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How does the Santa Muerte Work? [With Two Special Rituals]

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Written by: Tina Caro

The cult of Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte is dark and picturesque, relatively recent in the history of Catholicism. However, it has roots in the traditions of the Aztec people and the ancient pre-Colombian religions. Let’s take a look at what is and how does the Santa Muerte work.


Santa Muerte, also known as Holy Death, is venerated primarily in Mexico and among Mexican-Americans.

Believed to intercede on behalf of devotees, she offers guidance and assistance in various life matters.

Devotees create personal altars with offerings such as candles, flowers, and food to show devotion.

Santa Muerte is associated with different colors, symbolizing different aspects or petitions, like red for love and white for purity.

Prayers, rituals, and ceremonies are part of devotion, tailored to specific intentions.

While Santa Muerte provides solace and help to many, her veneration exists outside mainstream religious practices, and ethical considerations can vary among practitioners.

In fact, it is only from the 2000s that we begin to speak massively about Santa Muerte, often sharing it with the murky world of crime and drug trafficking.

Yet, to date, more than 10 million followers of this cult, not to mention all the people who turn to Holy Death only occasionally or in special cases.

It has also spread from Mexico to many other areas of Latin America and the United States.

santa muerte on a street

By mixing Catholicism with some pagan elements, the cult of Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte has carried out the same syncretism operation that we can find, for example, in Haitian Voodoo and the Caribbean and Cuban Santeria.

The old gods (Aztec for Santa Muerte and African for Voodoo) are given Christian attributes, coming to consider them holy and to worship them in ceremonies of obvious Catholic inspiration.

How did it all begin?

The Mexican Muerte, before becoming Santa, and acquiring an iconography similar to the Madonna was most likely worshiped under the name of Mictēcacihuātl.

Mictēcacihuātl was the Aztec deity who reigned over the underworld.


Queen of Mictlan, the hell of the Aztecs, ruled over the souls of the dead and was celebrated on some days dedicated to her.

The classic iconography of the Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte usually wants to be represented as a skeleton dressed in ancient or medieval female clothes, according to the canonical Catholic depictions of the Madonna and saints.

Death also wields a scale and a scythe. In certain ceremonies, however – especially those of a more secret and esoteric nature – it is possible to find it represented with an hourglass and a puppet instead of a scythe and a scale.

This is obviously a clear allusion to its power of life and death about human existence and a reference to the inevitable passage of time.

Finally, the color of Santa Muerte’s robes can vary from black to red, from green to yellow, and so on.

Each color represents a different power combined with the Saint:

The exceptionally jealous and capricious entity, Santa Muerte, is never invoked lightly.

Summoning her without a valid reason, or without the right determination, can lead to repercussions and punishments.

Given the nature of the Saint, the maximum punishment is obviously death, which can affect both the offender and a faultless relative.

It was precisely this intrinsically violent nature that brought numerous drug traffickers closer to his cult.

Even today, the Mexican government is reluctant to accept the ceremonies related to Santa Muerte, precisely because it tends to approach them to the world of crime mistakenly.

How does the Santa Muerte work?

The Santa Muerte is a figure that personifies death, which fulfills many requests – love, money, protection, employment, even helps you break curses that are targeting you.

Here’s a note – every ritual or spell with the Santa Muerte must be performed at night, or just before it gets dark since it is the right time for the Santa Muerte to come with all its energy.

Another important fact is that you have to be grateful, whether Santa Muerte has done what you had asked for or if she hasn’t done it, since what you are asking for is not always what is convenient for you, or something you really need.

Working with the Santa Muerte

Here are two easy magickal rituals asking Santa Muerte for some help.

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More Information

Money ritual with the Santa Muerte

This ritual is used to attract the money you need to overcome debts or even to get a raise.

Things you need

  • A yellow candle
  • Three dollars (or any other currency you have) coins
  • Seven metal stones (it is ideal to attract abundance, money and prosperity)
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon powder

How it’s done


Spread honey on the candle.

Do it with your own hands, and then sprinkle it with cinnamon.

Place the triangle-shaped coins around it.

Now light the candle with a wooden match, and in front, you place the stone that you will use as an amulet later.

It is time to recite the following sentence:

“Glorious Santa Muerte, love of my heart, do not forsake me in this moment in which I most need protection and your blessing.

You who are always hovering around the world are the guide.

You are the one who will help us to cross the wonderful world.

Thanks, I give you for bringing what I need most at this time”

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Love ritual with Santa Muerte

You only need to light a red candle of Santa Muerte and pray for three days in a row.

You must light the candle every day. You can also switch it with a white one.

Here’s a prayer:

“Love has knocked on my door dear and most holy death, but it has behaved capriciously with me.

I feel sorry because I love and I am not reciprocated.

The pain of helplessness seizes me when I know that I don’t have the solution to my problem in my hands.

I beg you with sadness so that you hear my prayer, feel how my being throbs when I speak to you and beg my beloved girl.

The person I love is an impossible love, but I want the miracle of having it with me, that it is possible.

That is why I come to you, you are miraculous and kind.

I want and wish that (mention the name of your impossible love) correspond to your love, as I love him.

I will be grateful to you and with (name of the beloved person) a faithful believer of your creed.

I will beg you for the time necessary for my wish to be fulfilled, while I will prove my loyalty offered for your grace (mention what your offering will be) for (mention a term). So be it.”

Other Santa Muerte rituals and corresponding intentions

Protection RitualInvoke Santa Muerte’s protection to ward off negative energies, spirits, or harm, creating a shield of divine energy around you or your space.
Love RitualSeek Santa Muerte’s assistance in matters of love, attracting romantic relationships, deepening existing connections, or enhancing self-love.
Healing RitualRequest Santa Muerte’s healing energy to bring physical, emotional, or spiritual healing to yourself or others in need of support and restoration.
Prosperity RitualPerform a ritual to call upon Santa Muerte’s influence in matters of abundance, financial stability, career success, and overall prosperity.
Guidance RitualConnect with Santa Muerte for guidance, wisdom, and clarity in making important decisions or navigating challenging situations in life.
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