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An Enchanting Prayer for Lughnasadh [5 Min Chant]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Lughnasadh is one of those times of the year where you can truly connect with the phases of nature and with its blessings and gifts. These gifts are so much more than those we can see and touch. We are also blessed with the opportunity to stop and admire nature while relaxing and patiently waiting for the fruits to be ready for harvest.

If you want to honor Lughnasadh in a practical and easy way, prayer is what you need! Keep reading this article for some inspiration and guidance on how to do a prayer for Lughnasadh!


Lughnasadh, a Celtic festival, marks the beginning of the harvest season and is celebrated with a unique prayer.

The prayer for Lughnasadh works by connecting you to the energies of the season, fostering gratitude, and inviting abundance into your life.

Honoring Lughnasadh through prayer is a way to show respect to the Celtic god Lugh and seek his blessings for a bountiful harvest.

The best time to perform the prayer is at sunrise on August 1st, aligning with the traditional date of Lughnasadh.

Preparation involves lighting a white candle to symbolize purity, harvesting and baking with the first fruits of the season, honoring the element of light, and allowing yourself to rest and rejuvenate after the ritual.

What is a prayer for Lughnasadh?

A prayer for Lughnasadh is the best way to be vocal about how you feel about this pagan holiday and express how you would like to connect with this energy to improve aspects of your life. If you are not a witch but still very intrigued by this time of year, you can definitely still do a prayer! The elements will appreciate it!

How does it work?

It states your respect and gratitude for what nature has to offer you while letting the universe know that you’re ready to stop and just slow your life down a little bit.

Why should I honor Lughnasadh with a prayer?

Lughnasadh or Lammas is the Sabbat of the last harvest, also known by the name of Lughnasadh in honor of the god Lugh. At this time of year, dominated by the sun and the generosity of nature, vigils are made for the Sun God, Lugh, who is celebrated with dances, games and fires.

Engraving of a tricephalic god, often identified as Lugus, whose bas-relief was discovered in Paris in 1867 and is preserved at the Carnavalet museum.

It is also a very suitable time for meditation and spiritual activities. Lughnasadh falls on August the 1st, marking the beginning of the harvest season. All Lugh rites are aimed at ensuring a season of bountiful fruit, as a bountiful harvest ensured survival in the cold and barren winter months. Blueberry picking is practiced for divination purposes.

What is the best time to do it?

August 1st is Lughnasadh so that day is the perfect one to use and work with this energy at its peak. If you can’t do a prayer for Lughnasadh on that day, you can do it on a day after the peak but don’t wait too long!


You can do start on august 1st and keep praying on a daily basis for some serious and much-appreciated commitment to the elements and Lughnasadh’s energy! Your call.

There is no fixed rule when it comes to when to do it. These are recommendations but just try to do it when you feel you need to. That’s the right time!

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How to prepare for a prayer?

These steps below aren’t a must, but they’ll help you make your prayer work.

Light up a white candle

A white candle is simply perfect to attract more light and more fresh energy during this time of recognition, gratitude, and activity!

Harvest and bake

Since this is a festival linked to the harvest of wheat and cereals, many traditions involve bread-making with fresh flour, consumed with seasonal fruit and vegetables. It is no coincidence that there are many festivals and markets in August, where you can listen to good music, stay cool and… eat excellent traditional dishes (especially those with a medieval theme)!

Honor light

Honoring light is very important during this particular time of the year. Soak up in the sun, try to open your windows more often, spend more and more time outside and wear light colors to attract more light!


Yes, you read it right! This is the perfect time to take a break and spend some time doing nothing! Relax and chill out a little bit to prepare for the year’s final phases! We are more than halfway there so a final rush is needed! Recharge as much as you can!

Prayer for Lughnasadh

“Thank you for these blessings…
Thank you for this time of reflection, peace and rest…
I appreciate it all… I embrace it all..
I am open to wait… I am open to harvest your gifts when ready..
I embrace the light that will ripen the fruits…
I embrace the warm air filling my lungs…
I embrace the sun… the air.. the wind… the earth..
May this energy surrounding me with the power I need to be a better version of myself..
Blessed be”

What should you do after prayer?

After prayer, you can let the candle burn out completely or you can continuously use it for more prayers for Lughnasadh, in case you decide to make it like a part of a daily ritual. Keep harvesting and bake as a part of a weekly ritual. Even once a week can be a great call!

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