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What is a Chant: Phrase That Raises Energy

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

A chant is a phrase, usually quite short, that is spoken over and over repeatedly in order to raise energy or induce a trance-like state.

How to create an effective chant

A chant may include words or simply syllables and is often spoken or sung to very simple rhythm so that some chants may seem song-like. Some chants include several lines varying on a theme to form a song-like structure, but all include repetition.

A chant should be short and simple with a monotonous rhythm to induce a trance-like state. Often these chants are composed of very few words or syllables or even just one. (Like Om) These are usually monotonous and repeated in a drown out, melodic way.

How to use it

Chants used to affect the energy of the surrounding area, as those repeated by witches in a Circle or by protesters at a march are often more rhythmic than melodic and may be sung or spoken. These usually consist of short “catch” phrases designed to bring the focus of the chanters intent into very clear view and, if there are multiple chanters, to bring them into unity.

Famous chants include, “Make love, not war” or “Hoof and horn, hoof and horn, all that dies will be reborn.” A group chant may include a call and response with a leader, or all members of the group may chant in unison. These chants may be used to draw energy or raise energy.

When using such chants to raise energy, it is a good idea to begin quietly and gradually raise the volume of your chant. Clapping, stomping of feet, and drumming along with the chant increases the energy raising effect substantially.

How does it work?

Like a spell, words can contain magic. Every time we use words to express a thought, we create vibrational waves in the ether. Just imagine wi-fi. Frequencies that allow us to use circuits that keep us in touch with people miles away. Why don’t you believe that you too have the ability to send frequencies into the ether?

The thoughts and words behind a chant

How many times have I warned you that your thoughts are vibrations, which over time can thicken until they become matter? Every thought has a consequence that is perceptible internally or externally. Every thought comes from a place in our mind where it is initially processed.

Before organizing a thought, we filter it through our experience. Thought, invisible in itself, takes its vital charge from the emotion from which it comes to life. The stronger the emotion felt by the person experiencing it is, the more the thought vibrates in the body and in the ether. But what risk do we run when we create negative and destructive vibrations?

When we emit sounds we also emit frequencies and emotions. Try to imagine when you hear a song or a poem. Certain emotionally charged words can strike very deep chords within us. They can bring back memories. They can create patterns or break them. They can heal or bring suffering. Sometimes, words can create indelibly deep breaks.

Magic or spell

Try to imagine that your words could be magic formulas. How would you use them? We would pay more attention to what we said. The fear of doing harm or good would lead you to use your words sparingly.

Modern studies on the physical world and metaphysics are increasingly investigating the energy currents that move through space. By space, we mean everything that surrounds you and everything that travels inside your body as well. Space is subject to continuous waves that move in all directions. When we think, we create very subtle waves.

When we speak, the waves we create are more impactful. Imagine the sound of your voice as a spark that creates an energy wave that affects the subject of your words, be it a person, object or place. Anything is liable to absorb and react to incoming energy waves. Think of those people who are always complaining that their job isn’t good, that their city is a mess. They condemn their very existence to remain unsatisfactory by contributing to their negative aspects with their complaints.

“Words were originally spells, and the word has retained much of its ancient magical power to this day.” (Sigmund Freud)

How to use chants in white magic

Now you know that what you think and say can affect your life and that of others. You also know that you can use this incredible power to turn the tide of events. Get started now! What would you like to see change in your environment? Use your words in white magic chants. White magic heals, regenerates, encourages, creates change and hopes to see what others still don’t see.

Remember that to have a decisive force, you must load your words with emotion, with truth. Don’t lie to the universe. You are part of the whole, there are no beliefs you can keep hidden, because space, remember, is inside and out. You may try to separate space into various worlds, but space is unique and constantly interacting with itself. If you speak well of someone, if you wish them the best, you are also doing so to yourself.

Train your mind to be a well of hope

“The word is the most powerful tool available to human beings. It is the tool of magic. But, like a double-edged sword, it can create a magnificent dream, or destroy it all. An edge of the blade is the word misused, which creates hell on earth. The other thread is the flawless word, which creates beauty, love and heaven on earth. Depending on how you use it, the word will make you free or slave. All magic you own is based on it. Well used, the word is magic. Misused, it’s black magic.” (The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz )

The power of silence

Don’t forget about the power of silence. Rather than say something negative or untruthful, be silent and listen. If you feel strong negative emotions, wait. It is better to say nothing than to do damage. Be silent every day. Listen to the sounds of your internal space.

Imagine having an altar, in a room, to which you can retreat. In that inner space you can visualize whatever you want. You can make joy and serenity vibrate. You can watch a movie of all the roles you play every day. Only in your sacred space, in silence, is your true nature. Try experiencing moments of silence. It might be interesting to do so with your partner or with your friends. Maybe for breakfast or dinner.

For one day a week, or one day a month, the rule of silence should be practiced. Give your mind a chance to sharpen its other tools of listening, moving and inspecting. Use words only when necessary. Don’t use them randomly now that you know the power they have.

Online Sources of Magical Chants

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