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6 Quick Examples of a Chaos Sigil [+DIY Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

As you might know at this point, and like I mentioned in all the other articles I wrote about it, sigil magick is actually a very ancient practice. With a few small personal adjustments here and there, in this article I will explain the most popular method for creating and activating a chaos sigil.

The synthesis of a concept, the name of a spirit, the essence of a magician or a ceremonial element in a graphic symbol is something that humanity has probably used since the Paleolithic era. The modern synthesis of this practice, however, is generally credited to Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956), an occultist, practicing magician, and artist, as well as one of the founders of Chaos Magick or Magic of Chaos.

In Spare’s technique, a chaos sigil (or monogram) is a sentence, a declaration of intent regarding an effect that we want to manifest in our life. Each of us has a desire (or more than one) closed in the bottom of a long-forgotten drawer.

This simple system to “sigil” your desire, or to make the desire itself as a sigil, will give you the opportunity to be able to see it realized as long as, obviously, you put in a lot of will in forging it.


A chaos sigil is a unique symbol used in chaos magic, a modern and flexible magical tradition.

It represents a specific desire or intention and is designed to access the subconscious mind for manifestation.

Created by distorting a statement of intent into an abstract symbol, chaos sigils are charged with energy and released into the subconscious to work on a deeper level.

This approach bypasses doubt and skepticism, making it a potent tool for chaos magicians in achieving their goals.

How can chaos sigil help?

A chaos sigil is a key symbol through which it is possible to have access to that part of the universe (subconscious) where the conscious mind has no direct control. Spare used to draw an event over and over again which he ardently wished to achieve by calling these drawings instinctive magic, that is, to recall an event in reality through a call made up of images.

A desire formulated by the conscious mind takes a little time to be fulfilled while, according to Spare, the desires launched by the subconscious took much less time and, in all respects, one cannot fail to give him reason.

austin osman spare drawing
Austin Osman Spare

Sealing a wish is a very simple thing and perhaps it is more complex to explain it than to make it.

Worldviews, beliefs, opinions, habits, and even different personalities are tools that can be chosen and changed arbitrarily in order to manage the reality that they see and create as their emanation.

Chaos sigils are often extreme or very individualistic. They can be used and transformed into a vision of reality that allows its own management and transformation while achieving the desired result through a contrasting agreement.

The ideas of the Magic of Chaos are fully integrated into the forms of urban and modern shamanism, where in the cultural cauldron that a modern city offers, different ethnicities and energies alchemically merge to create an energetic fusion of places, sounds, and foods that open parallel worlds which fall on our daily realities, enriching them with a new Ancient Power, which the black magic witch navigates as if it were a current without contrasting it but simply knowingly abandoning herself to moving with the flow.

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When to create a chaos sigil?

A chaos sigil is great when you want to bring your own vision or perspective to life and see it realized and actualized in a practical, concrete way.

Being a very customized and personal kind of practice and belief, when you feel like you can’t create your own reality and your dream life, when you feel like there is no place for you vision here, a chaos sigil is amazing to call for powerful forces and to create your own “order” and scenario.


The perfect moment to create a chaos sigil is when you have your idea well fixed in your mind, maybe after a long day or a long sleep.

It really doesn’t matter! What’s the best time for you to have a clear focused mind? Well, that’s the right time to create a chaos sigil!

How to create a chaos sigil?

First, you have to write the desire with a short and immediate sentence such as:

“I want to destroy my enemy.” At this sentence, eliminate every letter that appears more than once and leave only one of these letters that repeat themselves.

After, it will be a meaningless and unpronounceable word, which in this case will be: WNTDSTR. Then place the letters in a seal. First, always draw the double circle (macrocosm and microcosm) in the middle of which draw the letters so that they touch each other or that they are merged together. To give an idea of how your work should look I added a basic traditional seal.

In the outer circle, do not write anything and do not draw any symbol.

Once finished, it must be loaded. There are various ways to do this, but the most immediate is, in our opinion, the one relating to visualization. Since the chaos sigil is a material thing and born of the mind and conscious hand, it must be “thrown” towards the subconscious.

Solve it, correct it intensely, imprint it like a brand in focus – not what the original sentence composed of (the desire must be forgotten as well as the sentence) but, rather, impressed on the tangle of letters and visualize them thrown deep inside you.

At this point, put the sigil you’ve created in a safe place. Now your subconscious will act for you to bring it closer to you in reality.

One of the principles of Chaos Magical Sigils most frequently cited is that which says, “nothing is true, everything is allowed”, a quote attributed to Ḥasan-i Ṣabbāḥ and used by Friedrich Nietzsche in his work Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

hassan ibn sabbah
Ḥasan-i Ṣabbāḥ

“Do what you want will be the whole law”; this phrase is frequently misunderstood and interpreted literally with the meaning of “there is no objective truth, so whatever you want to do is right”. But a more precise interpretation is “there is no objective truth outside of our perception, in this context all things are true and possible”.

The idea is that belief is a tool that can be applied at will rather than unconsciously. Some chaos magicians believe that trying to use bizarre and unusual beliefs is an experience in itself that exploits the flexibility of belief as a form of power or freedom.

Basically, when it comes to your sigils, chaos sigils are all about customized and personal intentions where you can express your wishes, desires, and dreams to make them happen for real.

At this point the chaos sigil must be “activated”, that is, it must be imprinted in the symbol that we have created that contains the intent of our sentence. There are many different methods of activating a sigil: sexual energy (observing it intensely at the moment of orgasm), meditation (concentrating on the Sigil, looking at it until it seems to transform into something else or disappears from our view), or a trance induced by certain types of music, perhaps with the help of candles and incense.

The method we choose depends on our disposition and what we believe to be the most effective and practical. The purpose, in any case, is to enter a slightly altered state of consciousness, keeping the intent of the sentence in mind, then observe the sigil for a few minutes. We may see luminous lines around the lines that we have drawn, or we can see the sigil “swing”, move as if the lines were distorted, or even have the impression that the drawing “comes out” from the sheet. These visual cues are an indication that the activation has taken place and that the chaos sigil is now ready to be “casted”.

Again, the schools of thought are many and different.

“Casting” the chaos sigil means sending the signal to the Universe and then forgetting the operation as soon as possible.

Some prefer to burn the sheet of paper used to draw the symbol, others throw it in running water… Others still attach it to the mirror in the entrance or bathroom, so that you can see it daily, gradually becoming an integral part of the domestic “landscape”.

Whichever method you choose for your daily “standard” practice, the Sigil has now been “sent” and you just have to focus your conscious attention on something else and wait for the results.

Creating sigils is an extremely effective and very broad magical technique. In this article, we have covered only the basic points to allow you to start practicing it but there is still much more to say!

You can also read more about creating a sigil in this article.

To vary the creation of symbols, for example, we can use lowercase or uppercase letters, in italics or in block letters, use computer fonts to create electronic sigils, use the letters of other alphabets (Greek, Hebrew, Arabic letters, Chinese ideograms, Egyptian hieroglyphics … or invented languages such as Klingon or the aforementioned Tolkienian Elvish languages), use numerology to transform letters into numbers and combine them or add them up to a single-digit to focus on …

greek letters
Greek letters

The possibilities are limitless, and only fantasy and intuition are the parameters of our subjective practice.

My favorite chaos sigils

These are the best chaos sigils in my opinion, but remember that these are my sigils and, in order to have the best results, you should create your own chaos sigils! Simply write an affirmation down about your intention and vision, erase the vowels and the letters that appear more than once and use your imagination to create your sigil!

My vision is clear

My vision is clear sigil
Sigil: My vision is clear

I have a nice car

I have a nice car sigil
Sigil: I have a nice car

I earn a lot of money with my job

I earn a lot of money with my job sigil
Sigil: I earn a lot of money with my job

I am a leader

I am a leader sigil
Sigil: I am a leader

I am my own boss

I am my own boss sigil
Sigil: I am my own boss

If you want to use a chaos sigil with some spell, this amazing spell below is definitely interesting to try!

A spell with a Chaos Sigil

This easy chaos sigil spell does wonders for people like me who have a unique vision of their life and want to make it a reality, finally having what they really wanted.

Things you need

  • A chaos sigil of your choice with a unique affirmation that is all about your vision written on a piece of paper.
  • A small bag of white silk.
  • Three dried bay leaves.
  • Three dried hypericum leaves.
  • Turmeric powder.
  • Seven grains of rice.
  • Coarse salt.
  • A mortar.

How it’s done

When you have your chaos sigil ready you can proceed with the spell.

Put all the ingredients in the mortar and crush them until they are powdered.

Fold the sheet of paper where you have drawn your sigil and put it together with the powder you have just created inside the white silk bag.

Keep the silk bag where you want, and when you feel the need for its power, hold it in your hands and repeat the magic formula you wrote as a start when first working on your sigil.

Repeat it seven times, visualizing yourself achieving what you want.

Final thoughts

Chaos sigils are definitely worth a try! As you might have noticed, to have a great, powerful, strong, and fulfilling chaos sigil you have to set your intention and make your vision clear to the universe.

Meditate on it if you are still undecided or use some visualization to get started. This practice will be great for your craft and your peace of mind!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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