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Shadow Figures

Red-Eyed Shadow Figure (Things You Need to be Aware of)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Red-eyed shadow figures are phenomena classified as magical and supernatural, which we find in both modern folklore and paranormal culture. Those who believe in these shadow figures describe them as ghosts or shapes that are mostly seen in one’s peripheral vision. They can be both evil spirits, with negative intentions, or indifferent and devoid of any malicious intent.


Red-eyed shadow figures are mysterious entities often associated with supernatural and occult phenomena, appearing as dark, shadowy silhouettes with glowing red eyes.

Distinguishing a red-eyed shadow figure from other paranormal entities can be challenging, but key signs include the presence of red, glowing eyes and an eerie, unsettling aura.

If you believe a red-eyed shadow figure is near, remain calm and focused, as these entities may be drawn to fear or negative emotions. Consider seeking guidance from experienced practitioners.

Messages from red-eyed shadow figures are often cryptic and symbolic, conveying important spiritual insights or warnings that require careful interpretation and reflection. Always approach these encounters with respect and reverence.

Red-Eyed Shadow Figures: what are they?

According to some, shadow men are just hallucinations that appear when we think we are awake, but in reality, we are still dreaming. It can be an elaborate display of memories and thoughts that convince us that we have seen someone in the course of the night when in reality it was only a dream.

This is the most talked-about encounter with a red-eyed shadow figure, but there are also those who believe that shadow figures are actually real. It could therefore be a supernatural phenomenon, especially if animals, which are extremely sensitive to these apparitions, also perceive the presence of these beings. According to some, the shadow men are aliens who have decided to visit humanity. On the other hand, these figures could be some sort of psychic projection, perhaps due to events that have occurred to us or due to negative energies and memories.

Red EyesShadow figures with distinct red eyes that are prominently visible.
Humanoid SilhouetteFigures typically have a human-like shape or silhouette.
Tall or LoomingSome shadow figures may appear taller or larger than average.
Unsettling EnergyReports often describe a feeling of fear or unease in their presence.
Manifestation TimeShadows may appear at specific times, such as during the night or twilight hours.
Table 1: Characteristics of Red-Eyed Shadow Figures

They could therefore be the realization of negative thoughts that wander around our minds. Other theories instead argue that the shadow men are ghosts. Or they are spirits, who come from a different dimension. They are not necessarily evil since there are no records of shadow figures ever harming anyone. Some even believe that they are good spirits who watch over people.

According to the various testimonies collected, the red eyes shadow figures are humanoid in shape, but specific features like eyes or mouths can often not be distinguished. Despite generally lacking features, some people report seeing shadow figures with glowing red eyes.

They are separated from ghosts by their shadowy appearance, rather than being made out of other substances. Shadow figures with bad intentions will haunt a person for a set period of time, so it is said. Some believe that these types of shadow figures feed on fear. To get rid of such presences the only solution, according to the victims themselves, is to be able to overcome the fear you feel of them.

Paranormal professionals such as Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Heidi Hollis, Jason Offutt, among others, have all dealt with shadow figures. They say that their appearance will differ depending on the person who sees them. For most, these figures move in a disjointed manner. But variations in appearance include the figures wearing cloaks of friar’s hoods, or appearing anywhere on the spectrum from demonic to two-dimensional, alien-like to reptilian.

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When it may show itself?

It may show itself if you wanted to establish a connection with the underworld or the spiritual realm. It may be a manifestation of a spell casted on you. It could also be a guide to you, a reminder to stay positive and counteract any negative energy around you.

How do I know if it’s a Red-Eyed Figure or not?

A shadow with red eyes is a dead giveaway. If the shadow figure you see doesn’t have glowing red eyes, check for other distinctive features of shadow figures, such as their dark appearance and disjointed movements.

Paranormal EntitiesSome believe these figures could be spirits or other supernatural beings.
Sleep ParalysisRed-eyed shadow figures can be experienced during episodes of sleep paralysis.
HallucinationsShadows with red eyes may be the result of hallucinations or optical illusions.
Psychological FactorsCertain psychological conditions or stress can contribute to these experiences.
Cultural BeliefsCultural beliefs and legends may attribute specific meanings or entities to these figures.
Table 2: Possible Explanations for Red-Eyed Shadow Figures

I think it is around me. What should I do?

A first thing to do, according to paranormal experts, could be to politely ask the presence to leave the house, using phrases such as: “This is not your place, it’s time for you to go ahead and continue on your way”.

You can also add some auspicious messages and blessings. Ghosts are said to be spirits of dead people who have remained tied to the earthly world for some unresolved issue and which does not allow them to “pass” any further.

You could talk to them aloud, trying to convey feelings of empathy, love, forgiveness, and compassion: according to experts, it is a way to give them peace and make them go. Try to face this presence with no fear.

Moving on to the actual rituals, burning sage is very useful for purifying your home from ghosts.

Not only that, but prayers also help a lot: channeling one’s will through prayer is a very powerful way to get a ghost to leave.

Finally, one can resort to esoteric symbolism by resorting to the circle. You can create this with a group of people holding hands, meditating, dancing, or praying in order to create a sacred space of positive energy, capable of making the entity leave you alone.

What can a message from a red-eyed shadow figure be?

Seeing one of these beings could mean that someone in your life is sending negative energy or even an evil eye your way. Someone is watching over you but not from a place of protection or love, but from darkness and negativity. Casting protection spells or cleansing the energy around you can be a great way to solve things and re-establish peace and harmony in your life.

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