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A Powerful Prayer to Get a Promotion [5 Min Chant]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Are you working hard but you’re still stuck? Does your boss keep saying you are doing a great job but promotion doesn’t seem to be in the picture? This happens so often and situations like this can undermine your confidence, your focus, and even your productivity.

That’s the reason why, before getting stuck in a rut, you have to change all this with a better attitude. How can you do this? With a prayer to get a promotion, of course!


Harness the power of a well-crafted prayer to enhance your chances of getting a promotion at work.

Boost your intentions by lighting a yellow candle, symbolizing success and intellect, before beginning the prayer ritual.

Create a personalized sigil that represents your desire for a promotion, infusing it with your energy and determination.

Utilize a potent prayer to invoke the energies of success and recognition, while aligning your intentions with the universe.

What is a prayer to get a promotion?

This is a prayer that enhances your possibilities of getting what you want. It’s a way to use the law of attraction and to truly let yourself be even more confident in yourself and in your career.

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How does it work?

It works as a special boost to let others see all your efforts and work but it also works as a magnet for positivity and luck in your career.

When should you do it?

You can do it whenever you feel you need it. The best moment is right before meeting your boss or right before a project or a presentation that can be the last effort you need to get that promotion.

It can also simply be a daily gesture to boost your chances despite your career steps so it can attract the promotion in general. If you want to use a day of the week to enhance your chances even more with the right energy to get a promotion, you can pray on a Sunday where the energies for success and recognition for your work are higher.

If a promotion is all you want, you can even consider it as the main focus of a new moon ritual so you can wait for that special time of the month to do your prayer. In terms of the perfect time of day, I recommend doing your prayer first thing in the morning.

If that’s not doable for you, at least do it when you find a moment of stillness and calmness to let your prayer be heard. Do what you prefer!


How to prepare for a prayer?

These steps below aren’t a must, but they’ll help you make your prayer work.

Light a yellow candle

Lighting a yellow candle is a wonderful way to boost the energy around your promotion as this color is all about business, career, and fresh positive energy. In case you don’t have a yellow candle, you can use a white candle instead.

Set your goal

This part is very important. Try to truly focus on the kind of promotion you would like to get. Don’t be shy and dream big! Use meditation to visualize your goal if that’s your thing. You can even do something as easy as writing it down in your journal or on a piece of paper.

Create a sigil to get a promotion

A sigil is a wonderful tool you can create and bring with you to work, especially if when at work, you feel a bit unmotivated and not so confident in getting that promotion.

You can draw it on paper and use it when you pray with the sigil between your hands and then you can bring it with you wherever you go.

Prayer to get a promotion

“May these words be heard
All my efforts… all the sacrifices… all my work…
May all this be noticed… acknowledged…. appreciated…
I did my best… I am doing my best… I am going with the flow…
I won’t stop working to make everything great…
In tune with my own energy…
filled with my skills… With my abilities… with my intuition…
my promotion is waiting for me
I am waiting for my promotion…
This is meant to be…
I deserve it…
I embrace it…
I will get it…
It’s mine….
Blessed be.”

What should you do after prayer?

After, you can use the sigil you created as an amulet as a reminder of your business and a way to state to the universe how committed and deserving you are of getting a promotion.

You can decide to do it just one time, you can use it as a great addition to a promotion spell or, if you need to, you can do it on a daily basis, for example, each day after waking up and right before going to work or starting your workday so you can let this moment generate some positive energy that will rule your day and your career.

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Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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