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What Does a Love Spell Feel Like? [Feelings Explained]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Love spells are so incredibly effective and powerful and often we cast them to attract our crush, live a romantic story, or to get back with an ex. We are all about casting and how to do it, but what if we think we are the target of a love spell? Or maybe we cast a spell and now we would like to know how our target is going to feel. Great! This article is exactly what you need to know more about this topic. Let’s see then what a love spell feels like.


When under the influence of a love spell, individuals often experience intense, compulsive thoughts about a specific person, making it challenging to focus on other aspects of life.

Many who have been cast under a love spell may find themselves constantly seeking ways to get in contact with the person the spell is focused on, often resorting to various means of communication.

Reciprocity is a key element of the love spell experience, as those under its influence typically believe that the targeted person’s feelings will mirror their own, creating a strong desire for a deep connection.

Insomnia often plagues those under the spell, with sleepless nights spent thinking about the person of their affections, adding to the overall intensity of the experience.

A love spell: what it is?

A love spell doesn’t need an introduction, right? For those who are new to my website, I will define a love spell in an easy-to-understand way so you know what kind of magic we are dealing with! Basically, a love spell is a spell that you or a spell caster casts in order to create a certain connection between two people.

These can be people that know each other or people who are apart for many different reasons. Usually, the one linked to love spells is red magic but, being one of the most frequently sought out kinds of magic, you can find love spells in red magic, white magic, black magic, and even in voodoo magic.

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What does a love spell feel like?

A love spell feels like you have these strong feelings for someone who might not be your partner, even for someone who you never considered as a suitable partner, but also for some of your exes. It’s like a connection shows up from nowhere and you cannot help it.

Compulsive thoughts about someone

Out of nowhere, you start to think of someone from your past or present with whom you have no direct contact or simply no longer maintain a bond, and you cannot get them out of your head and your thoughts. It can even sneak into some of your dreams, awakening feelings that did not exist in you before.

Need to get in contact with someone

When thoughts become more powerful and constant, you feel an intense need to get in touch with that person; You need to see them, talk to them and start including them in your life, because the idea of continuing to stay away from them bothers you.


You do not know why, but you are completely sure that this person is also thinking of you, although they do not dare to take the first step. You even begin to imagine what the next time you see them will look like and even put together a love story in your head.


You love the feeling that person is causing you, but for some reason, you are like too excited and at night you have trouble falling asleep. You might even dream of the person of your desires!

You lose your appetite

Your obsession with that person reaches such a degree that you lose your appetite, so you eventually lose weight. You are rarely hungry and sometimes you even forget to eat because you are thinking about that person.

Disinterest in your partner and in your relationship

If you have a partner, you will automatically lose interest in them and you will replace them with the memory of the other person. Spending time with your partner will get tedious and boring; you will even think about ending your relationship.

You want this person no matter what

You feel like you cannot live without someone in particular and you cannot wait to get together with this person, no matter what you need to do to make all this come true.

What happens after casting a spell on the target?

First of all, within a few days from the spell casting, the tied person begins to change behavior towards others (he becomes less “available” to women if it is a tied man and vice versa). Even if he does not change immediately, the situations around him seem to “change direction”.

For example, if the man has an ongoing relationship (extra-marital, for example), and has just been tied to his wife, the extra-marital relationship begins to meet changes (job offers that lead the other elsewhere, or even positive events that divide or begin to divide the extra-marital couple). Any sentimental or sensual relationship outside that of the tied couple ceases or begins to dissipate.


In “good” love spells, this “problem” no longer emerges. In fact, this is often considered one of the signs of a stronger active love spell. Over time, the initial relationship consolidated, with ups and downs that depend on the type of ritualism adopted and how far the “universal will” was met.

There may also be temporary “discards” from time to time (and here it depends on the personality of the target and how much his will has been bent.

How can you tell if a person you know well is a victim of a love spell?

If you know the person well and knew him well even before the suspected event, or the spell casting, you can make behavioral comparisons. Note if the person has become more introverted, than before, if he/she avoids friends he/she often frequently socialized with before if he/she seems more depressed or particularly dependent on the person who is suspected to have performed or commissioned the spell.

Notice if he/she is more tired than before and if he/she has moments of anger or abnormal character reactions that he/she didn’t show before. Finally, part of his/her will seems to have dissipated (he/she wants to do something but does not do it, does not seem capable of it, or it is all over the place).

There are other, more negative, signs if the spell is actually of proper workmanship to dominate the person in all respects.

These differences could indicate signs of an active love spell but can also simply signal a psychological change or a depression, or an emotional deepndence, or a physiological change. So, it is better not to jump to the conclusion that a love spell has been performed.

Be very careful to consider everything from different perspectives and to guide this person to get the help he/she needs.

Check out my article about mental and physical signs of a love spell here.

I think myself or someone I know is under a love spell. What can I do?

First of all, don’t freak out! I know how hard it can be, but you need to keep positive energy to counteract magical attacks and spells.

Try to stay true to yourself and try to analyze your life from a different perspective to see if some magic is involved.

If you don’t know where all this is coming from, you can go for a tarot reading or you can go straight to ask someone magical to help solve the situation.

How can I undo this?

You can cast a protection spell, a banishment spell, and go for a cleanse if you think this person is under some black magic love spell.

If you don’t want to cast the spell yourself, remember that you can always rely on me and my experience as I offer many different spells to help you banish someone from your relationship, cleanse yourself, and protect you and those you love from any kind of magic!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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