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How to Cast a Love Spell With a Picture? (+ Special Spell)

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Written by: Tina Caro

A love spell with a picture is very simple to execute. It is simply about thinking about what we want to achieve with all our strength and helping with the spell itself to generate vibrations that will launch into the universe. It will grant us a loving purpose, as long as we show that we deserve what we long for.


Crafting a love spell with a picture involves harnessing the power of intention, belief, and energy manipulation to influence the feelings of someone you desire.

Essential materials for this spell may include a recent photograph of the target, a pink or red candle, and a love-themed incense.

Carefully selected sentences or affirmations should be written on the back of the photo, expressing your wishes and desires for the person in question.

Love spells with pictures can be categorized into different types, such as attraction spells, commitment spells, or reconciliation spells, each serving a unique purpose in matters of the heart.

How to cast a love spell with a picture

Most homemade love spells are effective when performed with this in mind:

  • Execute the spell when you are alone. Do it in a room where you can be alone, and no one can interrupt you during the process.
  • Take your time and take it easy. Tranquility is essential so that there are no mistakes.
  • Create the necessary energies for the spell, to show you are worthy of the spell, you must continually visualize it in order to generate energies that the universe will trap.
  • Absolute faith. To carry out any spell you need to have faith that it will work and believe in love. Although above this, it is essential that you believe in yourself. Only then can you receive a positive response from the cosmos.
  • Collect the necessary materials. Each element has a specific function within a love spell. Do not substitute or replace any material with another. Do it only if you feel the change is for the best.
  • Follow the directions to the LETTER. Read the steps of the selected spell a few times before performing it.
  • Patience. Finally, after executing the love spell you will have to leave your desire in the hands of the universe. So, don’t despair, the cosmos needs time.

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How is a love spell with a picture made?

For your love spell you need to prepare the place where you are going to perform it. In general, it is convenient to carry it out in a quiet environment. Hence, the night or early morning is recommended, because it enhances the strength of your love spell.


Also, close doors and windows and avoid distractions. You should also turn off all artificial light.

Keep in mind that what you are going to do is very important to you, so it requires all your concentration.

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The materials

This is another element to consider. Depending on the love spell we perform, you will need one material or another. But they all have one thing in common, you will need a table where you will be placing all the ingredients to bring your love spell to fruition.

Similarly, you will need a chair where you can sit comfortably. The more relaxed you are, the better positive vibrations you will have to perform the spell.

To increase its effectiveness, it is advisable to accompany the ritual with one or two white candles, apart from those that are needed for the spell itself. In this way, you will be able to see what you are doing, and they will create that atmosphere of peace, which is ideal for your mission.

white candles by tamedwild
Candles by Tamed Wild.

For this kind of spell, a picture is the main tool. Why a picture? Because it helps you to direct the energy in a correct and powerful way to help you boost your visualization process, a mandatory process to really help the universe shape and manifest the reality you’ve always wanted.

The sentences

You should pay special attention to the request you are going to make. It is important that you analyze how and what you are going to say. Your words will be those that will reach your loved one and these words will make the ritual take effect, so that that person, whom you love so much, gives you the attention you are asking.

Spell types

You may have doubts about the effectiveness of love spells. Keep in mind that spells are almost as old as humanity. In fact, the first evidence of their existence is from the Neolithic times. Since then spells have been used by humans. As you can guess, there are many different types of love spells and you should not mix or adapt, and to follow the spells to the letter as this is what will make them effective.

There are various types of spells, here are some explanations of the different types. If you are trying to subdue a person, you would be performing an enchantment. If you are casting a spell with ill will, meaning that you want to hurt someone, you would be cursing. On the other hand, if it is done for the purpose of protecting someone, we would be talking about a blessing.

Also, spell types can be classified based on their magic. In this sense, we would refer to red, white magic, or black magic.

White magic spells involve practices intended to invoke divine powers such as spiritual forces and calls to guide and orient us in creating these spells. White magic has been used for the healing of people, for falling in love, bringing love back or for good fortune for centuries.

Black magic and white magic coexist just as evil and good coexist. Although there is more talk of black magic, white magic, however subtle, will always be there in all its glory.

How does white magic work?

White magic spells are not tricks to play to get love. These spells are created to help the needy and are based on the purity of your heart.

White magic makes the world go around and even though it doesn’t possess a powerful force like black magic, it is much more powerful than it may seem.

We should not think of white magic as weak or powerless, its power is beyond human understanding. The effectiveness of white magic spells is largely based on the essence of the person who performs them. That is, if you are a pure and kind person they will be more effective.

White magic love spells improve the feelings of love that are already present in that person but do not generate feelings if there is no love base.

For all this, if the love you feel or that the other persons feelings for you are not sincere, the love spells will have no effect.

Let’s practice a nice old-fashioned, safe, beginner-friendly white magic spell love spell with a picture to attract our crush.

Tying a man with a photo is a very effective method but at the same time a little dangerous since you are forcing someone to be with you through rituals, sorcery, white magic or black magic. It is very difficult to tell what kind of magic you are using if you are a beginner.

But don’t worry, in this post we are going to help you make a mooring with the photograph of your man that you love so much. No witchcraft or tarot cards, we are going to work the moorings with white magic, so, this way there is no danger for you or the person who makes the master mooring.

An attraction spell with a picture

The truth is that it is not easy to make a tie to a man with a photo. You must have a very good aura, a lot of faith, and a great self-confidence to be able to perform the types of spells to attract, tie to attract or ritual to attract a man.

With this magic you will ensure that your beloved man cannot get you out of his head, he will feel full love for you.

For this spell, you will need the following items.

  • One photo of you where you are alone
  • One photo of him where he is alone
  • Three red candles or pink candles
  • One pink or red thread

The first thing you should do is arrange the candles in a position that forms a triangle at a distance of 12 inches (30 centimeters) from each candle. Take the pink or red thread and tie both photos in front so that they are joined by the love tie.

Once you have tied the photographs, you must place them in the center of the candles where the spiritual forces are strongest for the spell to be channeled.

Additional prayer to attract a man that is difficult to get.

In this case, we are going to do a prayer to make a man fall in love if everything goes perfectly, although we can also camouflage that sentence with a spell to attract a man.

Follow the next steps:

Say the following prayer spell to make a man fall in love:

“The light of this candle shines and burns with the strength of my faith.
Show (man’s name) your superior forces
Tonight, you will own his thoughts.
Get him to always think of me, as long as this spell is kept safe”.

Once you finish the prayer to tie your man, you must extinguish a candle, then you must say the prayer and do the same process with each remaining candle, but before you extinguish the last candle, you must close your eyes and think of the pink or red thread glowing brightly and then proceed to put out the fire and pronounce the following:

“Let it be so, for the rest of the days at your side.”

When you have finished carrying out the process, take the tied photo, and keep it in a very safe place where nobody can see them.

Important note about the photo love spell.

This photo spell must be performed in the early morning so that the spell has greater strength. If you do the mooring with the photograph in broad daylight you will not have any kind of problems, but the ritual will not reach its maximum power.

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