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Protect Yourself From Curses And Psychic Attacks

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

Curses and psychic attack are negative energy directed at us from another person. This person may be a skilled magickal practitioner who has raised energy against you in a planned attack or it may simply be a person who has very negative strong feelings toward you that have “rubbed off” and “stuck” to you.

While this is a scary prospect, the truth is that it is very easy to prevent this energy from staying with you for any length of time.

Curses and Their Actions

Curses can be classified into three different subcategories, each involving different methods of casting and intentions:

  1. Spells: These curses typically require the preparation of macabre concoctions. The ingredients used may include crumbled bones of deceased people or animals, drops from the menstrual cycle, and various herbs. Once the concoction is prepared, it can be mixed with the victim’s food or drink, allowing the curse to take effect.
  2. Visual Curse: This type of curse relies on the power of intense gaze and malicious intent. The person seeking to cast the curse can simply glare at the intended victim, channeling their negative wishes and malevolent energy towards them.
  3. Black Magic: Black magic curses involve elaborate rites and ceremonies, often conducted by sorcerers or individuals well-versed in dark arts. These rituals are designed to bring harm or misfortune to the target of the curse, and they may require the use of specific symbols, incantations, or magical tools.

Direct and Indirect Evil

A curse is essentially the exact opposite of a blessing, and it can be defined as a declaration of disgrace or harm directed towards a specific person.

Curses can be launched with various intentions, ranging from creating problems like financial or social issues to more severe curses that include wishes for illness or death.

Curses can be categorized as DIRECT and INDIRECT:

  1. DIRECT CURSES: Direct curses are practices in which the victim is directly affected or comes into contact with the elements charged with negativity. For example, this could involve the use of a concoction mixed into the victim’s meal, a compound of herbs placed under their pillow, or any other method that directly affects the individual.
  2. INDIRECT CURSES: Indirect curses, on the other hand, are performed “at a distance” through specific rituals or ceremonies. Black magic is often associated with indirect curses, where the negative intent is channeled from a distance without direct contact with the target.

How to Protect Yourself From Curses?

Protecting oneself from curses and negative energies is essential, especially in a world where hate and negativity can exist. Here are three protective measures against curses:

Clear your home frequently

Maintaining order and cleanliness in your home is crucial to allow positive energy to flow freely. A cluttered and disorganized environment can accumulate negative energy, making it harder for positive energy to enter. Keeping your living space clean and organized simplifies the process of energy purification.

Buen White Sage

Burning white sage, also known as smudging, is an ancient practice used to cleanse spaces and drive away negative energies. You can use white sage incense sticks or bundles and direct the smoke around yourself and throughout your home, focusing on corners and areas where negative energy may be lingering.

Practice Positive Thinking

Negative energy tends to attract more negativity. If someone has directed negative energy towards you, you might unintentionally become discouraged or depressed. To counter this, practice positive thinking and eliminate negative thoughts. Utilize the power of positive affirmations, write them down, and repeat them daily while looking confidently in the mirror. Willpower and a positive mindset can be potent antidotes against curses.

By implementing these protective measures, individuals can shield themselves from the harmful effects of curses and maintain a more positive and harmonious environment around them. It is essential to focus on positivity, self-awareness, and personal growth to counteract negative influences effectively.

A Specific DIY Method

Required Tools

  • Your positive attitude
  • Protective herbs, stones, incense

Protective Crystals

CrystalProperties and Benefits
Black TourmalineAbsorbs negative energies and offers psychic protection
AmethystForms a protective shield and enhances spiritual protection
LabradoriteDeflects unwanted energies and strengthens the aura
ObsidianShields against negative influences and blocks psychic attacks
Smoky QuartzGrounds and protects against psychic attack, electromagnetic smog, and environmental stress

Protective Herbs

HerbProperties and Benefits
RosemaryOffers protection from negative energies, psychic attacks, and evil spirits
BasilGuards against negative influences and provides spiritual protection
SageClears negative energies and offers protection from psychic attacks and curses
LavenderCalms and purifies the energy field, promoting a sense of peace and protection
St. John’s WortTraditionally used to ward off evil spirits, hexes, and curses


The most important way to protect yourself from the negative energy of others (that is what a curse is, essentially) is to always stay positive and to always be pleasant and polite to others.

This seems very simple and it can also be very difficult as many of us are in the habit of worrying, complaining and stressing out over every little thing.

But negative energy can be neutralized by positive energy. So, let a smile be your umbrella and a shield!

It also helps to avoid engaging with negative people. Negative energy also neutralizes positive energy, so hanging out with negative people can bring you down and make you a target.

Also, if someone makes you feel nervous or fearful, you should trust your instincts. And if someone has boasted to you that they have cursed another person, rest assured they are capable of doing the same to you.

The more time you spend with someone, the better they get to know you, the easier it will be for them to harm you, whether magically or otherwise.

It’s not always as simple as all that, of course. There are more complicated types of spells that require more complicated countering.

Love/fascination/obsession spells, for example, can be very damaging but their energy isn’t purely negative. I find the energy of Mars and the waning moon to be helpful in countering this.

There are some simple spells and talismans that are used for protection against various spells.

The evil eye can be countered by the hamsa or the image of an eye and many witches create a witches bottle to divert any magic sent their way.

Keeping a clean, uncluttered house prevents negative energy directed at your household from finding a place to settle and fumigation can help clear the area of any lingering negativity.

Remember that nature abhors a vacuum, so fill that cleared area with joy to keep the negativity from creeping back in.

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