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By Witchipedia, Sigils

Exploring the Spare’s Technique: DIY Tips

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

Spare’s Technique is a method for creating sigils that was developed by Austin Osman Spare right around the turn of the 20th century.

It involves creating a sigil using the letters in a written statement of intent.


The Spare’s Technique, developed by Austin Osman Spare, is a method for creating and charging sigils.

Start with a clear statement of your desire, remove duplicate letters and vowels, and rearrange the remaining letters into an abstract symbol.

Enter a focused, meditative state to charge the sigil with emotional and psychic energy.

Then, suddenly release or forget about the sigil.

The belief is that this process sends the intention to the subconscious, which then works to manifest the desired result, making it a popular approach in chaos magic and modern occult practices.

The statement of intent

Written on a piece of paper.

Traditionally, the statement begins with “This is my will…” or “This is my wish…” Though I’ve seen modern practitioners use “MY Will = …” etc. Or dispense with this part altogether.

Most modern practitioners who have dispensed with the “MY WILL” statement, avoid any statement indicating “wishing” or “hoping”, lest one continue wishing and hoping.

The statement must be a positive statement, that is, the words “no”, “not”, “never”, etc. should not appear in the statement.

Instead of saying “This is my will that I will never get in a plane crash” you would write “This is my will; I travel safely by plane.” Instead of “This is my will; That the floodwaters do not reach my house.” you would write “This is my Will, that my house is safe from the floodwaters”.

It is also important that the statement be very specific to avoid any situations that could involve your Will coming to pass in a way that is unacceptable to you.

The statement “I have a new home.” Could be brought about by a serious accident that put you in a nursing home, or the death of a family member resulting in your inheritance or a transfer in your job that causes you to move out of necessity.

Best to state “I have purchased a three-bedroom home in Birmingham.” or “It is my Will to purchase a three-bedroom home in Birmingham.”

– but try not to use any extra words, be concise.

Reduce the Statement to an Image

Remove all the vowels and write down the consonants, but only write down each consonant one time. You can convert numbers written as words into numerals if you like.

At this time, you may also wish to convert the English letters into another language, an ancient or magical alphabet or whatever suits you. Or leave them in English as Spare did.

Combine the remaining letters into a single image. Use the lines from one letter to make the lines for another letter, put letters within letters until you get the simplest image you can manage.

Voila, you have a sigil.

Spare was not the first person to use this method. It is reminiscent of sigils used by Agrippa and sigils found throughout the world in various languages, including bindrunes.

The technique has been further refined since Spare’s time as well. Grant Morrison is credited with the most modern variant of this technique.

Using the Sigil

You can use this sigil in a variety of ways. While the act of creating the sigil itself is a magical act that naturally causes you to focus your energy on the desired result, some prefer to use the sigil as a part of a larger spell.

You may wish to use it for a petition or add it to a container spell or dress it and focus on it while raising energy- direct the energy into the sigil.

You may choose to light a candle and chant over it or put it within your field of vision while raising energy in a  more physical way.

You can then hide it somewhere around your house or carry it on your person to bring the desired effect. Some schools of thought suggest you hide the sigil and forget all about it while others prefer to display it prominently.

See the article on Sigils for more information.

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