5 Great Examples of a Sigil for Confidence (Guide)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Is your confidence very low lately? I feel you! It happens from time to time to all of us! The good news is that with sigil magic we can find our way back into confidence and inner awareness! Let’s see then how to create sigils for confidence and how to use them to enhance our self-esteem once and for all!

What is a sigil for confidence?

A sigil for confidence is a magical tool of your own making that can help you feel more in tune with yourself and your energy.

How can it help?

A sigil for confidence can help increase your self-empowerment. It’s basically an amulet to attract confidence and strength.

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When would you create one?

You can create a sigil when you feel stressed out. If you fear you have such low energies that you cannot face any situation or any challenge from a place of confidence and positivity, it may be time to create a sigil.

When exactly should you create one?

You would create a sigil in the morning to set the intention for the whole day and your life! Wake up early, spend some time creating your sigil, and bring it wherever you go!

How to create sigil for confidence?

Creating a sigil for confidence is very easy!:

Write your intention

Avoid being too vague or too complex. Be specific. A good example of a clear and specific intention is “Greater confidence in myself”.

Few examples of this same intention could include “Greater confidence” and “Greater self-confidence next week at the 2:00 pm business conference call.” One of these intentions is too vague (sigils work best when specific) and the other is too complex.

You can express your intention in any way you are used to speaking to you. Examples might include:

  • I’m …
  • I need …
  • I want …
  • I wish …
  • More …

Or just write down the qualities you want, such as “self-protection and maturity towards my parents” – I find this approach just as effective as starting with the words mentioned in the list above.

I reject phrases like “I really wish more than…” as sigils become very difficult to create. Try to simplify your intentions as much as possible.

Also, be sure to create a sigil for each intention. Don’t cram numerous wishes into one sigil. For example, do not create a sigil for the statement: “I wish to have a large family with three children in a beach house”. Create a sigil for each of those intentions.

You will also need to be realistic and use your common sense.

Don’t create a sigil to become a millionaire if you don’t intend to work hard or engage in physical reality. Don’t create a sigil to become an executive if you don’t have qualifications. Likewise, don’t worry about creating a sigil for what will most likely happen. Pick something that has a 50/50 chance of happening.


Finally, keep your intention expressed positively as it is much easier for the unconscious mind to understand. For example, instead of writing, “I no longer want to feel scared and anxious around others,” affirm your intention positively by saying “I feel calm and relaxed with others”.

Delete the letters

Once you have a sentence that captures your intention, it’s time to delete all the vowels and then the repeated consonants.

For example, if your mission statement was: “I feel calm around others,” first delete all vowels then go and delete all repeated consonants, and then you will get a sequence of letters. ‘I feel calm around others’ will become ‘I feel calm around others’. The final sequence of letters will be ‘flcmrndths’.

Create a symbol

After simplifying the sentence, you will take the remaining consonants and create a symbol using those consonants as graphics.

Do not worry if you cannot create an elegant-looking symbol at first. Keep playing until you find something you like. You don’t have to be an artist and your symbol doesn’t even need to look like a sigil – create something that speaks to you. If you like it, you’ve done the job well.

Rearrange the letters in any conventional or unconventional way. For example, you can choose to flip some letters, enlarge other letters, minimize the rest, or join two letters together. Have fun and enjoy the process!

Once you’re done, take a moment to congratulate yourself. You have now created your first sigil!


To activate a sigil for confidence, dancing can be a wonderful way as it can help you connect with your best self and your most confident side! You have to let yourself go. Dance to the rhythm of the mantra (which will be chanted) and at the moment of exhaustion, the sigil is visualized, lights up, and goes towards infinity.

It is advisable to take a cue from shaman dance systems; therefore, someone should play the drum for you at a rhythm similar to the mantra while you could wear rattles or maracas.

Dancing can also be done in a group. Let your imagination guide you to generate as much energy as possible because other people can also help you charge your sigil.

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5 examples of sigils for confidence

I believe in myself sigil

i believe in myself sigil by Magickal Spot

I can do it sigil

i can do it sigil by Magickal Spot

I am great sigil

i am great sigil by Magickal Spot

I am strong sigil

i am strong sigil by Magickal Spot

I am confident sigil

i am confident sigil by Magickal Spot

A spell with a sigil for confidence

  • A mirror
  • Four orange candles (to boost your energy and confidence!)
  • Wooden matches
  • A sigil for confidence
  • A support to carry out your practice (a table or a shelf)

This ritual should be done at the end of the day before going to bed; the ideal time is midnight. Create a relaxed atmosphere (perhaps by putting on music suitable for the purpose and keeping a soft light). Sit comfortably near your table, keep your sigil for confidence between your hands and place the mirror in the center.

Look intently in the mirror and say three times:

“I have faith in myself
I am confident in myself
I am confident of succeeding”

This is just an example, you can change the chant to your liking.

Now take the candles around the mirror to form an ideal square where the mirror is inscribed.

Slowly light the candles with matches starting from the first in the upper right and proceeding clockwise.

When you have lit all the candles, look intently at the mirror again and repeat three times again:

“I have faith in myself
I am confident in myself
I am confident of succeeding”

Now blow out the candles one by one by, proceeding in the reverse order (starting from the candle at the bottom right and proceeding counterclockwise) while repeating slowly at least three times (or multiples)

“I am confident of succeeding”

You can reuse the candles perhaps to carry out this little work whenever you need to. Keep the sigil with you as an amulet to feel more confident!

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