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Shadow Figures

Benign Shadow Figures (Things You Need to be Aware of)

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Written by: Tina Caro

How do you know if there is a benign shadow figure around you? How do you get his message for us? In this article, I will tell you more about this exciting topic, so you know how to handle this presence properly and respectfully. Let’s dive into it.


Benign Shadow Figures are mysterious, shadowy entities that often manifest in various forms, such as shadowy silhouettes or fleeting glimpses, making them challenging to identify.

Characteristics of benign shadow figures include their gentle presence, which is typically non-threatening and accompanied by a feeling of calmness. They are often seen as guardians or protectors.

These figures may reveal themselves during moments of personal significance or when you’re facing important decisions, offering guidance and reassurance.

Be aware that benign shadow figures can communicate through various signs, including waking up early in the morning as a message to pay attention to your thoughts and surroundings, or by sending signs from nature like unusual animal behavior.

Benign Shadow Figures: what are they?

They are figures who do not interact with people, and they do not even seem to perceive their presence until a triggering event that would allow someone to see them fleetingly. Usually, benign shadow figures are deceased who come to us to give us a message we need to hear the most.

Characteristics of benign shadow figures

ProtectiveBenign shadow figures are often associated with a sense of protection and guardianship.
PeacefulThey emit a calm and serene energy, creating a peaceful atmosphere in their presence.
ObservantBenign shadow figures are commonly known to observe or watch over individuals without any ill intent.
SupportiveThey can provide support during challenging times, offering comfort and guidance.
Positive energyThese figures often emanate positive energy, uplifting the atmosphere and promoting a sense of well-being.
AssistingThey may assist individuals in various ways, such as offering inspiration, intuition, or creative ideas.

When may it show itself?

Our loved ones can make themselves felt in crucial moments of our existence, as positive (marriages, births, job changes) as negative (existential crises, depression, sudden changes), to encourage us. Significant signs and coincidences will indicate their presence.

The perception of the “Subtle Worlds” is something personal. However, paying due attention, we will see that some situations (for example, while sleeping, when alone, and when suffering) favor the encounter with the Spirits. Learning to read the “signs” that they send us makes us more receptive and readier to grasp the “Other Worlds” messages.

So here is a little guide to understanding if a benign shadow figure tries to capture your attention.

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A list of things you need to be aware of

Wake up early in the morning

Before discovering my potential as a “medium,” I could not understand why I woke up (or woke up) almost always at a specific time of the night, three o’clock. Around that time, we are in deep REM sleep, and vital functions reduce to a minimum. In this state, similar to death, it is easier for the dead to seek contact with us, even by touching us, to make us remember their visit. You may also hear laughing or crying, and this will indicate whether a soul needs help or not. You may also feel tightness in your back or chest.

Signs from nature

Spirits sometimes use insects or birds to let you know they are close to you, using their energy to grab your attention. Every animal, as well as every plant, has a particular symbolic meaning.


If you find writings or drawings on sheets, holy cards, or mirrors in your home (these are powerful manifestations) and the handwriting is not yours, a presence asks for your attention.

Repetitive messages

On your birthday or special dates (anniversaries etc.), you may hear the name of someone you love and who is no longer there, perhaps on the radio, or in a conversation between strangers, on TV, repeatedly. It is not a coincidence but a sign. It can also happen with numbers and dates.

Nervous animals

When we have pets in the house, especially cats, and we see them very scared or staring at specific points without a valid reason to divert their attention, there may be a presence. Their reaction is beneficial to understand if it is friendly or not.

Lights and electrical phenomena

Suppose the electrical system is not faulty. You frequently observe bulbs that explode or blink, appliances that start or turn off for no apparent reason, a telephone that rings empty (one ring), and a cell phone that suddenly switches off. In that case, a presence is likely trying to communicate something to you.

Smelling perfumes

When you smell a perfume or a strong smell that has no known origins and you cannot explain, a spirit is trying to attract your attention. It can be floral, sweet, a cigarette (if the person smoked), or the perfume the deceased usually wore.

Feeling touched

If you feel lightly touched/caressed on the body, but there is no one at home, we all have an energy field called an aura, and spirits can interact with it to create a physical sensation in our body. The same is true when we feel we are “observed” as if we know that there is someone next to us. We could feel a great calm or, on the contrary, a magnetic attraction towards a point in the room.

Cold wind

Do not be scared if you feel a cold breeze in a drafty environment. The spirits absorb the heat of the air when they appear. The stronger the manifestation, the greater the thermal “jolt.”


If you dream of snow, clear shapes in the light, or before falling asleep, you see “faces” when you close your eyes, almost like in a “vision” know that spirits also express their presence in this way. If you don’t recognize the faces, they may be people you have known in past lives, but they are still close to you. It happens to those who are already “spiritually open” enough.

Disappearing objects and other strange phenomena

When we are sure that we have placed an object in a particular place, yet it is not there, but it reappears later in a place where we have already searched, it is likely that a spirit seeks our attention. We may see an object moving for no reason or hear a knock on the door or loud bangs in the room. We can try to calm down the presence, saying with a firm and calm voice, “I understand, now enough, please.”

How do I know if it’s a Benign Shadow Figure or not?

When a shadow figure is a benign one, you know it. You feel it. This shadow figure won’t scare you, but it can make you feel supported and protected.

I think there is a benign shadow figure around me. What should I do?

First of all, try to know more about this presence, and, if it’s truly someone dear to you who passed away, you can honor this person by bringing flowers to his tomb and chanting a prayer or doing something this person loved doing when alive.

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If you are not sure about the identity of this presence, you can consider using divination to learn more or simply ask this presence to give you more hints/clues about them. It can do it with dreams or more signs around you.

What can a message from a benign shadow figure be?

You are not alone. You are safe. I am here to support you. These can be the messages a benign shadow figure might have for you simply by showing presence around you.

If you’ve been dealing with a struggling experience and asking for help and guidance, a benign shadow figure might manifest to let you know they hear your request for help.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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