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Goddess Nyx: Prayers, Symbols, Books & More [Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Nyx is one of those goddesses widely known and worshipped in the witchy community, even if a veil of mystery surrounds her origins and story. But still, her energy and magic is unique and it can definitely help us in many ways.


Nyx is the Greek goddess personifying the night, a primordial deity who predates the Olympian gods.

She is often depicted as a veiled figure, casting darkness over the world as night falls.

Nyx is the daughter of Chaos and has various notable offspring, including Sleep (Hypnos), Death (Thanatos), Strife (Eris), and the Fates (Moirai).

Her dominion encompasses all aspects of the night, including dreams and sleep, and she has influenced Greek literature with her symbolism of darkness and mystery.

Nyx’s significance lies in her representation of the enigmatic and powerful force of night in the natural world.

Who is Nyx?

Nyx was one of the primordial deities of Greek mythology and, as the ancient myths tell, even Zeus was afraid of her; the power and mystery that enveloped her were her most precious garment. The name of the goddess describes how her dark light falls from the stars and imposes itself on men and gods.

Not even Zeus wanted to upset Nyx, as the ancient myths tell; she was one of the most powerful goddesses ever mentioned in Greek mythology.

The myth of Nyx

The exact origin of Nyx is not known; some sources speak of her as the daughter of Eros while other sources speak of her and Eros as children of Chaos. Taking as source the Theogony of Hesiod, Night was the daughter of Chaos, while in the Orphic cosmogony she appears as daughter of Phanes; in the Fabulae, on the other hand, Igino Astronomo mentions her as the daughter of Chaos and Caligine.

Nyx, Night Goddess, Gustave Moreau, 1880

It is said that during the Trojan War, it was Nyx who protected the spies; in fact, fugitives and thieves who run away or who move in the night doing evil are her proteges.

Nyx is also a source of inspiration: the muses sing during the night for the gods and for the goddess Nyx herself.

According to tradition, Nyx traveled the skies wrapped in her dark cloak, on a chariot pulled by four black horses.

Hesiod claims that he lived in Tartarus; according to Greek mythology, his home was, however, beyond the land of Atlas, in the far West, beyond the Pillars of Hercules, where the Greeks believed that the world ended and there was only Darkness, the night.


The name of the goddess, Nyx (in ancient Greek: Nύξ, Nýx, “night”), describes how the dark light, which she embodies, falls from the stars and imposes itself on men and gods.

She is also present in Roman mythology; she was renamed as the goddess Nox.

There are many different schools of thought that tell Nyx’s story, but all are always related to the night.

Many think that she is one of the first primordial deities. She is represented as a woman who travels the sky on a chariot drawn by four black horses, wearing only a black cloak so wide that it covers the whole sky.

The Greeks also had different ideas about where she resided during the day, since it was thought that the world ended after the Pillars of Hercules, and many thought that beyond there was only darkness and dangers never seen before.

On the other hand, because of the darkness that brings the night, others thought that she lived in an uglier and more dangerous place like Tartarus, the hell where all souls go once they die.

In many stories based on her, the authors tell that she was the mother of many other deities who “control” the various elements of Heaven and Earth, the first being Uranus, the deity of Heaven.

Her other sons were the Fates, or the three Moiras, three deities who wove and cut the threads that represented the lives of mortals: Momo, god of sarcasm and infamy; Apate, god of deception and lies; and Eris, the goddess most famous because she is associated with discord.

The Greek gods are well known for being able to generate children by themselves, especially when it comes to the goddesses, and since they do not have shared DNA, they had children between brothers and sisters.

In fact, Erebus, god of the underworld, is the brother of Nyx and together they generated many other children such as Eufrosine, one of the 3 Graces representing Joy; Philotes, the deity of friendship; Eleos, the deity of mercy; Porphyry, a Titan; and Styx, goddess of hatred and also the one who gives the name to the river Styx.

Greek mythological characters.

I think that we should all consider Nyx as a queen of darkness but not in a negative way. It’s like she masters darkness to spread light and to help you see, in your darkest hour, the light at the end of the tunnel. Being connected with the night, she will make it so you don’t fear it anymore.

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What is Nyx a goddess of?

Nyx is a goddess of the night, the mother of sleep, dreams, and the pleasures of love, but also of Thànatos, death.

How do you know that Nyx is calling you?

  • If you feel a strong connection with the night
  • If you feel very fascinated by darkness and death
  • If you keep seeing things recalling the night
  • If the moon symbol keeps on showing up over and over

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Best ways to connect with Nyx

Spend some time outside at night

There is no better way to connect with Nyx! Go outside and let the Moon shine on you while exploring nature at night under the stars.

Perform moon rituals in her name

This is another wonderful way to connect with Nyx. Just perform a New Moon or a Full Moon ritual and dedicate the practice to her. You will feel amazing and your wishes will manifest sooner!

Use moon water

Moon water is an incredible magical tool! Make it and consecrate it in her name for a deeply strong connection with the night and the Moon!

Cast a fertility spell and ask Nyx to join you

If you are struggling with fertility problems, you should ask Nyx to send her energy to it. She is a mother goddess so she can easily send her vibes and energies your way to help you boost your fertility.

How do you honor Nyx?

  • Dedicate an altar to her
  • Perform some moon rituals
  • Connect with the dead
  • Enjoy the night

What are Nyx’s favorite offerings?

  • Starry items (to evoke her natural setting)
  • Moon related items (to honor her favorite element to spread light into the darkness)
  • Milk (linked to the moon but also to fertility)

Prayer for Nyx

“Nyx, mother of the night, mother of sleep, mother of death:
Might your darkness embrace me
Might your energy caress me
Might you be mine and Might I be yours
Blessed be.

What are Nyx’s symbols?

NightDarkness, mystery, the primordial
StarsDivine guidance, cosmic energy
MoonCycles, intuition, feminine energy
OwlWisdom, night vision, connection to the spirit world
VeilHidden knowledge, the boundary between realms
KeyAccess to hidden truths and mysteries
SerpentRebirth, transformation, shedding of the old
PoppySleep, dreams, relaxation
Table 1: Symbolism Associated with Goddess Nyx

My favorite books about Nyx

Nyx in the House of Night: Mythology, Folklore and Religion in the PC and Kristin Cast Vampyre Series

You can buy it on Amazon US and Amazon UK

For some interesting and fun reading about Nyx, you can read this book! It’s part of a series, but if you want to connect with Nyx, even a novel can help you appreciate her energy and her myth.

Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess by Demetra George

You can buy it on Amazon US and Amazon UK

To practice a bit in the name of the Moon at its darkest phase, you can rely on this book. It’s not dedicated to Nyx herself but to the night and the Moon in general, and it is a great add to your practice to connect with Nyx by honoring the Moon and the night.

My favorite ritual with Nyx

Nyx rejuvenating sleep ritual

This is a great ritual for a long, rejuvenating sleep and to enjoy the night and the darkness while being protected from any sort of potential negative energy.


How to perform it

This Nyx ritual is to be prepared an hour before going to bed. First, we put the mint leaves under the pillow where we will sleep; on the bedside table, free from anything else, we will put the glass with water.

We must then add the salt and place the candles, one on each side of the bed and one side attached to the wall.

Then, light all three candles; you will come back to the bed after an hour and go to sleep completely naked.

Before bedtime, you will say “NYX, GODDESS OF NIGHT” eight times.

You will leave the candles lit until they consume themselves.

In the morning, you will throw the water out of the glass; it is okay to throw it in the bathroom.

Nyx artwork

Many of her representations depict her as a woman holding two children, the white one representing Hypnos, god of sleep, and the black one representing Thanatos, god of death. The best representation, in my opinion, is the one showing Nyx running while wrapped in her black cape and with an owl, a sacred animal to her, flying over her.

La Nuit, by: William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1883

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