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What is a Reverse Candle? [Meaning and Magick Uses]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Candle magick is one of my favorites and one of the best, easiest, and most intriguing kinds of magick. I forgot to mention candles are a great tool for your craft and I think it can be a wonderful option to shift some energy and change your life path, especially if a spell has blocked your path. Let’s explore the power of reverse candles, what is a reverse candle, why we have to use it, and how to do it.

What is a reverse candle?

A reverse candle is a special kind of candle of two different colors and was created for a specific magickal goal. It can have different ingredients in it, but its colors are what matters the most.

reverse candle

What can I do with a reverse candle?

You can use a reverse candle to reverse a spell that is affecting your life in a bad way. Like a bad luck spell, or any spell made with evil intentions to cause you harm, stress, and challenging times.

Spell PurposeRecommended Candle Color
Reversing SpellsBlack or White
Undoing CursesBlack or Purple
Reversing LoveRed or Black
Breaking Bad HabitsBlue or White
Repelling NegativityWhite or Blue
Table 1: Reverse Candle Spells and Their Purposes

When should I use the reverse candle?

  1. If you think you are under a spell or dealing with some very strange situations, in which you feel like you have no power or energy to overcome it, a reverse candle could be the answer.
  2. If you are still unsure if any evil forces are surrounding you, or if someone had cast a black magic spell on you, that is giving you some hardship, you can explore this possibility with divinatory tools.
  3. It will also help to have as much proof as possible of this and to work going forward in the right way. If you have a Tarot deck, you could do a reading on yourself, but, if you want some guidance for a professional reading, you can order the tarot reading here.

When is the perfect time to use a reverse candle?

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The best time to use a reverse candle to reverse a spell is during a waning moon. If you feel there is something bad going on in your life or that some bad energy was sent your way, preventing you from living your best life, you can perform the reverse spell with a reverse candle, to send all of the bad energy back to the caster.

What if I don’t’ know who is the caster of this evil spell? What if I don’t know the identity of the person who is sending the bad energy my way?

It is not a problem at all. As you send the bad energy back to the caster and back to the person that is feeling dark emotions towards you, it will work even if you don’t know who this person is. Again, if you want to know who this person is you can use Tarot Cards to have a wider vision of the situation and the reasons behind this bad energy.

Choosing the right color

Red and Black reverse candle

One of the most iconic reverse candles is a black and red candle. Why? Because the red melting together with the black has a strong symbolism, related to the fact that good energy will take over the dark energy, that you will be able to fight and defeat the darkness.

Read more about red candle meaning and magickal usages here.
Read more about black candle meaning and magickal usages here.

Green and Black reverse candle

If you think someone has cast a bad luck spell on you and it’s preventing you from making money and having wealth in your life. You can choose this combination to defeat the dark energy and let prosperity and abundance come your way, eliminating the blockage coming from the dark energy.

Read more about green candle meaning and magickal usages here.

White and Black reverse candle

If you think some bad energy is making you sick or feeling down or sad, you should use a white and black candle to clear things out, cleansing yourself and the energy surrounding you.

Read more about white candle meaning and magickal usages here.

Pink and Black reverse candle

If you are going through some upsetting moments with a friend, a family member, or a partner, and you think it’s because of an evil spell sent your way, you can use a pink and black reverse candle. This will help cleansing your relationship/s and sending the bad energy and intentions back to the sender.

Read more about pink candle meaning and magickal usages here.

7 day reverse candle spell

This is a great spell. If you think that a spell that was cast your way is a powerful one, you can rely on the power of a special kind of candle, a 7 day reverse candle. This candle can be used over a week to boost its powers and its color properties, to really shift the bad energy that was sent your way and help you change your life.

The first day of your 7 days reverse candle should be the one with a waning moon, to help boost its power.

Using a reverse candle is easy and it is very beginner-friendly.

Here’s how.

1. Dress the candle (optional)

If you feel the need to dress a candle you can do it with some essential oils for each problem you want to solve. Another option is, you can buy a ready-to-be-used reverse candle and leave the candle as it came to you. Dressing is not mandatory. Do what feels good.

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2. Say a prayer

You just have to say a prayer out loud saying something like
“I send all the bad energy away.
May this bad intention go back to their sender.”

You can customize this prayer as per your needs require and reflecting on what you think is going on. While saying these words, visualize the bad energy fading away, while white light takes over. If you are dealing with some money struggles, focus on seeing green light taking over, for relationship problems visualize the pink light taking over.

3. Light the candle

Place the reverse candle in a place that gives you peace and where you can keep an eye on it, to let its flame spread the energy, making you feel supported and ready to cleanse the bad energy out and focusing on welcoming the new light, making ready to create your life with no obstacles and struggles.

How long does it take for a reverse candle to work?

You will start feeling a sense of relief almost immediately but, like every type of magick, it will take some time to manifest usually around 7-14 days. Be patient and believe your reverse candle, while waiting for it to manifest.

Is reverse candle effective?

Absolutely! As always, the most important part is your commitment and trust. If you trust in the magickal process and you perform any ritual with an open and clear mind, it will show its effectiveness and its power.

Where can I buy a reverse candle?

You can buy it online on a website like Etsy or you can create your own by watching one the many tutorials you can find on YouTube, making sure to use the right colors you need.

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