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Meaning of a Candle Flame Going Out [Explained]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Being a huge fan of candles and having learned how to connect with the candle flame and how to interpret its movements and behaviors, there is something that many people ask me about this topic: what does it mean when a candle flame goes out?

That’s a very good question and one of the first questions I asked myself when I started noticing different movements of candle flames!

Let’s see the meaning of a candle flame going out and how a candle flame’s behavior before going out is something we should focus on and learn more about to really know what the flame wants us to know.


The meaning of a candle flame going out can hold significant symbolism in various spiritual and magical contexts.

If a candle flame extinguishes on its own, it may indicate that the energy or intention behind a spell or ritual has been fully absorbed or that the work is complete.

Alternatively, it could suggest external influences or obstacles, especially if the flame goes out unexpectedly or prematurely.

In some beliefs, a candle flame that extinguishes could also be interpreted as a sign of disagreement from spiritual entities or a need to reconsider the intention or method of the ritual.

This event prompts reflection and possibly a need to cleanse the space or reevaluate the practitioner’s approach.

The deep meaning and importance of a candle flame

Fire is one of the four most used elements in the spiritual and religious sphere. In particular, candles are lit to establish a link with the divine, opening a passage between the earthly world and the invisible one. The candle is, in fact, the bearer of light, and its flame shines both on the physical plane and on the astral plane.

But the use of candles is also widespread in the profane environment; just think of the classic candles on a birthday cake, to be blown out while making a wish.

Without knowing it, we do a little magic every time we perform this ritual.

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But what does the candle symbolize?

It represents the soul while the flame symbolizes the prayer we address to God, the universe, or any other entity. In addition to the power of fire, the candle also conceals the other elements of the cosmos within itself: water, symbolized by melting wax, earth, symbolized by wax, and air, symbolized by smoke.

self love spell candle and flower
By: Tina Caro

In the esoteric field, candles are prepared following specific patterns, handed down from tradition to tradition. Some people used to grease the candle with special oils to consecrate it and prepare it for ritual use. The choice of oil depends on the purpose to be achieved and the sector on which you want to act.

Observing SurroundingsNoting any concurrent events or emotions
Reflecting on IntentionConsidering the purpose of the candle or ritual
Trusting IntuitionListening to your inner guidance and instincts
Keeping a JournalDocumenting candle behaviors and interpretations
Table 1: Tips for Interpreting Candle Flames

The importance of the candle does not end with the flame; as already stated, the wax is also essential as it has magnetic capacity. It is, in fact, able to absorb thoughts and emotions and to release them during combustion.

Divination method for everyone

Candles are used for divination through two main practices: ceromancy, the interpretation of wax, and pyromancy, the interpretation of flames. In ceromancy, the melted wax is dripped into a container with cold water; the formed figures symbolize different messages.

Meaning of a Candle Flame Going Out by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

The wax, in some cases, can turn into numbers, which indicate important dates for those who consult, or letters associated with initials of names.

In pyromancy, although there are differences in interpretation, the leaping flame is believed to indicate struggles or oppositions, and a very high flame is associated with spiritual work that takes place quickly, so it is a good omen.

A low, weak flame symbolizes something that hinders work or otherwise represents negativity.


The color of the smoke is also important: if it is dark and does not run out in the first few seconds, it can symbolize opposing forces. A burning candle is related to obstacles and difficulties in reaching a certain goal. A candle that burns only on one side, or in any case partially, indicates that the request/prayer will be answered in half.

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A flickering flame indicates the presence of spirits. A flame that goes out during spiritual work is a bad omen, symbolizing that the ritual in progress will not reach the objectives because it is not strong enough. Clearly, there is a need for more intense work and probably a deep spiritual cleansing. Any pops and noises of the candle signal opposition from third parties.

Meaning of a candle flame going out explained

When a candle goes out, you will have to light it again by reciting the prayer and performing the ritual. If it goes out again, it means that the person you are trying to cast the spell on is very strong and is fighting against your magick and winning. So, you should put more intention and power into it.

If it were to shut down, I would say that you should give up or try to do the spell again. When you perform coercive rites, the person fights against the rite itself.

Spirit CommunicationA sign that spirits are trying to communicate
Negative Energy PresenceIndicates the presence of negative or malevolent energy
Spell DisruptionSuggests that a spell or ritual has been disrupted
Signal for AttentionSignifies the need for focused attention or action
Table 2: Superstitions and Beliefs Associated with a Candle Flame Going Out

According to the casted spell, this sign has a different meaning.

For example:

  • if you are doing a purification ritual, it means that someone has worked against you or the person you are doing the ritual for.
  • If you cast a love spell, the outcome is negative. It means that your wish will not be fulfilled, as there may be important blocks to eliminate or the person does not love you.

Some other things you need to keep an eye on

  • If the candle going out leaves some droplets on its side, they are called tears. They have the shape of icicles and sometimes form tall columns of wax. When this happens, it means there will be a lot of pain. If during combustion, the tears disappear, it indicates that it will be a passing pain; on the contrary, if they remain, it will be permanent.
  • When the candle smokes black as soon as it goes out, it is a sign that there will be strong initial difficulties which will then subside.
  • If a candle burns very slowly right before going out, it is a negative sign.

The pins test to see how the spell is going

You can use pins to learn more about the situation and unveil the real meaning of the candle flame going out as it might be a little bit confusing. Stick pins into the candle itself; if they do not fall it is a sign that the person is too attached to people, things, or past events.

In this case, there are remedies to get rid of the blockages such as taking a nice bath with black walnut leaves or even with the essence. This serves to break all the bonds that keep us anchored to the past. Or you could take a nice cleansing bath with sage.

What if this happens during a divinatory ritual?

Some people may use candles as oracles. In this case, they are lit only to understand how a certain situation is going. If the candle is very slow to burn out and continues to burn without going out even in the end, let’s say that the question that has been asked or the ritual that has been done is negative.

But it also indicates that you are not respecting the will of the person you cast the spell on.

What if no matter what I do my candle flames keep going out?

Take a rest and try something different. Maybe you are living your spell casting or your ritual from a place of discomfort, driven by negative emotions, or simply the spell you are trying to cast is not the right one for you as the other person has a strong will and a strong aura and it’s very hard to break it.

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Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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