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How do you get rid of Zozo, Pazuzu? [What Can You Do?]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Lately, we often hear about Zozo, one of the most powerful and frightening demons in the paranormal world. His rise and fame is because more and more people have recently ventured into sessions with ouija boards and that, in the hope of contacting a loved one or solely for fun, they find themselves dealing with this dangerous entity. So what happens if you contact him? Let me show you How to Get Rid of Zozo (Pazuzu), in case this happens.


Never underestimate the potential dangers of Ouija boards, as they can unwittingly invite malevolent entities into your life.

Zozo is a notorious entity often encountered during Ouija board sessions, known for its deceptive and malicious nature.

Watch for eerie signs such as sudden temperature drops, foul odors, and unsettling messages during paranormal encounters.

If you believe you’ve encountered Pazuzu, the demon king, consult a qualified exorcist or spiritual practitioner immediately to ensure your safety.

You shouldn’t play with the Ouija board

Undoubtedly, one of the most dangerous tools people use in the occult is the ouija board.

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Although some people are aware of what it is and what it represents, the vast majority continue to think that it is only a harmless game and that everything is part of our mind and imagination.

ouija board

It is for this reason that today the most mainstream companies manufacture their own ouija boards like this is a toy.

And this is where the real problem begins, today ouija boards are already sold in stores as if it was a Monopoly or Scrabble.

ouija in store
Just look at this…

This unexpected boom in ouija board sales has led the most important exorcists to warn people not to buy ouijas as a gift since they could invoke uncontrollable demonic forces that would transform their lives into a real hell.

But the exorcists are not the only professionals who warn about the danger of the ouija.

Occultists and experts in the paranormal also believe that the ouija is not a game and that, in fact, it is a dimensional portal for all kinds of beings.

And although the portal opens for unknown reasons, the only thing that is known is that the ouija board allows access to any entity to our world… and imagine this happening to 14-year-olds, with no clue what’s going on.


And although it is quite true that some people believe this portal can also allow communication with benevolent entities or deceased loved ones, in most cases, spiritual communication is with dark entities.

And quite possibly, the most dangerous demonic entity associated with the Ouija is Zozo.

Who is Zozo?

Zozo, better known as Pazuzu, is considered a complex entity, or so it seems. He is the demon of the southwest wind known for bringing famine during dry seasons, and locusts during rainy seasons.

Pazuzu was invoked in apotropaic amulets, which combat the powers of his rival, the wicked goddess Lamashtu.

Lamashtu was considered to cause harm to mother and child during childbirth.

Lamashtu and god of sun small
Lamashtu and the God of Sun.

Pazuzu is an evil spirit; however, he intimidates other evil spirits, therefore protecting humans against plagues and disasters.

In most stories, it begins by being a kind spirit and with a different name.

Sometimes, it appears in the middle of a conversation with another spirit and interrupting the communication.

Some victims of this demonic entity have affirmed that when Zozo appears when the planchette makes strange movements or “inverted Zs”, and when answers begin to be repetitive.

But it does not take long for the encounter with Zozo to become a hell for those present.

How to know Zozo is around?

Pazuzu Demon
  1. Maintain a skeptical approach. The most difficult aspect when dealing with a supernatural presence for so long is maintaining the ability to distinguish reality from imagination. There may be rational explanations even when faced with real spiritual activity.
  2. Pay attention to unusual mood swings. Demons love to play with their targets and do not show themselves easily until they are sure they are all vulnerable. Consequently, if a calm and peaceful family suddenly becomes moody or if some member takes a “bad road” in life, you need to pay attention.
  3. Check for poltergeists. Demons are very powerful. Unlike spirits of human nature who need to absorb large quantities of energy, these must not use any energy (or in any case very little) to produce fearful phenomena, such as unexplained movements, teleportation, levitation or falling of objects.

    In extreme cases, they are capable of manifesting themselves as black and nebulous figures or of producing spontaneous combustion.

  4. Look for unusual smells, noises, or bruises. Many times, demons reveal their presence in digital recordings (EVP) in the form of human words, laughter, and even growls. They can also leave a terrible smell of rotten meat or sulfur.If you find some bruises or wounds on your body it can be sign a demon is trying to possess you.
Intense feeling of dread or uneaseExperience a strong sense of fear or discomfort in the presence or mention of Zozo or Pazuzu.
Disturbing dreams or nightmaresEncounter recurring or vivid dreams featuring dark, menacing, or demonic entities associated with Zozo or Pazuzu.
Strange noises or voicesHear unexplained sounds, whispers, or voices that seem to originate from unknown sources.
Physical sensations or manifestationsFeel cold spots, sudden changes in temperature, objects moving or being displaced, or unexplained physical discomfort.
Electronic disturbancesExperience electrical devices malfunctioning or behaving erratically, such as lights flickering or electronic interference.
Emotional and psychological effectsFeelings of depression, anxiety, anger, or aggression that seem to intensify in the presence or influence of Zozo or Pazuzu.
Relationship and personal disturbancesWitness strained relationships, conflicts, or negative changes in behavior among individuals connected to Zozo or Pazuzu.
Table 1: Signs of Zozo or Pazuzu Presence

Defense against Pazuzu

If you think Zozo is around you, there are a few things you should do to protect and defend yourself from its energy.

  • Clean your personal space. If the house is messy or a dirty clean and cleanse it.
  • Build spiritual protection. Before facing any spirit, whether you are skeptical or not, it is much safer if you have some psychic protection that can reduce the chances of being possessed or injured.
  • Get rid of objects that can trigger too much energy or negative alternatives. If something strange or bizarre about an element makes you uncomfortable, follow your instincts and throw it away.
  • Purify the environment. Prepare the area and create the spiritual atmosphere in the way you prefer. You can use incense, candles, crystals, or any other object that you deem appropriate. Herbal burning is a very effective method used all over the world.
  • Perform a powerful ritual to ward off spirits. This is the most crucial step, but you need to make sure that you are not entirely alone and that you know exactly what you are doing.
  • Don’t underestimate a demon. Please do not consider it a fool. It can be cunning. When such a thing happens, it is best to rely on a paranormal professional.
  • Defend yourself from demons by reciting the rosary of the Virgin Mary. It is a prayer that greatly frightens the devil and defends you from the male’s spirits when it is pronounced with sincere faith.
Prayer and InvocationUse prayers or invocations to call upon divine protection and seek assistance from benevolent spiritual beings or deities.
Cleansing and PurificationPerform cleansing rituals using sacred herbs, incense, or spiritual tools to remove negative energies and entities from your space.
Salt or Protective Herb BarrierCreate a physical barrier of salt or protective herbs around your living space or specific areas to prevent the entry of negative entities.
Visualization and Energy ShieldingVisualize a protective energy shield surrounding you or your space, intending it to repel and block any negative influences or entities.
Talismans and AmuletsCarry or wear protective talismans or amulets, such as symbols of divine protection or specific sigils associated with banishing negative entities.
Rituals of BanishmentPerform banishing rituals specifically designed to remove and expel negative entities like Zozo or Pazuzu from your space or personal energy field.
Seeking Professional HelpConsult with experienced spiritual practitioners, such as shamans, psychics, or demonologists, who specialize in entity removal and spiritual protection.
Table 2: Protection and Banishing Techniques

Some additional tips

  • Wear a brown scapular. By placing this strip of fabric while in the state of grace, you can ward off evil spirits and get rid of demons.
  • The study of demonology is a way to get to know these spirits better. This means reading and studying the religious, theological, and occult texts that deal with paranormal beings.
  • Remember not to show fear! Even if you are shaking, try to stay as calm as possible because these entities feed mainly on fear becoming even more powerful.
  • Don’t face demons alone. It is risky, and if the spirit tries to possess you, you may find yourself in a serious situation.
  • Do not try to negotiate or communicate with these presences. Even demon-savvy people use this method as a last resort.
Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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