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Wasp: Spirit, Omen, Dreaming of It & More

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A wasp is a flying insect closely related to bees and ants. They are perhaps best known for their sting.

Wasps can sting repeatedly, and social wasps, like hornets and yellow jackets will attack in groups and cause serious damage to their target.

Most wasps do not live in groups, however, and these solitary wasps present little danger to anyone unless they are harassed.


The spiritual symbolism of a wasp is quite diverse and can vary depending on cultural and individual interpretations.

In some cultures, wasps are associated with traits like determination, focus, and hard work due to their diligent nature when building nests and gathering food. However, they can also symbolize aggression, anger, or the need to protect oneself when their stingers are seen as weapons.

In certain spiritual beliefs, wasps are seen as messengers or symbols of change and transformation, similar to butterflies. The presence of a wasp in your life or dreams might signify the need to adapt to new situations or embrace changes with determination.

Overall, the spiritual symbolism of a wasp is multifaceted and can carry both positive and negative connotations, depending on the context and personal beliefs.

Wasp Symbolism and Meanings

CultureSymbolic Meaning of Wasps
Native AmericanIn Native American cultures, wasps symbolize determination, focus, and the ability to defend oneself.
Ancient GreeceIn ancient Greek mythology, wasps were associated with the goddess Aphrodite and represented love and beauty.
ChineseIn Chinese symbolism, wasps can signify good luck and prosperity.
CelticIn Celtic traditions, wasps represent creativity, communication, and eloquence.
Table: Symbolic Meanings of Wasps in Various Cultures

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Key Symbolic Traits of Wasps

Symbolic TraitLesson for Embodying Wasp Energy
DeterminationLearn to stay focused on your goals and pursue them with tenacity.
DefenseUnderstand the importance of protecting yourself and your boundaries.
CreativityCultivate your creative abilities and express yourself eloquently.
TransformationEmbrace change and transformation as a natural part of life.

Wasps in the Environment

Wasp species are extremely important to world ecology. Many wasps prey on other insects, often acting as parasites by laying their eggs on other insects or egg clusters so the hatching larval wasps can feed on the insects as they grow.

Alternatively, a mother wasp may build a nest for her offspring and store insects she has paralyzed with her sting within the nest for the larvae to eat as they grow. This functions to keep populations of plant-eating insects in check and these wasps should undoubtedly be viewed as a gardener’s friend and encouraged rather than sprayed with insecticide.

Some adult wasps also feed on insects, their eggs and their larvae, although some feed only as larvae.

Although many adult wasps don’t feed at all, many of those who do feed primarily on nectar and so some species of wasps also act as important pollinators for a variety of fruit crops.

They are especially important to fig growers as many fig trees have specialized wasp species that act as their primary pollinators in a fascinating case of co-evolution.

If these wasps were wiped out, their host fig trees would have to be pollinated by hand. Likewise, if the fig trees were wiped out, their associated wasp species would quickly be extinct as well.

Wasp Spirit

Wasp is a strong, feminine spirit. Independent and yet cooperative. Wasp is a builder of things, particularly a home, and a fierce protector of what she builds.

Wasp is a guardian; she takes care of her own. And it IS her own because she built it. She’s independent and perfectly capable but will not hesitate to call upon the family in her time of need and likewise needs little prodding to come to fly to their aid.

Aspect of LifePractical Ways to Embody Wasp Symbolism
Personal GrowthDevelop determination in pursuing personal growth and self-improvement.
Self-DefenseLearn self-defense techniques to protect yourself physically and emotionally.
Creative PursuitsExplore and nurture your creative talents and communicate effectively.
AdaptabilityEmbrace change positively and adapt to new situations with grace.
Table: How to Embody Wasp Symbolism in Your Life

Wasp values diversity and comfortably fills her niche while appreciating the varied talents and personalities of others. Wasp is adaptable as well, and will make a comfortable home wherever the universe see’s fit to put her. If you knock down her nest with a broom, she might sting you, she might not, but she will definitely rebuild.

Wasp as an Omen

A wasp in the house is a sign that an unpleasant person or enemy will soon come to call. If she stings you, the person will get the best of you.

If the first wasp you see that year happens to be in your house, you will soon meet someone most unpleasant.

To be stung by a wasp at all signifies danger of some sort.

If wasps build a nest inside your house, you may soon come upon financial hardship.

“If hornets build low, Winter storms and snow;
If hornets build high, Winter mild and dry.”

On Dreaming of Wasps

Generally, dreaming of wasps represents torment.

Wasps in your dreams may represent a troublesome, gossipy person or someone you thought was okay, but who took unfair advantage of you. This wasp, representing this person, may do all sorts of things to you – chase you (harass you), sting you (stab you in the back), or people you care about(and you feel powerless to help), or you may see someone transform into a wasp (revealing their true nature, perhaps).

If you turn into a wasp, it may indicate that you have let a negative situation overcome you and have become part of the problem.

If you are stung by a wasp, it means someone is gossiping about you or is jealous of you. (Beware the evil eye!)

A swarm of wasps may indicate a group of people, like an army, a SWAT team, dreaded in-laws, a gaggle of teenagers, invading your space and taking over.

If the attack by a wasp or swarm of wasps is the result of an accident (accidentally knocking down a wasp’s nest, for example) this may represent a sudden and unexpected negative turn in a relationship.

You can take control of these dreams and improve your circumstances through lucid dreaming. Squish the wasp, let it go out the window, contain it in a bottle or give it a nice juicy overripe plum to pay attention to instead of you.

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