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What Happens to a Person who does Black Magic? (Q & A)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Black magic is the most powerful kind of magic, but what happens to a person who casts black magic spells? Is it safe to do so when you are a baby witch? Let’s learn all about that!


Black magic, when practiced incorrectly or with harmful intent, can lead to severe consequences for both the spellcaster and the intended target.

Backfire in black magic can result in the spellcaster experiencing unexpected and negative outcomes, such as health issues, emotional turmoil, or bad luck.

Inexperienced or “baby” witches may be more susceptible to the negative repercussions of black magic, as they lack the knowledge and experience to handle its complexities.

The consequences of incorrectly performed black magic spells can manifest in various ways, including physical ailments, financial hardships, or strained relationships.

It is essential to approach black magic with caution, respect, and a thorough understanding of its potential consequences to avoid harming oneself or others.

What happens to a person who does black magick? Backfire explained

Experts in spells and hexes define backfire as the negative effect of a spell against the one who cast it. The more experienced occult practitioners are used to putting in place a whole series of precautions to avoid any possible risk of falling victim to their own spells.

Who does black magic affect? The spellcaster or the person it is cast on?

According to the theories that govern the process of “curses” and the “evil eye“, once the presence and nature of a curse have been identified, the expert called into question to dissolve it operates using an equal and opposite force.

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The negative forces may back to the person who wanted the curse, causing them the damage intended for the victim.

It should be emphasized that the damage does not affect the person who cast the spell, but the person who asked to do it – with a wrong (or bad) intention! Essentially, it is the principal, not the executor, who suffers the “backfire”.

That’s why I’m always suggesting that before you order a spell casting, we should talk, so we can create a plan that’s the most effective and safest for all parties.

In short: if you want the spell to be cast from a place of positivity and you are not letting hate and similar other negative feelings get in the way, there is nothing to be scared of. If you ask for a spell or cast a spell on your own because you think it’s for the best and the outcome would be amazing for all parties involved, it’s definitely going to work and would be safe to do so.

When an experienced witch is doing it vs. a baby witch

Is it dangerous to do magic rituals, try to achieve something through magic, the occult, esotericism, go to magicians, mediums, tarot readers… is all magic is dangerous and capable of harming people?

We often hear and talk about the dangers of magic, the harmful consequences encountered by those who would turn to magic to try to solve their problems.

But the vast majority speak and write without a notion of cause, either from hearsay or reading it somewhere, or because ignorant or biased people have inculcated it in their heads.


The truth is very simple and very different from what is posted online. There is no danger if the magic is done and carried out by experienced and competent witches.

Dangerous are the self-styled improvised spellcasters, do-it-yourself tarot readings, esoteric goods shops that sell products to anyone with instructions attached, occult merchants who do everything for money and do not care about people, the dangers of their behavior, and the consequences that such attitudes can have on the lives of others.

Magic is like a knife: if used by a competent and reliable person it becomes a useful and necessary tool in many circumstances, but if given to irresponsible people, or to people who do not know how to use it, it becomes a dangerous weapon that can harm them and others as well.

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What could happen if someone does black magic incorrectly? What are the dangers of doing black magic incorrectly?

The danger is there, and it is real when someone starts to do magic without the necessary knowledge and protection: then they can open certain doors through which everything can pass, from pranksters to larvae, from negativity to demonic presences or spirits, energy vampires.

This is why it is of fundamental importance to contact (if you want to make use of black magic) competent and prepared people.

You always need to know who you go to because if you accidentally seek the support of incompetent people, instead of improving the situation they can make it worse for you, for them, and for the target of your magic.

About the backfire: it ALWAYS occurs in black magic, it (almost) never occurs when working with red and/or white magic.

But even white magic and red magic becomes dangerous if done by incapable or inexperienced witches. But if for this reason, even a love spell or a simple tarot reading can become a source of negativity if done for fun, or superficially, or too often.

Magic needs time, patience, and knowledge. Respecting that is rule number one in the Witches’ handbook! Respect and patience for your magic will also strengthen and enhance its effects.

Can a Spell Backfire? [How Does it Happen & What Can You Do]


In short, you must know and observe the rules to safely use any magick.

If you do things well, you have good intentions and you rely on a professional spellcaster, all magic is a great ally and can only do and give us good. On the contrary, being obsessive and overthinking about it, casting a spell and obsessing overseeing the results, and doubting magic and its energy: all this can lead to no results or energetically bad outcomes.

If taken too superficially, if done by someone who does not know the subject in depth or is casting spells without being truly spiritually ready, magick might be a source of possible danger and instead of benefiting from it, we will harm ourselves and others.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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