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Voodoo Curses: Signs and Symptoms to Watch Out For

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Written by: Tina Caro

Voodoo is a powerful practice and when someone puts a voodoo spell on you, there are many different signs you can spot to know it, acknowledge the situation and find a way to cleanse yourself from the bad energy surrounding your life. But first, let’s find out how do you know if someone has put voodoo on you and how can you defend against it.


Voodoo curses often manifest through physical and emotional symptoms, such as unexplained illnesses, persistent bad luck, and intense nightmares, serving as key warning signs.

Churches and sacred places play a vital role in protection against curses, with rituals and blessings serving as powerful defenses against malevolent forces.

In the comfort of one’s home, preventative measures like salt barriers, cleansing rituals, and protective amulets can help ward off potential voodoo curses.

The resurgence of past conflicts or unresolved issues can open the door to curses, making reconciliation and healing essential for protection.

Everyday objects can become vessels for curses, so it’s crucial to regularly cleanse and purify your surroundings to prevent negative energies from taking hold.

How do you know if someone has voodoo on you? Most Common Signs

There are many things that can make you think that someone has put a voodoo spell on you, here are the most common, which although they are almost normal, are not.

  • Frequent, severe headaches that occur without any possible medical explanation, and they resist painkillers. Many have described them as an overwhelming feeling of head circles, heavy head, stabbing twisting pain, or stuck nails in their head.
  • State of prostration and apathy, manifests itself mainly in the morning and continues until late afternoon to disappear almost completely in the evening when we feel more active.
  • State of general sickness without a precise medical reason. We feel bad, but we don’t understand why. We do the medical tests to avoid any latent danger, but the results are excellent. However, we experience localized pain mainly in the pelvis and chest, but also feel nauseous (including vomiting), dizziness, lightheaded and drowsiness.
  • Sudden insomnia. We feel very tired but, once in bed, we stay awake for hours without being able to sleep and unable to recover from tiredness.

Some of these phenomena are almost simple to explain because they can be traced back to situations of stress, or mental and physical discomfort resulting from work or family worries, but when things start to get worse, it is appropriate to question oneself more and more carefully, especially when they occur in specific places.

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Churches and sacred places

For example, if you feel sleepy in church, especially when you are trying to pray. Also restlessness or sudden boredom and lethargy accompanied by yawns, coughs, dizziness, a sense of oppression and/or suffocation when we decide to say the rosary, itchy hands, and a general feeling of aversion to the sacred.

At home

If on the one hand, certain phenomena occur mainly in a church or in sacred places, which could be cemeteries or shrines, but also museums that exhibit religious works, even at home there may be symptoms that manifest themselves, and it’s possible, that they manifest themselves with more violence.

  • Fear of the mirrors: When someone has the feeling of being observed, and in the same way one is afraid of the dark.
  • Unpleasant smells: With odors that appear and then disappear after a few minutes and then reappear when we are elsewhere.
  • Nightmares: With sudden awakenings and a start accompanied by tremors and negative thoughts that do not abandon us throughout the day and become more and more vivid, up to assuming a sort of parallel reality or particularly negative deja-vu.
  • Mood swings: If for a moment we are peaceful and serene and immediately afterward we are struck by sudden and unstoppable outbursts of anger, difficulty in relating to others, impatience, nervousness, hatred for others.
  • Sudden physical problems: Without a reason we have difficulty breathing, we are hit by very strong and sudden coughs that leave us short of breath for a short while. These are sudden symptoms, that may last for maybe up to a month and before they were totally absent. In addition, the more these symptoms manifest together, the more worrying the matter is.

If on the one hand, these phenomena are common, in the sense that they can be caused by a temporary alteration of one’s psychophysical conditions deriving from work problems, for example, there are other phenomena that are decidedly more worrying, and that in general appear weak after being hit by a curse.

  • Power: We find ourselves incredibly powerful, in the sense that, if when we get angry with someone, we are sure that that person will soon have a harmful consequence … which then happens on time. This does not mean that I too am a victim of an evil spell because I dream of people dying … and then they pass on to a better life on time!
  • Clairvoyance: Another phenomenon is the sudden ability of clairvoyance, when someone happens to think of things that they occur. There can be cases, when this phenomenon is accompanied by the feeling of anxiety, or fear without an apparent cause, the feeling of oppression, perhaps thinking of a person they know, and we meet them soon after or at an event that occurs shortly thereafter, and then actually this happens, it is time to worry.

Of course, it can sometimes happen that you can think of a person and then you happen to meet them, this does not mean that we are victims of an evil spell.

Protective MeasureDescription
Cleansing RitualsPerform spiritual cleansing practices to remove negative energy
Amulets and TalismansCarry or wear protective objects with spiritual significance
Ancestor WorshipSeek guidance and protection from ancestral spirits
Ritual BathsUse herbal baths with protective properties
Psychic ShieldingPractice visualization techniques to create energetic barriers
Table 1: Protective Measures Against Voodoo Curses

The difference between chance and what we are talking about is the result of a psychophysical sensation that accompanies us, with the sense of restlessness, nervousness, fear, anxiety, terror, and other negative sensations. The point lies here, it is the negativity that accompanies the phenomenon.

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Return from the past

In the case of invoices for love, other particular phenomena are common, such as old loves reappearing, perhaps after a long time that they suddenly show up, and suddenly the passion seems to be reborn, but then it disappears within a few days or weeks.

In these cases, there may be withdrawal from people who seem to be no longer interested in us, and indeed we experience a clear feeling of refusal on their part, while before we were in love.


In the opposite case, of the evil of separation, our partner will happen to meet an ex, or people who will be fascinated by them, or people who until recently had completely ignored him. Even at this juncture, one might think, in this one case, let’s ask ourselves a few more questions.

Alongside the rapport with a person who previously ignored us and who now chases us everywhere, the removal of those who previously occupied an important place in our life.

Let’s assume that a woman turns to a magician to ask that the object of her desire approaches her, only then to find out the object of desire is already engaged.

The witch can do it, but the partner of the contested person will magically see his partner’s ex-girlfriend (the woman who asked for the invoice) reappear in his life, and at the same time he will see that he moves further away from her.


Voodoo can also affect objects. It can happen, for example, that some objects that we have at home suddenly break or stop working, and when you take them to repair, they are perfectly functional. Sounds like black magic, right?

Then as if the curse is particularly powerful, a very alarming phenomenon occurs, noises and crunches are heard, small shadows are seen that seem to pass us quickly, there are disappearances of objects that are found days later and often in different positions than where we left them.

Final thoughts

The most important thing if something similar to that is happening to you is to don’t freak out.

Try to really understand if these are the effects of some voodoo curse or if there is are biological reasons, stresses, and more. If you really feel something is off, start cleansing your place and cast a protection spell for yourself and for those around you.

But always try to keep a positive mindset, why? Because doing so will raise your positive vibrations and fight all negativity.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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