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Crystal for Each Taylor Swift’s Era: Swiftie Witches


Written by: Tina Caro

Taylor Swift is definitely one of the best artists in the world at the moment. She is breaking records, changing the musical industry’s rules, and becoming one of the icons of our generation. Her music is rich in symbolism and meaning as her songwriting is all about her personal experiences and her emotions.

With her worldwide Eras Tour, she is performing a 3.5-hour show with all of her eighteen-year career on display. Each album is an era, with vibes, feelings, and experiences.

Today with this article for all our Swifties fellow witches we are going to explore the Eras Tour from a unique perspective with a list of the best crystals for each Taylor’s Eras and how to use them to practice magick while having our best time singing Taylor’s hits out loud.


Taylor Swift is breaking records and changing the music industry with her Eras Tour, featuring a 3.5-hour show showcasing her 18-year career.

Each album represents a unique era with associated crystals and their uses:

  • Lover: Rose Quartz for love and soothing vibes.
  • Taylor Swift: Apatite for creativity and self-expression.
  • Fearless: Citrine for positivity and high energy.
  • Speak Now: Lepidolite for peace and girly vibes.
  • Red: Red Jasper for balancing emotions.
  • Folklore: Moonstone for connecting with emotions.
  • Evermore: Malachite for protection during transitions.
  • Reputation: Black Obsidian for confidence and banishing negativity.
  • 1989: Rainbow Fluorite for calming and productivity.
  • The Tortured Poets Department: Clear Quartz for new beginnings.
  • Midnights: Amethyst for introspection and intuition.

Each crystal’s use is tailored to the themes of its respective album.

Lover – Rose Quartz

Lover is like a love letter to the epitome of love itself. This era is all about being in love and choosing love in all its nuances.

That’s why the best crystal associated with this era is rose quartz. Rose quartz is a love crystal with enchanting and soothing vibes to sweeten any heart.

rose quartz crystal on a table by tina caro magickal spot

How to use it

You can use it during a love spellcasting while setting your intuition for the spell keeping this crystal between your hands while listening to your favorite track for this album.

If you are lucky enough to attend a live show, bring it with you and keep it in your pocket while attending and listening to this era live to let the loving vibes resonate with you.

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Taylor Swift – Apatite

Her debut era is a special album being a teenage country album about love, drama, and feelings.

Being her first album and being mainly focused on her first creative experiences, Apatite is the best crystal to represent this era, a crystal about communication, creativity, and self-expression.

How to use it

Use this crystal to gain more self-expression and boost your communication while listening to this album.

You will raise your vibes and connect with creative energy even more.

Fearless – Citrine

Fearless is an era all about raising your vibration, positivity and young fresh boldness. Citrine is the best crystal to represent this era with its high solar energy.

citrine crystal on a table by tina caro magickal spot

How to use it

When you feel a bit down and with low energy, put the Fearless album on and use citrine to visualize the best thing that could ever happen to you coming to life.

Speak Now -Lepidolite

Speak Now is a romantic era with girly vibes. Lepitodite is an amazing crystal in tune with this energy, being a peaceful crystal.

How to use it

Channel this era’s vibes using this crystal in meditation or in self-care rituals to enhance this energy in your soul.

Red – Red Jasper

Red is the era of growing up and dealing with tumultuous feelings and emotions while having all eyes on yourself and feeling the pressure of responsibility.

This is a pretty personal album for Taylor and one of those we can identify the most because of its iconic breakup songs.

Red Jasper is great for balancing emotions and easing struggles, it is perfectly suitable for this era then!

jasper crystal on a table by tina caro magickal spot

How to use it

When feeling a bit stressed out, always put on a test and in a whirlwing spiral of emotions use a red jasper together with Red and you will find a sense of support and stability to take further steps with a clear mind.

Folklore – Moonstone

Folklore is a mystic album. An album where fictional characters live their lives and get through breakups, struggles, emotions, first times and so on.

Moonstone is a crystal linked to the realm of emotions and that’s why it’s the best crystal to represent this fairy-tale-inspired era.

moonstone crystal on a table by tina caro magickal spot (1)
Copyright: Tina Caro

How to use it

Use this crystal to connect with your emotions during a new moon ritual and to set intentions while listening to this magickal album.

Evermore – Malachite

Evermore is the sister era of Folklore, is an autumn vibes era. It’s cozy, it’s intimate and it’s all about emotional breakdowns.

Malachite has protective and energizing vibes to get through this transitional phase.

How to use it

Use it when dealing with changes and the emotions this change bring with it. Use it as a talisman while listening to Evermore with a candlelit and a hot cup of tea for some coziness.

Reputation – Black obsidian

Reputation is a powerful revenge album. After the Kanye Drama and all the backlash, Taylor is finding herself back again with renewed confidence and trust in herself while experimenting with new genres.

Black Obsidian is all about blacking out negativity and finding more and more self-confidence.

obsidian close up by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

How to use it

Use black obsidian when someone hurt you so bad and you want to find your energy and your confidence again.

Use it in meditation, and banishing rituals while setting intentions by listening to this powerful album.

1989 – Rainbow Flowrite

1989 is a bittersweet album with both moments of nostalgia and moments of carefree energy. It’s definitely the most Taylor’s vibes album we find in her discography.

Rainbow Flowrite is the best crystal to represent this duality and to bring a sense of calming mind and boosting productivity.

How to use it

When you are stuck in a rut, use this crystal to find your true self back again dealing with your struggles while finding the light and yourself.

Listen to this album while setting intentions of finding light and a new dimension of yourself.

The Tortuted Poets Department – Clear Quartz

This newly added era, The Tortuted Poets Department is all about the last years of Taylor’s relationships while dealing with emotions, struggles hopes, and dreams.

The best crystal to represent this era is clear quartz, able to let you become aware of what no longer serves you to make some room for fresh new starts and chapters.

quartz crystal on a table by tina caro magickal spot

How to use it

Use this crystal while performing a full moon ritual getting rid of what you don’t need anymore while listening to this album. It will be a healing cathartic experience.

Midnights – Amethyst

Midnight is the most oniric album and also one of the most personal Taylor has ever written with tons of emotions, feelings and tell-all songs.

Her introspection reaches some highs in this era and what better crystal to represent this than amethyst?

Amethyst is a crystal of introspection and intuition, a wonderful crystal for those who is on a spiritual and personal journey of growth and self-awareness.

amethyst crystal by tina caro magickal spot

How to use it

Use this crystal when meditating, when journaling or when trying to figure out what you truly want and need in this era of your life.

Do it while listening to this album and you will find yourself exploring it from a unique perspective.


Here you have it! This is our list of Swiftie crystals to work with while having the best time listening to your favorite album while living your best era!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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