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What Should and Shouldn’t Witches Eat? [Witch’s Kitchen]

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Written by: Tina Caro

This article will show you the importance of particular food for witches, how it differs depending on the type of witch, and the practice to which she dedicates her magical art.

We often talk about witchcraft, witches, their characteristics, and how they act to realize their desires and maneuver the energies of the universe to fulfill their will. One of the topics that are ignored is the one most closely linked to the witches’ lifestyle, to their daily habits. One of these is undoubtedly nutrition.

For some, witches are mythical figures that appear in fairy tales. They are represented as dark, weird women, with large noses and warts, and with flying brooms.

They represent the darkest side of society and are attributed to them all those facts that cannot be explained logically.

Their diet is not only based on disgusting things like lizard eyes, worms, spider eggs, and toads… They also enjoy the taste of innocent human children.

… funny, isn’t it?

We’re the evil that lives in the forest…

It is said that witches always wear black, live in caves, and celebrate covens where they prepare potions to harm others, being the “evil eye” one of their specialties.

But all is not evil in the world of witchcraft. It is well known that there are white witches who are dedicated to doing good and reversing the spells of their darker cousins and helping other people with all kinds of problems.

Both evil and good witches have appeared throughout history in the stories and movies.


Witches’ dietary choices vary widely, and there are no strict rules governing what they should or shouldn’t eat.

Some witches opt for vegan or vegetarian diets for ethical or spiritual reasons, while others focus on seasonal and locally sourced foods to align with nature.

Certain witches incorporate herbs and magical foods into their diets for their metaphysical properties.

Ritual fasting and specific diets may also be practiced for cleansing purposes.

Ultimately, dietary preferences in witchcraft are highly individual and should reflect personal beliefs and values.

How did it all begin?

It was women who gathered food – herbs, fruits, and roots that women collected to ensure the nourishment of the nomadic groups of prehistory.

Soon, women began to learn to recognize plant cycles and how to use them for eating and healing.

This role of a woman that used food for nurturing and caring, soon after transformed into something deeper, stronger – it woke up her evil alter ego.

It woke up a witch, who uses food for more than just nurture and care, but also to kill, transform, and conquer.

What’s a witch’s kitchen?

A witch’s kitchen is the center of her home, it’s her realm. It is one of the rooms in a house where all four earth elements are together – fire, water, earth, and air. The fifth element, the spirit, can be brought into the room the same way.

witches food spices

Observe your culinary work as if you were to put magic in your belly, and instantly you will have brought the fifth element – spirit, into the kitchen.

So what do witches like to eat?

What witches eat depends on the culture of the country and the type of witchcraft they study and perform – white or black.

In fairy tales, bad witches eat children who are attracted to their dens with tricks and hoaxes. We all know the story about Hansel and Gretel, right?

However, in real life, people with certain animistic or spiritual beliefs are commonly known as witches or sorcerers, Wiccans, Santeros, spiritualists, mediums, voodoo practitioners, etc.

Food/IngredientMagical AssociationsUsage and Symbolism
Herbs and SpicesSage, rosemary, thyme, basil, cinnamon, etc.Protection, purification, spellcasting, flavoring
Moon-related FoodMooncakes, crescent-shaped cookies, etc.Lunar energy, intuition, divination
Seasonal ProducePumpkins, apples, pomegranates, etc.Harvest, abundance, fertility, seasonal energy
MushroomsFly agaric, shiitake, reishi, etc.Transformation, psychic abilities, nature connection
HoneySweetener, healing propertiesLove, sweetness, prosperity, preservation
Tea and InfusionsChamomile, lavender, mint, nettle, etc.Relaxation, divination, healing, ritual
Table 1: Foods and Ingredients Associated with Witchcraft

Millions and millions of people practice these religions or beliefs today.

Wiccans, for example, are usually vegetarian and classify food into seven groups according to their vibrational frequency. These foods consume them to enhance their powers or to improve the health of a particular organ.

The Santeros, meanwhile, follow the instructions of their gods, who forbid certain foods, according to mandates received through the oracles.

What White Witches Eat

For white wizards and witches or those who work with light, they need to follow special diets to improve aspects of their life because everything is related to their spirituality.
Certain foods provide certain energies. They also perform specific rituals at mealtime.


In some spiritual paths, they prohibit eating meat or certain types of food on specific dates.

They look for diets rich in fruits, vegetables, and natural and healthy proteins.

In the case of Wiccas they classify food by color:

  1. Red foods: These are animal proteins and sprouts.
  2. Green foods: These are all those green vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, chard, and spinach.
  3. Yellow foods: These are beans, beans of various colors, lentils, chickpeas, and grains.
  4. White foods: These are mostly made out of flour and cereals. Bread, wheat flour, corn flakes, bran, rice.
  5. Blue foods: Composed of fresh, dehydrated or preserved fruits. Oranges, bananas, apple, milky, grapes, tangerine, plum, melon, and the typical fruits of each country.
  6. Orange foods: They are all those vegetables that are not green and the tubers. In this group are carrots, potatoes, auyama, sweet potatoes, celery, and others.
  7. Purple foods: Composed of oil seeds or dried seeds. In this group are almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, merey, nuts, yogurt, honey, and coffee.

You can read more about the Wiccans’ diet and food here.

What Black Witches Eat

It is believed that they feed on blood from sacrifices made to dark energies or from raw meat or slaughtered animals. Some black witches do that.
They eat everything, and they don’t avoid meat like a green witch normally would do.

They love eating spicy and derived foods from both plant and animal sources.

You can read more about voodoo witches diet and foods here.

Important Facts for Witches that Care About Their Nutrition

  • Imagine a witch in inquisitorial times, in her medieval kitchen. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an equal one? Avoid using plastic whenever possible. It is better to use earthenware, bowls, and anything else. Try also to use napkins and cloth towels, if they are large and of many colors.
  • Keep piles of dried flowers and dangling herbs in your kitchen. They can be used for many things, and give a touch of “antique”. A handful of dried lavender or cloves and cinnamon in a pot of boiling water can give a wonderful scent to any room.
  • Be sure to have a mortar and pestle around to chop up the dried herbs you use for cooking.
  • Keep an amethyst on your kitchen to ward off any negativity from your food.
  • Use teapots and jugs as flower pots. Everything in a witch’s kitchen has many uses, and nothing is there for a long time. If you have a sunny kitchen, keep a small garden container of herbs and vegetables.
  • A little salt in the food will protect you from curses. You should always have it at hand, to avoid misfortune.
  • If you need to add a lot of water to the food you are boiling, it is a sure sign that rain is coming.
  • If you drink tea, you have an excellent opportunity to make small divination. Use tea leaves, not packaged bags, let them rest on the bottom of your glasses, and when you’re finished with your drink, look at the different images and designs formed by the leaves.Let your mind empty and allow your psychic self to determine what those images mean. You can do the same with coffee if you drink coffee, but you should use a Turkish coffee because it is “heavy” enough, so it sits on the bottom of the cup.
Tina Caro

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