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How to Charge a Talisman for Protection? [Different Methods]

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Written by: Tina Caro

There are many ways to charge an object, from the fastest to the most complex. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to charge a talisman for protection in many different ways.


To charge a talisman for protection, begin by defining its specific purpose and selecting an auspicious time for the ritual.

Create a sacred space, light a white candle, and hold the talisman in your hands while focusing on your protection intention.

Verbally state your intention, using affirmations or words of power.

Visualize the talisman radiating a powerful protective energy.

Gently touch the talisman to the candle flame, symbolizing the infusion of protective energy, and lay it on a clean surface to cool.

Regularly maintain the talisman by wearing it or keeping it in a safe place, periodically reaffirming your intention and recharging its protective energy when necessary.

To start, why charge it?

You charge something if you use that object for certain purposes in a ritual, in daily life or during meditation. For example, you can charge a stone to help us achieve our goal, a talisman to protect us or a candle to be used in a ritual or thanksgiving.

Methods to charge a talisman for protection

Charging MethodDescription
Moonlight ChargingPlacing the talisman under the light of the full moon to absorb its energies and infuse it with protective vibrations.
Sunlight ChargingExposing the talisman to sunlight, particularly during sunrise or sunset, to harness the empowering and protective energies of the sun.
Elemental ChargingBurying the talisman in the earth, holding it in flowing water, passing it through smoke, or exposing it to a candle flame to imbue it with the elemental forces of earth, water, air, or fire.
Intentional VisualizationHolding the talisman in your hands, closing your eyes, and visualizing a protective energy surrounding it. Envision the talisman as a powerful shield against negative influences.
Ritual ChargingPerforming a ritual or ceremony specifically designed for charging the talisman with protective energies. This may involve reciting incantations, invoking deities, or using specific herbs and crystals.

Loading with fire

Load an object with fire perhaps because it is the easiest method if you are in a hurry. You only need one candle. Place the object (usually an amulet, a talisman, a stone, a ring, a pendulum or a sigil) in the light of a lit candle and let it burn, better if in darkness. Choose the color more fit for this purpose like Blue Candles.

Loading with water

If you have the a water source like a river, a fountain or running water, immerse your object to be loaded overnight (usually an amulet, a talisman, a stone, a ring, a pendulum, an athame, a chalice), in the water source.

The earth supplies energy

Usually for stones, talismans and amulets, bury your object near the roots of a plant or tree and in one night your instrument will be full of energy. When using a stone, the plant will also benefit.

The power of the moon

Even the moon is no different. One night under its rays and an object will be charged. Pay attention, however, that it must be a full moon.

Charging with external energies

From here we start with the most complex of things. At this point, if you know and can do the visualization, sit in a comfortable position with the object to load in front of you. Visualize the energy from the environment around you entering the instrument.

Warning: color is also important, so pay attention to it.

Visualize the item increasingly being more and more charged with that energy, with that light of the color you have chosen.

Use your energies to charge

As before, sit comfortably with the tool in front of you. For this, however, you will need more concentration. Place your cupped hands over the object to be charged and display the energy, of the correct color, which comes out of the hands and enters the instrument.

Visualize it more and more charged with that energy, with the light of the color you have chosen.

Load with sexual magic

And now we touch on a thorny topic, difficult to find and which I don’t usually deal with. For this reason, I will not dwell on it too much here, but I will say the essential extreme.

To charge any object with sexual magic you will need the energy created on the spot. With the tool in front of you, start practicing autoeroticism. In doing so you will release a powerful energy that you will now channel it into the object.

Visualize it, feel it spring from orgasm and direct it to the object, and you will see it illuminated with a powerful light.

How to charge a talisman for protection – how I do it?

We all know that a talisman, like a necklace, has no power of its own but they still need to be loaded correctly, today for the esoteric tools section I will show you a ritual to charge a talisman for protection with the four elements.

I use this on this moon necklace my best friend gave me, so I decided to add to her loving vibes some energy to use as a talisman for protection.

protection talisman of mine

Things you need:

  • Incense
  • Candle
  • Earth or salt
  • Water

How it’s done

On a Full Moon day, place the 4 elements on the pentacle of your altar, if you have one or simply draw it on a piece of paper and place incense to the East, the candle to the South, the water to the West, the earth to the North, raise the talisman to the sky and say:

“I consecrate this 4-element talisman
it is now a magical tool
who will honestly serve the one who wears it.”

Light the incense, pass the talisman over the smoke three times, then turn to the East and say:

“Oh ancient gods of the air
to you all creatures of the elements
to you all spirits of the East
I ask you to load this talisman
with the energy of the air and with your divine light.”

Light the candle, turn the talisman over the flame three times, then turn South and say:

“Oh ancient gods of fire
to you all creatures of the elements
to you all spirits of the South
I ask you to load this talisman
with the energy of the sacred flame and your divine light.”

Put 3 drops of water on the talisman, face West and say:

“Oh ancient gods of water
to you all creatures of the elements
to you all spirits of the West
I ask you to load this talisman
with the vital energy of the source of life and your divine light.”

Put the talisman in the ground or salt turn North and say:

“Oh ancient gods of the earth
to you all creatures of the elements
to you all spirits of the North
I ask you to load this talisman for protection
with the living energy of the earth and with your divine light.”

Finally take your talisman in your hands, lift it on your head and repeat three times

“So be it!”

How to charge the talisman with lunar energy?

Things you need:

  • Personal jewel or talisman
  • 1 bowl
  • Water
  • Salt


Waning Moon



Take a new bowl in which you will put the water and sea salt. Do not mix, the bowl must not be moved. leave it on the table and in the meantime, you go for a hot shower.

Inside the shower, visualize and meditate on your talisman’s powers and put it on your chest. Visualize the ocean flowing in your blood and covering your heart with its salt.

Still while inside the shower, drip a few drops of water through your fingers and say:

“With the power of the sea, of Poseidon, Neptune and the power I have within me, I load this talisman and its power is mine.”

Get out of the shower, get dressed, lay your talisman next to the bowl, and wet your fingers. As you did in the shower, drop three drops of salt water (from the bowl) into your talisman three times in a row and say the following words each time:

“So be it.”

The spell is over, remember to do this on a waning moon day to boost its energy and power!

What’s your talisman for protection?

Which is the way to charge it that resonates with you the most?

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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