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Here’s How To Cast a Get Your Ex Back Spell [DIY Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Has your better half left you? The good news is that there are actual spells to get back with your ex, even if you don’t have much money! Let’s see how to cast a get your ex back spell on a budget.


Understand that casting a spell to get your ex back is about focusing your intent and energy on a specific outcome, visualizing it with clarity.

Explore various spells, like the Lost Love spell with Essential Oil, Ex Back Spell with Photos, and Get Your Ex Back with Cinnamon. Each has its unique properties and symbolism, which can enhance the effectiveness of your spell.

You may already have some essential ingredients at home, such as candles, oils, or photographs of your ex. Utilize these items to make your spell more personal and potent.

Understand that spellcasting doesn’t guarantee instant results. Keep an open mind and heart, allowing the universe to work in mysterious ways to manifest your intention and potentially bring your ex back into your life.

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More Information

A list of some things you need and you probably already got at home

Who said you need to spend a fortune to make some magic?

Sure, there are many spells requiring expensive ingredients and difficult to find witchy tools.

Don’t forget to read a much bigger article in which I covered 9 different spells that will help you get your ex back. Check it out here.

However, if you know what you have to look for, you will learn that some of the most useful ingredients to cast a spell that’ll help you get your ex-partner back are everyday things you have at home!

  • Paper: A piece of paper is easy to find, and it’s a foundation to write down invocations, to write down your ex’s name, and to canalize the energy of the spell on him/her.
  • Pen: another easy to find tool. Together with a piece of paper are some of the essential tools to get started and make some magic happen!You can write down all you want to happen as well, besides working on specific invocation, and, with the power of attraction, you will manipulate the right energy to send it to your ex and make him/her come back to you.
  • Photos: powerful means to make some powerful magic, I am sure you have some photos of you and your ex when things were good, and you were in love.A photo can become a magical tool to meditate on and to visualize his/her comeback into your life, focusing on the old feelings and emotions that were so strong back in the days!
  • Cinnamon: a spice we all have in our kitchen to spice our recipes up!The good news is that you can use it to bring your ex back having the power to create brand new connections while positively shaping energies as a detoxifying spice from bad energies and vibes surrounding you as a couple.
  • Candles: red and pink candles, as used in love spells, are an excellent tool to cast a get your ex back spell on a budget in an easy and fun way.

Tamed Wild website has an amazing collection of affordable candles.

tamed wild candles
You can buy them on their US website or UK website.

However, if I need larger quantities of them, I buy them on Amazon. Here’s a link to Amazon US and Amazon UK.

List of Spells to Make Him Come Back and How To Cast Them

These spells below are suitable for beginners and very easy to do!

Lost Love spell with Essential Oil

This spell is ideal to rekindle the flame of love and get back to awakening feelings in the loved one.

Things you need

How it’s done

We will begin this spell by lighting the pink candle.

Now, with the candlelight illuminating the room, we will take the piece of paper and begin to write the qualities that we like so much of the person we want to be with again.


It is important that, during this enchantment, you avoid negative thoughts. Focus only on the positive and, thus, you will be able to attract the stablest energy to your environment.

As soon as you have finished writing all the features on paper, it is time to burn it.

To do this, take the pink candle and, with its flame, light the paper until it turns to ashes.

After a few days, you will see that the spell begins to give its results.

spell to get your ex back free 1
Here’s how I start with spells to get your ex back fast.

Ex Back Spell with Photos

This spell requires photos as an element of mystical connection.

Just make sure that you cast it when you are completely calm and when you are in a positive mood.

For spells to work optimally, the energy with which you perform them is essential as we are calling on the energies of the world to help us with our intention.

Therefore, if you feel that you are a little tired or that you are not in a good mood, you better leave it for another day when you are more energetic.

This spell with photos serves both to attract the person you like as well as to recover a love that you may have lost and that you miss.

Things you need

    • One photo of you
    • One photo of the person you want to conquer
    • One red candle
    • One piece of wool that is also red
    • One white cloth
    • One sewing needle
    • One rose incense

How it’s done

Once you have gathered all the materials, we begin this spell by lighting the red candle.

Now, we must take the two photos and join by putting them together, side-by-side, so that the two people that appear in the images seem to go together.

The next step is to sew the two photos. To do this, we will use the needle and the piece of wool and join them, thus, making the union stronger and more intense.

While you are doing this sewing, you will have to recite the following words:
“Terna tibi Terna tibi meum is et gratia Dei et Spiritus sancti, Terna tibi meum is et”.

By using these words, you’ll present your intentions and explain that you want to unite the two people who appear in photos with a union of love and passion (for that reason, the color of wool must be red).

Now, you must light the rose incense, and you will have to focus your thoughts on that person you want to be with again.

When you finish, you must put the photos in white cloth and hide them in a place that is close to the person you want to be with.

It is important that no one ever finds this spell because, if he/she does, strength and magic will be lost.

You should never remove the connection that you have created between the two photos unless you want to break with your love.

Get Your Ex Back with Cinnamon

That’s the last of my favorite spells that you can cast on a budget. As you’ll see, most of the things you need can be found in a kitchen.

There’s just one crucial factor – this spell must be carried out in a crescent moon.

Things you need

    • Photocopy of a photo of your ex
    • A saucepan
    • Water
    • Two cinnamon sticks
    • A dish
    • White paper or cloth tape
    • A pot with soil and a pretty plant

Use a photo where you are with your ex-partner. If you do not have this photo, you can use a photo of yourself and another of your partner.

But remember, always use a copy of that photo, so you can keep the original one untouched.

But what if I got rid of all the photos of my ex?

Do not worry. You can write his/her name on a white sheet of paper. But do it with a red ink pen. And now you can use this piece of paper in the same way as you’d use a photo.

How it’s done

Put water in a saucepan and boil with the fire to the maximum.

When the boiling begins, add two cinnamon sticks.

Add in a saucepan a copy of a photograph of your ex-partner, former lover. We do this to boil his/her love towards you again.

Let it boil for about five minutes.

After five minutes, take the picture with a wooden spoon and place it on a plate.

Then, remove the cinnamon sticks and put them on the same plate but without touching a photo.

Wait two minutes for it to cool.

Place the two cinnamon sticks on one of the corners of the photo and start rolling the picture with the branches. Do it very slowly to prevent the paper from breaking.

While doing this, think of your loved one that will come back to you. Visualize your life with that person.

Carefully take the white ribbon and wrap it around the photo with the cinnamon.

Finally, you have to bury it until your ex returns.

For this, use a pot with soil. Remove the plant from the pot and place the wrapped photo with cinnamon on the bottom of the pot.

Then put a plant back in the pot, water it and take care of it.

Once your ex-partner returns, you must take the picture and the cinnamon out of the pot.

Finally, burn down this picture and throw the ashes in your garden.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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