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Choosing a Candle Color for a Full Moon Ritual

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Written by: Tina Caro

There is nothing better than a moon ritual to get rid of the old, welcome the new, and find a deeper connection with our true selves in the process! Being so passionate about full moon rituals, today I want to discuss a bit about them and show you what candle color should you use for a full moon ritual. Let’s begin!

What’s a full moon ritual?

A full moon ritual is a perfect time to get rid of any negativity, any aspect that is causing us a sense of discomfort, or any situation or even person that is not giving us the chance to live a happy life.

During a full moon ritual, you say goodbye to those elements you had in your life and create a blank space for something new, but first, you need to forgive and forget what was into your life to make room for what’s next. This is the foundational step to make it happen and really work.

Most of all, it’s the best way to really connect with yourself and your dream life positively.

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How does a full moon ritual work?

The wonderful full moon ritual is amazing primarily to eliminate negativities from your life. From the moment the moon is full, the waning phase begins, which takes away energy and vigor from what still needs to be adjusted in your life.

The only exception is that if the full moon starts in the late afternoon, it is better to perform the ritual at least 7 hours after the start or the following evening. You can see the timetable from any lunar calendar.

When the time comes you should do something easy like these:

Write on a sheet everything you no longer want in your life. Avoid using a moon notebook because the sheet must then be destroyed while the notebook must be kept!

Here’s an example of how to write your negativities.


  • This toxic relationship
  • My anxiety
  • My fears
  • Precarious work
  • Any other issues

Go out to the moonlight and pray to Haniel like this:

“Archangel Haniel, help me get rid of all these things I no longer want in my life. Full moon, welcome these negativities into your orbit by removing them from my life. Thank you.”

It doesn’t matter whether you leave it all night and destroy it in the morning or destroy it immediately on the evening of a full moon. Just do it! I use the candle to burn the paper and I do it right away because I really want to get rid of some things right away!

Do you want to know how you will feel after this ritual? FREE. Completely free. The feeling of lightness will amaze you!

There are two reasons why these rituals work: the moon has the right energy to make them work and your intention is strengthened by the ritual itself. The brain goes towards what you want and the prayers you recite are sensory anchors. There is a kind of hypnosis in which your unconscious RECORDS what your conscious really wants.

This is why I tell you – perform these rituals with your intuition and an open heart and the results will be amazing!

What color candle is best for a full moon ritual?

A white candle is amazing for a full moon ritual and it’s the one I use for these rituals. We use it to get rid of something because this thing is not good for us and it created darkness in our life.

white candles by tamedwild
Candles by TamedWild.

So, with the power of a white candle, it will be easier to shed some light on our life while cleansing the energy and preparing our soul and our life for brand new beginnings and dreams we are going to plant during the new moon phase.

How beautiful is that?

Other options

Full Moon PhaseRecommended Candle Color(s)
Wolf MoonSilver, white, or blue
Snow MoonWhite, silver, or light blue
Worm MoonGreen, yellow, or pink
Pink MoonPink, purple, or white
Flower MoonGreen, pink, or white
Strawberry MoonRed, pink, or green
Buck MoonGold, yellow, or green
Sturgeon MoonSilver, white, or blue
Harvest MoonOrange, gold, or yellow
Hunter’s MoonBrown, orange, or deep red
Beaver MoonBrown, gold, or deep red
Cold MoonSilver, white, or light blue
Table: Corresponding Full Moon Phases and Candle Colors

What’s the meaning of a white candle?

The white color in general is associated with elegance, neatness, simplicity, and, at the same time, with the clarity of what you see and what you think. It transmits peace and transparency to us, we can say that we associate it with honesty in people, and in white candles, it is no different.

In the case of white candles, in the first instance, we relate them to the celestial, the goodness, and the illumination in our lives. They transmit tranquility and confidence to us.

When we perform cleansing rituals, we can see that white candles are the most used, because it is an item that wants to transmit peace, trust, and purity. If you want to learn more about white candles and their meaning check out this article!

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My experience with a white candle

Normally, I take a large white candle and carry it with burning incense with the intent to purify it.

Then I begin to pass it on my arms and shoulders with the intention of loading it up with all the burdens and all the labors of the moment; I pass it on my head to remove negative thoughts and bring clarity, on my legs to remove the blocks that prevent you from continuing on your path, and on my feet, to open new paths.


I do it several times, then I light it.

In lighting it with a wooden match, I make a cross on the candle, an offer to the Divine, and in all directions. Then I look at it and watch how the flame works.

I watch whether it is very high if it beats, forks, or is low and quiet. From that observation, I receive information on the situation I am praying for and the candle helps me overcome obstacles. It is a precious ally and you will never do without it after you feel how faithful a companion it is.

During full moons, I like to light scented candles or use essential oils like lavender, my favorite! During new moons, I prepare the candle the previous night so you always have a light, even during black moons.

When you light a white candle, look at that golden light and bring it within you by closing your eyes, in every cell, in every atom, and turn yourself into that glow. Take it everywhere and visualize yourself shining and illuminated.

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The importance of candles for a full moon ritual

Candles are bearers of light and salvation; they can accompany you in your battles and you can see them work very precisely. Lighting a candle is a sacred procedure. Intent and the way you approach this gesture is important.

Normally, a candle is lit before a meditation; however, it can also accompany you in prayer, together with the decrees, and in conjunction with the new or full moons.

The candle really works for you, you can understand from the greatness of the flame, how it moves, how it is operating, how many obstacles it finds, and how much it works for you.

In conjunction with the decrees, a small sacred space is prepared to light incense and a candle and let them work.

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