams, the unconscious, adaptability, emotions, empathy, and mystery.

Laguz indicates that we are in contact with our sensitive parts; they are not dry, dried up, in us the ascua flows, as well as energy, without obstacles or complications. We have the power to tap into the Source and information from the collective unconscious.

In love, this rune advises us to let ourselves go to the emotions, to melt and be more natural and casual, to love ourselves naturally, accepting ourselves. As for health, the advice is to engage in some aquatic activity such as swimming, in the pool or in the sea. In the workplace, if we feel the need for changes, it is the right time to give life to new projects or to start a new job: changes are already underway.


Laguz meaning if upright

The mysterious Laguz, linked to water and the Moon, warns that we are in a moment of transition: if you want to achieve emotional balance, you have to get back in touch with nature.

Taking care of your body will undoubtedly help you to enjoy greater physical and mental well-being.

Only in this way will it be possible to implement the changes necessary to achieve happiness.

Body and mind are not two autonomous entities, but they are in continuous communication with each other and both need to be in balance and harmony with nature.

ElementalLaguz represents the element of water, symbolizing emotions, intuition, and the subconscious mind.
Flow and AdaptabilityIt signifies the flow of energy and adaptability, encouraging you to go with the flow of life.
IntuitionLaguz represents heightened intuition and psychic abilities, urging you to trust your inner guidance.
Healing and RenewalIt symbolizes emotional healing, rejuvenation, and the potential for personal transformation.
ConnectionLaguz signifies a connection to the collective unconscious and the deep wisdom of the universe.
CreativityIt represents the energy of creativity, imagination, and inspiration, encouraging artistic pursuits.
BalanceLaguz promotes emotional balance and harmony, helping you navigate through challenging situations.
MysteryIt represents the mysteries of life and the hidden aspects of yourself, inviting exploration and discovery.
IntrospectionLaguz encourages self-reflection and introspection, allowing you to dive deep into your emotions and thoughts.
TrustIt signifies the importance of trusting your instincts and going with the natural flow of life.
Table 1: Upright Laguz Rune Interpretation

Laguz meaning if reversed

Maybe you are too hard on yourself. Perhaps you are also too demanding at work or excessively perfectionist in everything you do.

Laguz, therefore, suggests adopting a more flexible and understanding attitude towards one’s mistakes and limitations. The satisfaction that one will feel for one’s successes, however small they may be, will have positive effects on our psyche.

Laguz rune reversed by MagickalSpot
Laguz rune reversed

An attitude that is too rigid towards oneself can, in fact, cause a feeling of inability to act due to the fear of making mistakes.

Laguz asks to be less harsh and to profit from all experiences, both their positive and negative aspects.

Emotional ImbalanceReversed Laguz indicates emotional imbalance, difficulty in managing emotions, and mood swings.
BlockagesIt suggests blockages in intuition and a lack of connection to your inner wisdom and guidance.
DisruptionReversed Laguz represents disrupted flow, stagnation, or resistance to change and adaptation.
Emotional Healing DelayIt may indicate a delay in emotional healing or difficulty in accessing and processing emotions.
Lack of InspirationReversed Laguz suggests a lack of creativity, inspiration, and feeling disconnected from your artistry.
Misguided IntuitionIt signifies distorted or misguided intuition, leading to poor decision-making and confusion.
TurbulenceReversed Laguz represents emotional turbulence, inner turmoil, and a need for emotional healing.
DisconnectIt suggests a disconnection from the deeper aspects of yourself, hindering spiritual growth and self-awareness.
Resistance to ChangeReversed Laguz may symbolize resistance to change, clinging to old patterns, and fear of the unknown.
Inner ReflectionIt urges you to engage in deep inner reflection and address any emotional or intuitive imbalances.
Table 2: Reversed Laguz Rune Interpretation

Laguz meaning in love, work, and health

Love: the rune of water and the Moon stimulates you to experience new sensations within the couple, abandoning oneself to the flow of emotions of both. Perhaps more than in other aspects of life, in love, it is necessary to let yourself go; this attitude can be very rewarding.

Work: If you are not satisfied with your professional situation and want to get out of it, this is the right time to do it.

Perhaps it will be enough to better organize one’s time and duties or it will even be necessary to change jobs.

Laguz encourages us to reflect on the situation and make a decision.

Health: doing aqua gymnastics, swimming in a pool or in the sea… Any exercise done in the water will help you relax.

How to work with the energy of the Dagaz rune?

The special message from Laguz rune to you

  • Transpersonal powers
  • Mastery of emotions to form the wyrd
  • Guide through difficult initiation tests, e.g. initiation into life
  • Increased vitality and life force
  • Communication between your conscious mind and the unconscious mind of another
  • Development of “second sight” or prophetic wisdom
  • All the powers of dreams (lucid dreams, astral projection)
Laguz rune from my collection

Laguz rune magical uses

  • Develop intuition and psychic faculties
  • Teach you to trust your feelings
  • Helps people to express themselves freely
  • Attenuates the rational and mental component
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