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Crystal Sphere

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The crystal sphere is a popular and iconic divination tool. It is used by soothsayers and mediums to see into the future and into a person’s past. If you own one of these spheres, you can use it to amplify the results of almost any practice. Crystal spheres are also often referred to as crystal balls and are used most often for scrying. 

While the movies would have us believe that crystal spheres are supposed to be perfectly clear, their imperfections provide a focal point for meditation, they can be transparent or opaque and their colors are as varied as the people who use them. Spheres are made of many forms of crystal, such as malachite, jade, or jasper. Dr. John Dee’s scrying crystal was made of beryl.

Spheres emit energy in all directions and move energy through space and time.

How are they made?

Malachite crystal

The crystal sphere par excellence is commonly made of rock crystal. However, if you want to use a crystal sphere for spiritual purposes rather than for divination, you can also use spheres made from other types of quartz. Glass or artificial crystals are on the market and, contrary to popular belief, will not reduce the effectiveness of your divination practices. In the past, beryllium was the most common material for crystal spheres to be made of.

What is it and what is it used for?

The crystal sphere is used in crystallomancy for divination purposes. When we picture a classic fortune teller, we see her with a crystal sphere and tarot cards. Although the use of the crystal sphere for seeing the future falls short compared to the popularity of tarot cards, the fact remains that the crystal sphere is a key element in the collective imagination, because it refers precisely to the possibility of seeing beyond space and time.

Where does crystal sphere reading come from?

The practice of reading the future is very ancient but it seems that the crystal sphere belongs to the high Middle Ages. The first documented ball is that of John Dee, who said he received this divinatory object from an angel with the wish to connect with other angels. This beryllium sphere is now kept in the British Museum with the support that was used during practice.

Although crystal sphere divination, the oldest and most practiced method of divination in the world, may appear very complex, in reality it is not; in order to use this method all you need is a natural predisposition to the divine and a lot of patience. The art of crystallomancy is very old; it occurred in the Pharaonic times of Egypt, along with the reading of still waters. It is known that the technique of reading the crystal sphere comes from the water oracles.

What are they good for?

The crystal sphere is used to derive visions. Those who use it say they see images and symbols forming inside it that allow us to understand what will happen in the future but also what happened in the past. On some occasions, the symbols that arise do not indicate a past or future, but convey a key message. There are still those who use this divinatory tool to speak with the deceased, or with supernatural entities.

If you have ever seen films or read books that feature crystal balls, you will have realized that, in addition to looking at it to receive visions, many mediums also touch it with their fingertips. This allows the user to see the images within themselves rather than in the ball.

Where do the visions come from?

The visions obtained from the spheres are not associated with clairvoyance as much as they are with our subconscious. The ideas and images that we are going to analyze therefore come exclusively from us, probably because during practice we fall into a light trance state that favors these visions.

Who reads the crystal sphere?

Mediums and psychics read crystal spheres. They do so to read the future. However, if you wish, you too can use this tool in your practice but with more “earthly” ends. For example, small spheres are very useful to hold in your hands during meditation. Or, keeping a crystal ball at home can help alleviate negative energies.

How to read it

In order to practice this art you need a crystal sphere, or in its absence a glass spherical container, for example an aquarium, filled to the brim with water.

How to get ready for reading

It is necessary to find an environment where no one can bother you, dimly lit but not necessarily dark, and with a table and a black cloth. Ideally, the crystal ball will be about 30 cm below our eyes. Finally, surround the crystal ball with candles.

Light the candles and minimize the light inside the room. To perform this practice correctly, you have to relax, close your eyes, and breathe deeply and slowly for a few minutes. As you open your eyes, observe only the center of the sphere. It doesn’t matter what you see, the important thing is that your eyes get used to observing. Continuing to look at the ball, blinking normally, place your hands around it but without touching it, and look over it in its entirety.

How to ask a crystal sphere questions

In it you will not see moving images, but you will be able to contemplate only lights or shadows. With practice it will be possible to see geometric figures or numbers. Eventually, answers to your questions will appear before you in the form of symbols. The most fundamental thing is to be relaxed when you observe the ball; only then will you be able to see visions. When you achieve perfect concentration, it will be time to formulate the question you want to ask, aloud; wait a few seconds and then, staring at the center of the sphere, rephrase the question. You will have to take into consideration only what you see, without speaking, but by simply keeping the information in mind so that you can interpret it correctly later with the necessary calmness.

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