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Upright Gebo Rune: Meanings and Energies

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Written by: Tina Caro

The Gebo rune is a wonderful rune that can help us work on our everyday life with fresh positive energy and high radiant vibrations. Do you want to know more about it?

Read this article about what the Gebo rune means and unveil its origins, its meanings, and its messages.

What does the Gebo rune mean?

Gebo rune means sociality and freedom. If during divination, the Gebo rune assumes an important position, it means that the consultant will receive a gift that could be a harbinger of eternal joy in the immediate future.

It can be a marriage, a solid relationship, a greater depth of feeling, or the improvement of economic conditions through a company. However, something must be sacrificed in the name of all this and changes also occur in the lifestyle.

The final outcome will still be marked by positivity and harmony; in fact, Gebo is one of the most positive runes.

It speaks mainly of freedom, but also of hope, love, wishes that come true, new relationships, and renewed enthusiasm for life.

Custom Gebo rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Gebo rune.

This renewed interest in life will favor social and personal relationships, which from this moment on will certainly be richer and more rewarding.

After the transformation with Kenaz, the gift, Gebo, with communication, relationships, and the mutual exchange of concepts and ideas comes to us. It is inhalation and exhalation, giving and receiving, meeting and separating, the intertwining of destiny summarized in the X that symbolizes this rune: the paths that cross, the meeting point where there is no longer an I or you, but only us.

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The name comes from the Indo-European root ghebh—a term that indicates something passed from one person to another, from which the English words give, to give, and gift also derive. The rune is consecrated to Vjofn, goddess of harmony, reconciliation, brotherhood, friendship, solidarity, and alliance.

Gebo is the rune of relationships, family, friendship, and love, held together by constant mutual exchange, not necessarily in a material sense. Whether a look, a caress, or a smile, there must always be a balance between the parties, otherwise those who receive more will sooner or later feel uncomfortable, and the same will happen to those who give more. Balanced exchange means respect and consideration of the fact that you and I are the same and that therefore we are both expected to contribute equally.

Reflecting on this rune, we must not stop at the relationships between people or at most between people and animals, it is necessary that there is a balance also with the nature that surrounds us, Mother Earth who hosts us, who feeds us, and who we too often exploit.

Our relationship with the planet right now is not working very well and this leads us to a major environmental disaster. Just as between the two families of gods, between the Ases and the Vani, it is essential to find balance and mutual exchange to strengthen a bond that is vital for us.

The clash between the gods began when a goddess, Gullveig, Drunkenness of Gold, of the Vani lineage, set foot on the sacred soil of the Ases to bring greed and corruption. The Ases gathered against this plague for their people, tried to kill the bearer of misfortunes, but three times she was resurrected, making all her efforts in vain.

The peace between the two divine lineages, however, was by now irremediably compromised and the clash was inevitable: Odin led the armies of the Ases and threw his javelin at the enemy forces, but this did not prevent the Vani from destroying the walls of Asgardhr and crossing its walls with impunity.

In reality, the struggle always seemed to maintain a substantial balance and for this reason, the two factions finally decided on a conference that would smooth out the differences that had arisen up to that moment.

The focal point of this meeting was the exchange of hostages to guarantee mutual loyalty: the Vani sent the most influential characters of their community to the Ases, namely Njordr and his children Freyr and Freyja, and in exchange, the Ases offered them as a pledge the wise Hoenir and Mimir. The exchange was beneficial to both families who since then found the right balance in the new bond.

Freja Seeking her Husband, Nils Blommér

Mead is the drink that best represents Gebo. Once the families were united, all the Ases and Vani spat inside a cauldron to seal the new pact. From their saliva was born the wisest creature in the universe, Kvasir, who was immediately killed by two dwarves.

These dwarves, dividing the blood into three parts and mixing honey with it, created the drink sacred to the gods, mead. Honey, a masculine principle, is combined with pure spring water, a feminine principle, giving life to a perfect drink to seal balanced and lasting unions.

A popular drink throughout the ancient world, mead is served to kings and heroes, capable of guaranteeing immortality to the gods along with nectar and ragweed. The poetic imaginative capacity can be acquired only by drinking the sacred mead, therefore only as a result of a divine gift.

Mead is the drink of the afterlife, of bards and druids, and of wise men. Relationships are important to us, between friends, between lovers, and between parents and children, in which case there is always an impossible debt to pay off, that of life.

Nothing can be worth more and the only way to repay one’s parents for this gift is to live better, fulfill one’s destiny, create values, and, if desired, give another spirit the opportunity to reincarnate and be born.

Gebo meaning if upright

Gebo cannot come out upside down. This characteristic symbolizes the greatest gift that has been given to men: freedom, from which all that is beautiful in life derives. Therefore, Gebo’s message, upright or upside down, will always be the same.

The release of Gebo means that a new acquaintance is being envisaged that can relate to work or family, friendship, or couple relationships. It will be a key experience, certainly a very positive one. However, the cross of Gebo, the archetypal symbol of suffering, reminds us that you can only receive it if you have given it: only if you are generous you can be repaid.

Upright InterpretationDescription
Gift and ExchangeGebo symbolizes the concept of giving and receiving, representing the exchange of gifts or energy.
Balance and HarmonyIt signifies the importance of maintaining balance and harmony in relationships and partnerships.
Generosity and CompassionGebo represents acts of generosity, kindness, and compassion, promoting goodwill and harmony.
Contracts and AgreementsIt is associated with the formation of contracts, agreements, and the honoring of commitments.
Unity and PartnershipGebo represents the union of two individuals or entities, emphasizing cooperation and collaboration.
Table 1: Upright Meanings and Energies of Gebo rune

We must learn to accept the gifts with which we are welcomed by nature (divine or earthly) and the people around us, but we must also get used to putting our virtues to good use in favor of others. Gebo reminds us that first of all we are independent and free beings and that in any relationship (professional, sentimental, or friendship), we are happy only if we know how to maintain our independence.

It also warns you, however, that you must not settle down or cancel yourself in this union. In fact, the only true association is that made up of complete and independent people who preserve their individuality even if they unite with each other.

Whatever the level of the relationship (love relationships, business matters, or ties of various kinds), remember to let the winds of Heaven blow between you. Then there is another kind of association that we must now consider, and that is one that can make you discover, as it is realized, an even greater union—union with the Overs-elf and union with the Divine.

The final gift of this rune is the realization of the Divine in everything we do: God is only in right relationships.

Gebo meaning in love, work, and health

Love: love is certainly reciprocated. One is attracted to a person who shares the same passions, tastes, and desires. We must take advantage of the present moment and perhaps decide to seriously consider the possibility of marriage.

Work: so far they have worked hard and with a lot of commitment. Now they will reap the rewards of their efforts. If unexpected possibilities open up, Gebo advises to seize them, leaving aside fears, if they are convinced of the possibility of succeeding in the new enterprise.

Health: you are in good health and you must ensure that it is maintained. It is time to “treat yourself” to special care. Maybe a weekend at the spa, a change in nutrition towards a healthier diet, or a general medical check-up. When it comes to health, prevention is better than cure.

When Gebo is extracted, the meaning of union, balance, and exchange must be analyzed. Spiritually, the rune indicates that something within us has reconciled, two opposites such as good and evil, male and female, or past and present.

We are ready to relate to others, to join a person in love, to make a friendship, or to start a project with other people.

This rune cannot be overturned.

In the emotional sphere, it could indicate an imminent marriage, a new relationship, deeper feelings, and closer emotional ties. At an economic level, there are improvements, new employment contracts, new companies, agreements, and mergers envisaged.


It is necessary to know how to adapt to change, not oppose it, and the outcome will certainly be positive. As for health, if you have good health, you just need to take some precautions to maintain it and dedicate time to yourself, while in case of illness, there will be a rapid recovery.

How to work with the energy of the Gebo rune?

  • Use it as a love or friendship talisman
  • Amazing to connect with someone we love
  • Wear it during intimate dates to boost your sex drive
  • Powerful talisman to honor blessings in your life and get rid of curses
  • Bring it when signing an important document

The special message from Gebo rune to you

  • Live the magic of sex
  • Mystical union and “sacred marriage” between partners
  • Understanding the true meaning of the gift and bond
  • Give yourself from within
  • Harmony between brothers and sisters and lovers
  • Favors, contracts, obligations, debt, and oaths
Gebo rune from my collection

Gebo rune magical uses

  • It is a symbol of union, friendship, love, and bond.
  • It promotes openness and availability to others.
  • It supports the inner mystical union and contact with the higher self.
  • It brings harmony and peace to interpersonal relationships.
  • It disposes the soul to give and to receive with serenity.
  • It is used in sexual magic and mystical unions.
  • Its amulet takes into account avarice, rigidity, and materialism.
  • It binds spells as well as blessings and curses.
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