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How to Close an Ouija Board Session Safely? (Rules & Tips)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Closing an Ouija board session properly is so important when dealing with spiritual forces and energies surrounding that divinatory tool.


To close an Ouija board session safely, begin by setting clear intentions and creating a protective circle.

When you’re done with your questions, politely inform the spirits that you are closing communication and thank them.

Physically guide the planchette to the “Goodbye” symbol on the board.

Dissolve any protective circle and cleanse the space and yourself afterward.

Reflect on the session, record your experiences, and store the board securely to prevent negative energies from lingering.

The Ouija board: a powerful tool

The Ouija is one of the most famous instruments for contacting spirits; therefore, many people know all about its mechanisms and closing method. The unusual thing is that not many know what to do to end a session. When you have finished asking your questions, it is important to close the door to this other world completely.

ouija board

It is advisable to say goodbye to the spirit with which you have spoken, and to thank you for answering the questions. Likewise, everyone must wait for the pointer to point on the table to the word ‘goodbye’; when it has been successfully marked, one can remove the finger from the Ouija table.

This stage should always be carried out so that the spirit you called realizes that the time has come to leave, so it does not stay around the house, waiting to finish a session that will never fully finish. You could have a spirit in your home for months or years if you’re not careful!

Summoning demons with the Ouija board

It is certainly a fascinating theory, but the reality is that many people believe that spirits communicate through the Ouija board, but also demonic entities. Experts in the field suggest that certain unwanted entities use the Ouija as a channel to access our reality. The main demons are Belphegor or Pazuzu.

Pazuzu Demon

These infamous demons will deceive the participants, spelling a name unknown to them, or describing a deceased relative or friend.


Even so, people are not aware of the dangers that the Ouija board entails. They think it is a simple game controlled by the power of the mind. But the reality is quite different and if the session is not completed correctly you may leave a portal open for all kinds of dark entities to access, such as those mentioned above.

Closing the connection

There are certain rules that you must follow when using a Ouija board.

  1. One is that you should never use it at home.
  2. Another is to never allow the board to move forward or backward through each letter of the alphabet or each number, a trick Zozo uses to access our reality.
  3. But the main rule, possibly the most important of all, is this: make sure the planchette is placed on top of “Goodbye” before ending the session. Failure can lead to unintended consequences, such as a demonic spirit or entity acting unexpectedly.
  4. If a dark entity appears during a session, the connection with the Ouija must be cut immediately. Tell the spirit that you no longer wish to talk to him, and if he refuses, force him to “say goodbye.”
  5. Next, remove the planchette from the board. This should break the connection, and the Ouija board should be “closed”. It is recommended to store it by wrapping the planchette in cloth, separate from the table. Then put them in a safe place.

Tips for closing a Ouija board session

1Always be respectful and polite to the spirits
2Avoid leaving the planchette on the board unattended
3Never abruptly end the session or disrespectfully say goodbye
4Use a closing phrase or prayer specific to your belief system
5Maintain a calm and focused mindset throughout the process
6Avoid asking personal or sensitive questions towards the end
7Trust your intuition and follow any guidance or messages received

But what if you don’t want the Ouija board anymore?

If you want to get rid of a Ouija board entirely, bury it in the ground (some recommend cutting it into seven pieces before doing so, but this is optional), and remember to keep the board and planchette separate. Then sprinkle holy water on the floor and also clean the area where you used the board with that same water.

Despite all this, some claim that once a connection with the spirit world is established, it can never be undone. From the moment you use it, your destiny is attached to the other side.

Rules to follow

However, there are some rules not to disturb the spirits and make it easier for you to close the Ouija board session safely:

  • You must never lift your finger from the planchette. If you are tired, ask the spirit to change hands or swap hands yourself, ensuring one index finger is always on the planchette.
  • If you want to get out of the circle, ask the spirit if you can.
  • It is forbidden for two or more people to talk simultaneously. If there is a medium or someone who has to do with the paranormal, it is better to let him speak.
  • A medium is necessary to keep the situation under control. Someone who is too sensitive may get too involved in the situation and the spirit would take advantage of them.

Just one piece of advice for those who plan to have a session:
Don’t get too involved. The session may become too serious; if you don’t already have years and years of experience, it can be difficult to let the spirit go. Don’t obsess over the session.

Rules and standards for group sessions:

  • There must be at least four people
  • Every single member of the group must not have dislikes and regrets towards another member of the group
  • Jealousy, envy and hate feed the strength of evil spirits and this is not good (if an evil spirit has access to you it will be difficult to close the session)
  • To do the session, you need people who believe in ghosts in a life after death; spirits need our energy to get in touch with us. Concentration is therefore very important for the success of the session and a positive connection with the spirits!

The importance of saying ‘Goodbye’

When expressing the word “goodbye” it is made very clear that the link has ended and in this way, everything will return to normal, without the fear of any evil possession.

In the end, you can let your hands down after closing the circle that was formed at the beginning of the session. If you feel to, you can say a prayer, or you can cleanse the space to get rid of any stagnant energy.

Good luck with your sessions! Make sure that safety is your number one priority when using Ouija boards.

Warning signs or signs of lingering energy

Cold spotsSudden drops in temperature in certain areas
Unexplained soundsStrange noises or voices after ending the session
Feeling watchedSensation of being observed or followed
Electrical disturbancesLights flickering or electronics malfunctioning
Persistent dreamsVivid or recurring dreams related to the session
Emotional shiftsSudden mood changes or unexplained feelings
Unusual coincidencesSignificant events or synchronicities happening
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