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Candle Magic

Dancing Candle Flame Meaning Explained [Movements]

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Written by: Tina Caro

The use of the candle has been handed down over the millennia to illuminate, to pray, and to gather, without social distinctions.

Its flickering flame still provides us with a link to the sacred fires that have been lit for thousands of years, their origin lost beyond 3,000 BC.

But what’s the meaning of a candle flame dancing? Let’s learn more about it with this article.


The meaning of a dancing candle flame, characterized by its erratic movements, is often interpreted as a sign of spiritual presence or energy in many spiritual and esoteric practices.

A gentle dance can signify the arrival or attention of spiritual entities or ancestors, indicating their participation or interest in the ritual.

More vigorous movements might suggest strong energies at play, possibly reflecting the intensity of emotions, thoughts, or environmental factors.

Additionally, the direction of the flame’s dance can also be significant, with each direction potentially holding its own symbolic meaning, such as forward for progress or leaning towards an object signifying attraction or focus.

Candle flame in history and symbolism

Candles were used in many forms of worship in pre-Christian societies.

Originally, candles were mainly made with beeswax because bees were considered the messengers of the gods.

The power of candles has always been accompanied by many rituals, even with a magical flavor. We think of Aladdin’s lamp and the desire to express wishes, we think of the birthday candles that we put on the cake; we can also imagine that there is a divinity linked to our birthday, so blowing out the candles on the cake almost tastes like a magical ritual.

Dancing Candle Flame Meaning Explained by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

We think of the candles in front of the altars in churches in exchange for an offer, a vote, for prayer. We think of candles for our dead; we light them imagining that this light symbolizes their immortal soul, the light that accompanies them on their otherworldly journey.

When we refer to someone who is losing health quickly, we usually say that he is consuming himself with a candle, and in that consuming, we read the loss of the spark of life. In our homes, candles with their small swaying fire carry a message of life, warmth, hope and, simultaneously, a different atmosphere is created, inviting the restless soul to relax.

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The symbolism of the candle flame dancing

The candle flame dancing is similar to the shiny stars, the sun, and lightning, and it is not surprising that this association of symbols also plays such an important role in magical rituals. Man has always been very intrigued by his occult power. This attraction certainly derives from the fascination of fire, flames, and their power; just remember the bonfires lit in camps, on beaches, and the many games that accompanied them.

The candle initially was a means of conserving fire and lighting dark places. But thanks to its symbolism of purification, light, and usefulness, it has evolved over time, leading to the creation of candles with shapes and of the most disparate sizes, composed of various materials fused together with wax of various colors.


Magic is sometimes unconscious. Thus, while we light a candle, through its symbolism, we access tools of a very powerful archaic matter, regardless of whether we know it or not. Consider, for example, the still widely practiced custom of dining by candlelight with your loved one: this is an unwitting love ritual.

Dancing candle flame spiritual meaning and usage

We think of the candle that we light in the room of a dying man, with the intent to light his path to the afterlife and, at the same time, to frighten the demons who want to appropriate the soul of the dying person, to those that are lit on graves: although electric light is present in cemeteries, it is still customary to lay candles, as a symbol of perpetual light; if the candle is also adorned with sacred, religious images, its power is strengthened.

Dancing candle flame magickal meaning and usage

Candles can be sacred or profane. In rituals and sabbath of black magic, candles were a basic element: it seems that they were even made with human fat because it was thought to contain vital energy. In the manuals of the Inquisition, candles were prescribed as an indispensable tool for “men blessed by God”.

We can still continue to talk about candles by citing some of their symbols: the long and thin shape recalls the wand of magicians, one of the hermetic symbols par excellence. The slow dripping of candle wax is linked to our flowing life. The flame is the image of spirituality, the immortal soul, wisdom, light, and, of course, heat. The flame that stretches upwards symbolizes our eternal desire to detach ourselves from matter to get closer to our higher soul; also, for this reason, it has always been and always will be an instrument in esoteric practices.

Messages and interpretations from a dancing candle flame

  • If the flame bends to the right: there will be a positive change, or the answer is a “yes”.
  • Flame on the left: negative change, answer “no”.
  • Spiral rising flame: some people plot against you.
  • Very elongated flame: much luck and success.
  • If it rises and lowers alternately: possible cheating and incoming risks.
  • Enlarges in mushroom shape: good omen, a lot of money on the way.
  • Enlarges radially: arrival of an illness or a period of depression.
  • Shines dazzlingly: beware of appearances and superficial people.
  • Sparks: Bad news on the way.
  • Bright spots form in the wick: successes and good news on the way.
  • Bright point of the wick is extinguished immediately: fortunes in a game or short successes.
  • Flame goes out: you are being deceived.
  • The flame goes out and then reignites after blowing on it: great luck.

If you open your intuition to the candle flame, you can interpret its movement and dance to unveil its meaning and message. If you live it in a mindful and open way, the candle flame can become special guidance to learn more about yourself, your past, your present, and your future.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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