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Picking a Candle Color for Friendships (Daily Magick)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Did you know that there’s a specific candle color for honoring friendships? Here I will teach you just what that color is and how you can use candles to honor your friendships easily yet powerfully.


In the practice of daily magic, choosing a candle color to nurture and enhance friendships involves understanding the symbolism of different hues.

Pink, representing affection and warm feelings, and yellow, symbolizing joy and sociability, are commonly selected for this purpose.

The color choice should resonate with the individual’s intentions and feelings towards their friendships.

Lighting these candles during daily rituals can help focus energy on building stronger, more meaningful connections and fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

Which candle color is good for honoring friendship?

The perfect candle color for friendship is pink! This color is all about friendship, love and compassion, and it is therefore perfect for connecting you with your friends or helping you to make new ones.

Why pink candles?

Pink, traditionally associated with the idea of purity and naivety, reminds us of the most candid and clean vision of love we had in childhood, the one that is reserved for those who are small and defenseless. It is the love we feel for puppies, children, and everything that awakens our instinct for protection. Pink reminds us of an authentic affection that is expressed in an absolute and unreserved way.

Picking a Candle Color for Friendships by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

It is different from its more intense version, red, which has always evoked the most sensual and impetuous form of love.

Both shades, red and pink, reveal a tender and at the same time ardent feeling through a mixture of psychic and physical sensations.

The purity that distinguishes pink is instead associated with forgiveness, one of the rarest and most noble expressions of the human soul. The perception of this color encourages us to open up to pour on our neighbor the feelings of affection and tenderness that we hold within us.

Among its many peculiarities, pink is extremely effective in countering negative moods, especially those related to feeling alone.

Being surrounded by pink promotes a more positive perception of life, removing bad thoughts and the fear of loneliness.

A preference for pink denotes a great propensity to care for others. Those who choose this color are naturally inclined to tenderness and relate to others in a gentle and generous way.

Pink originates from the union of white and red, the quintessential symbols of innocence and passion. The sum of their apparently opposite characteristics is a soft, delicate color that favors forgiveness, openness to the world, and kindness.

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We should therefore carefully evaluate the weight, meaning and consequences of our work whenever we encounter pink. Symbolizing the ability to give and receive love, pink promotes passion and vitality in love for others and for oneself. It increases intuition in women and enables men to better understand women.

Overall, pink lightens the mind and dispels negative thoughts that can lurk there. It allows us to open up to our neighbors and let them open up to us in return. It also instills the capacity for forgiveness and expresses the mutual need to give and receive tenderness.

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How to use a pink candle?

  • Use it when casting a spell for friendship.
  • Light it when you have a friend at your house.
  • Use it in meditation when your friendship encounters issues.
  • Use it during prayer to attract more friendly, open, and forgiving vibes into your life.

Other magical tools that might help you

You can use the following tools when working with pink candles and friendship spells or rituals. Follow your instincts when choosing which ones to use.

Wunjo rune

A Wunjo rune is just perfect for strengthening community, union, and harmony between you and those around you. You should keep this rune on your person, especially when spending time with someone close to you.

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A sigil for friendship

Sigils are versatile and can help you in any specific aspect of friendship. For instance, they can help you mend a friendship that ended poorly or fizzled out over time.

Create the sigil using an affirmation like I HAVE FRIENDS/I AM FRIENDLY/WE GET ALONG and so on.

Then you can keep the sigil on your person or use it during spells and rituals.

Three of cups

The Three of cups tarot card represents spending time with other people. Use it as a reminder of how easy it can be to create fun memories with those you love most.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a symbol of love and beauty. This stone is thought to have a particularly strong effect on the wearer, calming their emotions, easing their anxieties and making it easier for them to heal from emotional trauma.

This mineral also stimulates the imagination and the intellect, opening the heart to inner peace, love for oneself and self-esteem. It also encourages forgiveness, love and friendship.

Tina Caro

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