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By Witchipedia, Festivals

Celebrating Mabon: Symbols & Foods

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

Mabon is a Wiccan harvest festival that takes place at the autumnal equinox when the Sun enters Libra.

Mabon celebrates the balance of opposing forces, light/dark, life/death, etc. with the understanding that after this moment of balance, darkness and death will reign for a time, until Ostara or the spring equinox.

It is also a time of Thanksgiving when Wiccans gather in their symbolic (and sometimes literal) harvest, give thanks for help from Gods, ancestors, and living helpers and give themselves a celebratory pat on the back as well.

As part of the allegorical Wheel of the Year, the Wiccan God is aged at this time and will die at Samhain.


Mabon, also known as the Autumn Equinox, derives its name from the Welsh god Mabon ap Modron, symbolizing the balance between light and darkness during this season.

Celebrating Mabon involves honoring the harvest, expressing gratitude for abundance, and preparing for the darker months ahead.

Symbols associated with Mabon include the cornucopia, apples, and the balance scale, representing the bountiful harvest and equilibrium of day and night.

Traditional Mabon foods such as apples, pumpkins, and grains are not only delicious but also carry deep symbolism, connecting us to the Earth’s cycles.


The name Mabon for this holiday was first assigned in the 1970s by Aiden Kelly. There is no historical evidence for its use as a name for any holiday by any ancient people. However, the name Mabon does appear in history and literature attached to people. 

Mabon ap Modron appears as a character in the Arthurian legends and there are Celtic influenced Pagans who believe that he represents a God of harvest and rebirth. He is related to the God Maponos. Mabon is also the name of a Cornish Saint. The name “Mabon” is said to mean “Great Son”.

Other names for this festival include Harvest Home and the Feast of the Ingathering.

Celebrating Mabon

Mabon is often celebrated with feasting and celebration, potlucks, food drives and general acts of gratitude and thanksgiving.

Symbols of Mabon

Leaves, fruit, especially apples, grain, bread, corn

Foods for Mabon

All seasonal fruits and vegetables, nuts and freshly baked bread.

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